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  2. its a lil late for this post but some cool clips
  3. It's been a while, I usually come on the forums to lurk every once and a while to check up on how things are doing, and tonight I just wanted to make a post and see how everyone was doing. I don't play GMOD anymore (or play any games in general for that matter) but this community was a big part of my life growing up as a teenager. The server and this community in general got me through some lonely times in my life, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. I'm glad to see that it's still doing well and that it's still kicking, and it's always nice to see familiar names I remember when I played pop up on here. I remember being 14 and working my way up to being the second "General of the Army", and feeling so accomplished. I honestly think that this server really shaped me into the person I am today, it sounds dumb but I really do think it helped me learn a lot of life skills in terms of leadership and building connections with people when I didn't really have anywhere else to turn to learn those things. Also met a lot of cool people because of this community, I haven't really kept in contact with a lot of them but I still think about them a lot from time to time. I guess as a little mini update on myself for those who care, I've been focusing on myself and working on improving myself both physically and mentally. I've been devoting myself to weightlifting & bodybuilding in general, and I've pretty much fallen in love with the gym. Guess I just wanted to make an appreciation post more than anything, was feeling nostalgic and just wanted to say thank you @Nutter How have you guys been?
  4. A wild Prison Nightmare appears!

  5. +1 - Me personally, I really enjoyed most of your events I played on, even if they were a bit lackluster sometimes, it always gave me something to do, and the Johnny Toast passives NEED to return!
  6. +1 - Events looking good, my eyes hurt, but I look forward to training u!
  7. +1 - The detail needs working on, but I know you can make good events. Your OT was very in depth, so I believe your ability to idea create will be good!
  8. Yesterday
  9. +1 Think you summed it up pretty well, I've had times I'd sell gun licenses as Mayor and keep a list of everyone that owned one, it's just a real pain in the ass getting all the cops on board with that as well, creates good RP.
  10. In-game name: SR GR SGT 6323 Rayniy | Jedi Padawan Travec Songsteel Age: 20 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): 76561198016871849 Warns: None Timezone: CST Playtime?: 64:34:46 Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO] Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO] No but I can get OBS Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] Tdizz (aka Anakin) Past experiences as a Game Master: [Optional] Senior Event planner for Tamewater CWRP Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] You should choose me over other applicants for the Gamemaster position because of my unique blend of creativity, organizational skills, and passion for the Star Wars universe. I have a proven track record of conceptualizing and executing engaging events in virtual environments, drawing on my experience in event planning, storytelling, and community management. I am dedicated to creating immersive and memorable experiences for players, and I approach each project with a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. My deep knowledge and appreciation of the Star Wars lore enable me to craft authentic and compelling narratives, design challenging gameplay scenarios, and foster a sense of community and camaraderie among participants. Furthermore, my collaborative spirit and strong communication skills make me an effective team player who can work harmoniously with other event planners, moderators, and community members to bring our shared vision to life. I thrive in dynamic and fast-paced environments, adapting quickly to changing circumstances and leveraging my problem-solving abilities to overcome challenges and deliver exceptional results. I am proactive, resourceful, and adaptable, always seeking innovative ways to enhance the player experience and ensure that every event is a resounding success. By choosing me for the Gamemaster role, you can rely on my dedication, creativity, and professionalism to elevate the Star Wars Roleplay community on GarnetGaming to new heights and create unforgettable adventures for players from around the galaxy. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details No bans or punishments How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: I am available every night after 10:30 PM due to work but I also have two to three days off a week where I spend almost all day on server. In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?: We are responsible for what is essentially the life of the server. If the server puts out bad events no one wants to play on it, GM's are also responsible for helping out with any training and tryouts they can. Everything a GM does sustains the life of the server. Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team: I would like to focus on story driven events and passives with Jedi at the forefront as they deserve just as much love as the clones. Don't get me wrong I will be providing plenty of events and RP for clones as well. Explain your single most creative idea for contributing to the RP environment of the server: An earthquake on a dessert planet reveals an ancient Sith temple, Jedi are sent to investigate this temple and soon learn after entering they are trapped and forced to complete a set of puzzles and trials that will test their devotion to the light side of the force as these trials dig their claws into the Jedi revealing to them their greatest fears and deepest desires. To survive they will need to work together to trick the temple into believing they are one with the dark side. Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas of any scale: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation] (This is just some ideas i had not that these may or may not be possible on server just for examples and showcasing) 1. **Galactic Senate Debate:** Host a large-scale event where players can take on the roles of senators from various planets within the Star Wars galaxy. They can engage in lively debates on important issues, negotiate alliances, and strategize political maneuvers to influence the fate of the galaxy. This event can require players to prepare speeches, propose legislation, and engage in diplomatic role-playing, creating a dynamic and immersive political simulation within the game. 2. **Jedi Temple Trials:** Organize a series of challenges and trials within the Jedi Temple for aspiring Jedi players to test their skills and prove their worthiness. Players can participate in lightsaber duels, Force ability tests, and moral dilemmas to showcase their mastery of the Force and their commitment to the Jedi Code. This event can provide a structured and competitive environment for players to role-play as Jedi initiates, offering a blend of combat, puzzle-solving, and ethical decision-making to simulate the rigorous training process of becoming a Jedi Knight. 3. **Smuggler's Run Race:** Create a fast-paced racing event where players can pilot their own starships through a challenging course filled with obstacles, shortcuts, and rival smugglers. Players can customize their ships, upgrade their engines, and outmaneuver their opponents to claim victory and earn valuable rewards. This event can appeal to players who enjoy high-speed thrills and competitive gameplay, offering a mix of skill-based flying, strategic navigation, and adrenaline-fueled excitement in a Star Wars-themed setting. 4. **Hutt Cartel Auction:** Host an exclusive auction event where players can bid on rare and valuable items, artifacts, and technology coveted by the influential Hutt Cartel. Players can role-play as wealthy buyers, cunning smugglers, or desperate bidders vying for the chance to acquire unique treasures and exotic goods from across the galaxy. This event can foster intrigue, negotiation, and intrigue as players compete for limited resources and vie for the favor of the notorious Hutt crime lords, adding a layer of economic and social dynamics to the Star Wars role-playing experience. 5. **Sith Academy Trials:** Stage a dark and challenging event where players can undergo trials and tests at the Sith Academy to prove their loyalty to the dark side of the Force. Players can face off against fearsome adversaries, delve into forbidden knowledge, and embrace their inner darkness as they seek to ascend the ranks of the Sith Order. This event can offer a morally complex and psychologically intense role-playing experience, exploring themes of power, temptation, and sacrifice within the context of Sith philosophy and the eternal struggle between light and dark in the Star Wars universe.
  11. errol. the high demons.

  12. I can't for the life of me understand how this is a "scam", but I would at least agree about it being FailRP. Though if we don't normally compensate people for lost guns or money in the event of RDM or whatnot, I don't know if this would even be something we could really force a player to give back. Neutral on this. The idea is nice but I'm not confident in its implementation.
  13. Neutral In my opinion, I wouldn't count it as "Scamming" since they're not technically scamming you, I guess you could count it as FRP, but when I played someone broke NLR and this happened it was a 'tough luck' scenario so
  14. I think you have really good paragraphs. For me personally, I like the part where you mention your positivity and culture. You do have prior punishments for Mass RDM and NLR but others stated it was a few years ago. I don't see this as an issue as it was not recent and the hours you have might be beneficial to the community. You also meet all of the requirements so that's a plus. +1
  15. -1 personally, I always like that we didn’t have licenses.
