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  1. Denied Clear evidence has been forwarded to management of you using your alt accounts to harass another user of the server with homophobic and racist slurs, as well as other toxic activity. You've played our server for a while now, and have already been banned before for making homophobic remarks, so it should be no surprise that the punishment was ramped up this time. You and your friends have done enough harassment to our players, so we won't be making the evidence against you public. You don't want to "see it" to fix yourself, you want to see it so you know who to harass next. You know what you did.
  2. Proggy

    Aero Ban Appeal

    Partially Accepted After reviewing the proof sent to me, you did post a random IP in chat. I will reduce your ban to 6 months from now instead of permanent, but you should know better than to play with fire like that. Fake or not, posting IP's in chat [that aren't garnet server IP's] is STRICTLY forbidden. Lala did nothing wrong here by banning you, but I don't mind shortening the ban. While we're here, I'd like to give you a formal warning based on you and your friends actions yesterday. If you return from this ban and keep up with the toxic behavior witnessed yesterday, there will be no hesitation to community ban you. ________________________________________ *EDIT* Appeal Retracted I've changed my mind about reducing your ban to 6 months after taking a look at your ban page. You've had enough chances and don't need to be here, go be a problem elsewhere.
  3. please give more information, like the steamid, and transaction ids. Our format is below: Steam ID: Recipient Steam ID: *CAN BE SELF* Date of Purchase: Transaction ID: *REQUIRED* Perks Missing:
  4. Proggy

    Staff Abuse

    If you have a video of the incident, I'd be happy to take a look. Here's our report format by the way.
  5. Proggy

    Ban Appeal

  6. I set you to VIP. Moving to processed.
  7. gonna need more information. please fill out the missing perk format. Steam ID: Recipient Steam ID: *CAN BE SELF* Date of Purchase: Transaction ID: *REQUIRED* Perks Missing:
  8. Proggy

    King's ban appeal.

    You need to include the format In-game name:SteamID (https://steamid.io/):Staff members in-game name:Staff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name):Date & Time of incident:Timezone:Ban Reason:How long were you banned for?:Proof of Ban:What happened? (include any proof):Why should your ban be removed?:
  9. Proggy

    Ban Appeal

    Your ban was not 2 months ago, it was 10 months ago. I dont think you'll be getting unbanned on darkrp when your ban page looks like this, not gonna speak for the MRP servers since I'm less familiar with your actions there. Multiple of these bans were extended for "repeated issues", which should have been enough warning that a perma ban was on the horizon if behavior didn't change.
  10. Proggy

    Ban Appeal

  11. Proggy

    Ban appeal

    Denied In this appeal you admit the following things: 1) you cheated on gmod 2) you ban evaded However, you deny ever cheating on GG MRP. If you really feel like your original cheating ban was false, you should have appealed that over and over until it was accepted instead of ban evading. The punishment for ban evading is a permanent ban. Permanent does not mean wait a year or two and we'll see. famous last words on your other appeal: "i could care less about being banned for evading"
  12. The server likely just needs to be reset.
  13. Looking into this right now. Thank you
  14. Proggy


    We're going to need more information to help you out more than likely. Steam ID: Recipient Steam ID: *CAN BE SELF* Date of Purchase: Transaction ID: *REQUIRED* Perks Missing:
  15. Please use the following format so we can assist you! Steam ID: Recipient Steam ID: *CAN BE SELF* Date of Purchase: Transaction ID: *REQUIRED* Perks Missing:
  16. We removed droppable ammo to mitigate an exploit that causes lag. To be honest if you need to give a new player ammo, teach them how to get it themselves and maybe give them a little money to afford it.
  17. Denied You were raiding, died to JP countering your raid, spawned and immediately called him a pussy in ooc. There was ZERO other reason for you to out of nowhere say 'pussy' in ooc. It was very obviously a salty response from you dying. You also NLR'd after dying and got warned for that too. In both these situations you tried to lie your way out of these warns. Just going to remind you that you're on the thinnest ice possible. Your next ban will be the last one you ever experience from this community.
  18. Denied There's a difference between raiding a base that people are RPing in that happens to be unowned, and pulling people into an unowned base for the sole purpose to RDM them. I guess just be glad you didnt get hit with a 2 week ban instead.
  19. @computer this is your ban. Please provide evidence to support the ban.
  20. Denied Witnessing your recent behavior in-game leaves me no choice but to deny this app.
  21. MilitaryRP Staff Roster Month of May, 2023 MVPs (Double Promo) Towelie -> Trial Admin | Amazing work getting more sits than the entire team. Keep up the hard work (87 sits) Tage -> Senior Moderator | Good job getting so many reports taken care of this quickly! Keep it up! (48 sits) Promotions MrTooTooT - Lead Administrator | Very solid admin. Thank you for being so easy to work with! Cheeks - Senior Administrator | Has taken initiative this month. Helpful to GM's, staff, recruiting, etc. (16 sits, 2 HR Trainings) Papamid - Senior Administrator | Has gone above and beyond expectations. Helpful and very active. (36 sits + OP duties) Reynolds - Trial Administrator | Active and bringing new ideas to the server. (17 sits, 2 HR trainings) Shax - Senior Moderator | Consistent activity. Join a division! (16 sits) Extended Terms Garnet - Owner | The lua wizard Proggy - Community Director | PM me for emergencies. HUNTINGGUY - Lead Administrator | Certainly on his way to manager soon. Shwade - Senior Administrator | Keep up the good work and you'll see Lead Admin soon! Bishop - Administrator | The man with a million ideas. Please pick up activity & join a division! Joe - Administrator | No sits this month, but helped out with some HR trainings. Draco - Trial Administrator | No sits this month, but helped out with some HR trainings. Scratch - Senior Moderator | LOA Supra - Trial Moderator | Recently Accepted Derp - Trial Moderator | Recently Accepted Jason - Trial Moderator | Recently Accepted Gamemaster Team Nelson -> GM Director | Big Moves! Keep up the great work and continue teaching those new GM’s. Thank you for being a great role model and teacher. [6 RP, 7 OOC] Dillan -> Asst. GM Director | Hope to see a lot from you this month! Be sure to help Nelson pull off amazing things. [2 RP, 0 OOC] Care -> GameMaster | Once you got into the GM team, you hit the ground running. Really have shown that you want to be here and shown amazing work. [5 RP, 6 OOC] Drax -> GameMaster | Have been the quintessential doing events late at night. [1 RP, 6 OOC] Twig -> GameMaster | You have done the most GM events both RP and OOC congrats on being on the top of events. While you have also helped and assisted with plenty of other events. [6 RP, 9 OOC] Nickles = Trial GameMaster | You need to get more involvement with the GM team. [2 RP, 2 OOC] Demotions/Resignations Fonza -> Admin | Not enough activity to avoid demotion Blinkowski -> Mod | Not enough activity to avoid demotion Spencer -> User | Inactive Hog -> User | Inactive Arma -> User | Inactive Jack JJ -> User | Inactive Bman -> User | Resigned Wendy -> User | Resigned Blackprince -> User | Resigned Tesla -> User | Resigned Simmons -> User | Resigned Lame -> User | Resigned Sailor -> User | Resigned
  22. Denied This ban was decided upon by the entirety of administration, and is not being removed. You and your nazi-larping friends that were banned today are no longer welcome to our community. Things like "jurisdiction" and "guidelines" are not important when it comes to keeping our community clean from ACTUAL racist losers like you and your friends.
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