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  1. Hope all my fellow runescape gamers are holding up well with the downtime that RS has been experiencing today lmao


  2. Now you can take a day off! Get yo girl some chicken nuggies
  3. Brother don't you go to the backrooms voluntarily though? Seems like you can just avoid losing your perks by not going when you have them. This isn't something that is going to be patched since we are nearing the end of the halloween event.
  4. because its an update for things going forward, not for what has already happened. also, for simplicitys sake. Scripting out the portion that would reward previously prestiged players takes time & could have more bugs/abuse, etc.
  5. Sorry for being away the past few days fellas. Finally done moving. I'm so sore and tired T_T

    1. Bowl22


      Moving like out of Garnet's basement?? WTF breaking my Garnet Gaming  lore Tm(Pending)

    2. Proggy


      yeah i finally escaped.

    3. Gildarts


      To much clicking on runescape really wears out them fingers

  6. CityRP is here to stay! @Nutter and I have decided to keep CityRP open for the foreseeable future, at least well into 2023, regardless of the population/donations the server achieves. We want to cast away any doubts players have and give people confidence that their time spent on the server will not be wasted due to a shutdown. Big thank you to those that have played CityRP during its trial reopening. That being said we would like to see more players supporting CityRP, because when it has good population it really is a ton of fun. While we will keep CityRP online regardless of population, updates to the server will be done on a frequency that directly correlates to the population. This basically means: more population + more suggestions = more updates. For those interested in getting more involved with the CityRP community, join the CityRP Discord! The server is also a little understaffed at the moment, so if you have 24 hours of /playtime on the server and would be interested in helping out, apply here. Hope to see you all on the server!
  7. If only you were there to see what happened when you were behind the doghouse...

  8. Lets give em to black market dealers eventually. Can also add to a couple unbox crates.
  9. OSRS players should hit my line. 📲

    1. Kurtle


      Does anyone know what half of 99 is?

    2. ShankNinja


      fishing lvl?

    3. Proggy
  10. Nothing carries over from DarkRP. Only donors/level/rank/money progress from the last cityRP iteration (from a year ago) carries over.
  11. CityRP is back 🥰

    1. ChrisRid


      It surpassed all my expectations! Awesome server, everyone needs to try it out 👌

    2. Pluto_
  12. darkrp pop been goin crazy recently 🏆

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ShankNinja


      do we know if the glitch that's been resetting credits since june 3rd has been fixed?

    3. Toddd


      "alt moment"


    4. Toddd


      Its true bro theres like 20 afk alts

  13. If anyones got an invite code for Multiversus hit ya boy up.

    1. Jake


      Only got an invite link unfortunately 

    2. Ozzy


      Who you trynna main?

    3. Proggy


      No idea yet tbh

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