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  1. 10 minutes ago, AwesomeAidan said:

    +1s and -1s provide nothing unless they come along with a valid response or reason. Most of the responses on this provide nothing to the appeal other than an opinion. 

    Which people did. Doing it without not knowing how many seconds that pass it could've been 6 or .359, people take 1/4 of a second to respond to something and that is increased with lag of server and chat. Just like our opinions don't matter, yours will but will be hated. Also, most people bring up valid points. You should really read them before choosing. It's like Viva getting accused of hacking everyone thought it was dumb as hell and Gotham baby raged he gets killed. Point is he didn't get banned because peoples outcries of it were stupid and you should know because you were one of the main people doing it

  2. I think it really says something when I can't find a single - 1 and it's still denied... I +1 this with all of me and highly wish people like adian listen to the community and notice not a single - 1 is around beside really the ones in my posts

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  3. i remember when you were leading GRU you are the most chill person i know from mrp im going to miss your ass /me salutes hope you have fun on rust and i will raid you sometimes on rust so be on the lookout i love you no homo you were there for some shit from me being PVT to KST and to PVT thank you for letting me to join the retards im MC i still play on it you know thank you for the good times imma miss you cunt 

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  4. 1 minute ago, {GG}otham said:

    Gildarts summed it up nicely. Personal opinions aside, this is the problem in my eyes from a staff member perspective.

    If you give your number to individuals in private, i hope you're careful of course, but it's none of my business. My job as a staff member is to protect what happens on the server. Broadcasting your personal information through the server makes the server the platform in which you did it. That is the issue at least for me.

    I asked why you did that attack on my family?

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  5. 24 minutes ago, {GG}otham said:


    To which obviously, he did it again after I did a general warning in OOC per Gildarts request.

    Prewritten response;
    I stand by my ban 100%. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that this even happend in the first place. Furthermore, I'm sorry that I'm acting more as a parent than
    apparently, you've ever had. I won't make general claims about everyone's childhood, but most people have already been drilled into to not leak your personal information
    online. Of course, this is not black and white. I myself have added a few members of this community on more than one of my social media, however, there is a key difference.
    Do it in private. By doing it in private, you are responsible for who you give it out to. Doxing yourself/others in OOC makes the server the platform for minors who apparently
    don't know any better to give out their personal information. And I don't know if you've read the news recently, but it looks like that might not be the best idea(This was about the e-girl). Part of the staff's
    responsibility is to make the server a safe place. Regardless of us doing our best, it doesn't change the fact that anyone with any intentions can join the server. Please,
    as a general statement, make conscious decisions when it comes to protecting yourself on the internet.

    Okk 1. I was alt-tabbed in Ts. 

    2. Why do you feel the need to insult my family I didn't bring in the fact you have a drinking problem. There was no reason to insult me or my family but you still went to do a personal attack on me. I think this says a lot about you


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  6. In-game name: Eggdog
    SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:460146865
    Staff members in-game name:  [Garnet]Gotham
    Staff members SteamID (/id (name): STEAM_0:0:40868607
    Date & Time of incident: 2019-07-19 - 21:24:37
    Timezone: EST
    Ban Reason: "Doxing"
    How long were you banned for?: Premaban
    Proof of Ban: https://garnetgaming.net/militaryrp/bans/?steamid=STEAM_0%3A0%3A460146865
    What happened? (include any proof):  I gave out my own phone number and was banned for that even though, I thought I made it clear it was my number.
    Why should your ban be removed?: It is not considered doxing when I'm giving out my own phone number. I made it clear several times while Gotham was online. Others like Scout, Naas, and Iglasesicus (sorry for the misspelling.) Had done the same and didn't get banned. Hence why I think it should be removed.

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