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  2. I feel like I’m an old man now

    1. ajbedhead


      My day 1, happy bday.

    2. Gruels
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  5. skibidi toilet from ohio



    me & gang 😎🤑



  7. just found a mosquito in my bowl while eating, wtf?

  8. Happy Birthday 🎉

    1. acer


      the dickriding is crazy

  9. :l

    1. ajbedhead


      Big Day!!

    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale
    3. IAreGunner


      cuz getting old isnt fun

  10. we live we love we lie 

  11. is mrp still a thing

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    2. TheHomosexualPyro


      Would love to see it back up, never got the chance to play on it

    3. hysteria


      @TheHomosexualPyroyou aint missing much, people like me plagued it for too long

    4. IAreGunner


      not missing much unless you like the idea of roleplay

  12. Earlier
  13.  meaxicaiodkls LONG SCHOT slconge

  14. Im having errors still, after downloading cs:s on garnetgaming darkrp, and I'm not quite sure why, also some of my hud (UI, Such as money Logo, Citizen Logo, my whole UI) is purple and blacks Purple ND black... please help, anyone..

    1. Nelson


      Hello there, here is the hud and hud material for GG Dark RP from the workshop, subscribe and start your game.



      As for the other errors, is it primarily not being able to see certain props from CS:S or are you also having weapon model errors? 

  15. Care free care mule crap care.

    weight training tougher then I thought 😤👨🏽‍🦽🏋🏾‍♂️


  17. Your social credits has been decreased

  18. any nfl fans in chat?

  19. The gloves are on!! Talk to me about how it feels gaming with latex gloves

  20. if you get eaten please let me know.

  21. if you get eaten please let me know.

    1. TheRealChikn


      The hungry chomp ate my legs

    2. Monkey_withagun
  22. I hope everyone has a good night, everyone other then -nico-, THECOOLROCKJAX, OPx and everyone who talks over me in sits.

  23. Even if proggy is gone I still belive that he hates me
  24. Hey Mr. Cox

    1. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      Hello Mr. Gythem

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