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  3. W Update! Can't wait to see what else is in store!
  4. Great update cant wait to see the rest of it
  5. This is part 1 of a 3 portion update, the next portion will include whitelisting capabilities and new weaponry to be assigned to some factions Spawn Protection New clauses have been added! Entering vehicles - will remove your spawn protection ALT + E sitting - will remove your protection Leaving your base - will begin an 8 second timer to remove your protection Classes Taliban Army Taliban Army : LMG Playermodel has been changed Inter-Services Intelligence & Badri 313 Swapped positions, making it so Badri is the rentable donator faction, while ISI is the highest tier of the Afghan side. Notable changes: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were given their old playermodels from 2018 (suit models) Badri were given Pirate playermodels Loadouts have been entirely revamped - and are to further be revised shortly Elites Afghan Elite : Anarchist Granted additional model to choose from Command Categories Afghanistan : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change United States : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change
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  7. You can find the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2948313266
  8. i keep getting map missing when i try to join, can you throw a link so i can download it straight off then join?
  9. This is a public message 

  10. It’s not my department so I wouldn’t know if you have, but have you escalated your concerns to Proggy and/or Garnet? If there are people in positions of power and trust dismissing genuine claims of harassment then that’s an issue that would be dealt with swiftly.
  11. Excuse me while I laugh at this. It's been reported numerous times, and the best advice I have gotten? "Don't talk on the mic". Yeah, "gather proof". Again, been there, done that. Maybe your TTT manager/admins aren't letting you know what's going on...ever think of that? As of yesterday, Garnet Gaming & Gmod in general are gone from my library - tired of it. IT'S DAILY.
  12. People harassing you or anyone for that matter would fall under the communities punishment for harassment. Being targeted for a physical or mental characteristic certainly is not okay and behavior we wish to keep off our servers. If you’re a recipient of such harassment, please gather proof and report it to the appropriate management. If you’re under the impression that we can gather the proof, whether it be logs or what have you, let us know and we will do our due diligence.
  13. I'm glad said person is gone - I hate child predators as much as anyone. Having said that, what about the constant harassment (being called pedophile/groomer) toward your older players (if you have any besides myself), simply for being over 50? Any stance there?
  14. Wazzup blue boy

    1. ajbedhead


      For real tho, mr chrisrid blue edition.

    2. IAreGunner


      he’s a rust man now 😃

  15. Ya boy fractured his arm now and got his license suspended woooo!

  16. Voice over is a mix between Don and Jake.
  17. Earlier
  18. new account 😄 welcome!


  19. thinking about how there is a big magnet above earth and if you get the covid vaccine you become magnetic and that is the rapture when the vaccine attracts you to the big magnet

    1. acer


      I'm thinking about Gene = Saul, but Saul =/= Jimmy.

    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      They activate magnet if Joe doesn't get re elected, spread the word

  20. I love dicknee

  21. Garnet Gaming Military Roleplay

  22. why tf cant log into the darkrp server

  23. Getting into the albino animal trade dm me if you have anything.

  24. do you still play

    1. AnthonyThwompus


      yeah i still get on sometimes. Who is this?

  25. can i become gm now

  26. just got a job, lowkey the director of the frozen section at sprouts.
    other director quit right when I applied 👀

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