  16. Last week
  17. I agree for the most part yes, that definitely is scamming but there really isn't a way we can force players to pay the scammed amount and most of the time it falls on the mod/admin that takes the sit, resulting in fewer mods willing to take said sit. To me, making this punishable gives it a higher chance of them paying back the amount they took after breaking their timer. This is technically Scamming and FRP. For me it's a +1
  18. Yea, the request license feature appears to be unimplemented and it would go a long way to adding this. +1
  19. I'm suggesting a command to be added to all CP classes including Warden and Mayor (For the reason of checking if someone was falsely jailed). CP Classes have needed this command for a while to be able to check if someone has a gun license or not, even if its just a small fake id GUI that at least confirms that they have one works wonders in the Police Department jobs, this allows almost near realistic PD Roleplay including Legal/Illegal gun stores and owners bringing a fun atmosphere when running Raiding/Criminal classes and Gun Dealers as well. I think this would benefit the server in more way than just one, if a cop were to arrest someone with a gun license today we wouldn't be able to keep track of something like that it would just be on pure retention of remembering who exactly they bought the gun from or if they bought a license from PD, which makes no sense. If there's no Check License command, there should be no licenses in the first place. This should be a very very very easy fix and command to add. Lil Reference picture
  20. Description: It should be amended to the rules that taking from printer(s) when you have broken the raid timer for a base, or came back after dying in a raid and take any amount of money that the player should have to give said money back. The reporter would have to have a clip that shows how much money was in the printers close enough to the raid that an estimate can be made for what needs to be returned. If the player did not return said money to the victim(s), they would be punished for scamming. Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server?] Reason being, if somebody breaks the raid timer or NLR they only get a warning/jail which isnt fair for the players who are printing. The punishment should be fair, and compensate the affected user(s). Additional Information: Just wanted to say I just had this happen with some level 30's who were being toxic, and @Orion8559 took the sit and I never got my 500k back.
  21. im bored. Im making a dnd campaign now.


  22. So from your app I believe you to be a chill person your bans are from long ago so I don't think that should affect your app here today. As for your paragraphs while they are repetitive I think they are decently written. I haven't seen you any at all in game except for seeing you being afk but that could just be because of our time difference. With that being said you don't have any prior experience either but experience comes with being a staff member and asking questions which I will be here for you should you have them. You are also available at times when others can't be due to the times you are available. With all this above being said I don't see why we couldn't give you a shot. +1
  23. Easy plus +1 I remember hosting an event and seeing that it was going to be his first one. As I played as a EC and watched over the players I noticed he did very good for his RP and fully understood how to do it while also having fun and not being 100% serious all the time. I’m confident that this man can make a great GM
  24. +1 agreed you should add more detail, HOWEVER, I've had plenty of first hand experience with you and can vouch for how active and creative you are. Don't prove me wrong man, good luck.
  25. Personally, your paragraphs are good just a little repetitive. you've read the rules and you're available at times most American staff aren't. Maybe just try and socialize a little bit more and open up slowly, I do have a feeling you will be good as staff and well liked it just takes some time So from me.. +1
  26. An RPG is already not as good in giant bases, making glass completely rocket-proof would just make that even worse. I get that small bases are kinda useless since they can easily be taken to task by a few rockets, but ultimately I have no idea what would even be a good solution to this issue. You can't please everyone of course, but I'm not in the camp of thinking "make glass RPG-proof" is a good idea, especially if high-level players just use it too for their ADX Supermax base to be even stronger. At most I would be fine with the rocket splash damage being lowered since I do agree that its range is kind of insane when people outside can die from standing too close to a place being bombed. -1 for rocket-proof glass, slight +1 to reducing rocket splash damage.
  27. Moveable chair entities are just not good. Think there's a reason a lot of places do not allow them, too easily abuseable by people and I don't really have trust this would be implemented in a way to alleviate that. -1
  28. This seems more worthy of having its own thing like 1942RP or something, not personally fond of awkwardly cramming it onto what's in essence vanilla DarkRP. -1
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