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  3. Found my 13th reason. Also so far, the 37 Experimental changes have proven to work as intended
  4. Massive thank you to @Proggy because he ended up figuring out what was causing the issue last night. Added back this update
  5. That kill card feature is amazing, it tells you the hp the person you were killed by was at so you can mald at close fire fights even more. Could you hypothetically make ones that unlock when you hit a certain prestige or hit a certain amount of kills total? Lots of potential with that ngl though lol. Great update thanks Garnet
  6. Mac-11 Firerate lowered from 1000RPM to 950RPM Recoil has been increased by 27% I'll miss you.
  7. He just didn't want the smoke anymore. JK, hopefully everything gets worked out!
  8. The server was acting up after adding in the event system (even without an event running) and the night before - so I preemptively removed it to take another look through the code - or better yet, have another developer skim over it as well I have also decided to temporarily remove Chess to see how the server's performance is - and if it is heavily improved, I will seek out somebody to recreate the chess addon. I apologize for the let down.
  9. I'm sorry, is a weaboo attacking a guy for using the word "flippin" ????
  10. you did NOT just say "flippin".....
  11. I am looking forward to suggesting some customizable kill cards what pixel size should it be in?
  12. MRP hasn't gotten a big update in awhile, so I went out on this juan Customizable Killcards @Smity_'s ultimate moneysink idea Flex on that idiot you killed by spending your hard earned RP cash on a really amusing card (customizable) that'll display your glorious name on their screens whether they want it or not USAGE: /kc /killcard Once your killcard is purchased and you go out to war, your victims will see the following: Just imagine how fucking annoying. NOTE: new killcards can be added at all times with the playerbase's suggestions! Weapons Balancing Thank you @Ozzy and @Smity_ for these changes Rifles VSS Vintorez Class changed from SMG to Rifle Renamed to AS VAL Damage raised from 25 to 36 Fire rate lowered from 1090RPM to 700 Muzzle effect changed from SMG to Suppressed Max spread lowered from 4% to 1.5% Spread per shot lowered from 8% to 5% Recoil raised by 40% Honey Badger Mirrored stats from AS VAL G3A3 Firerate lowered from 475RPM to 450RPM Damage raised from 46ps to 48ps Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzy) FN FAL Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzy x2) Scar Heavy Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzyx3) Damage increased from 47 to 48 - honestly fuck you @Ozzy or whoever requested this change SKS-D Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzyx4) Damage increased from 46 to 47 (actually kill yourself @Ozzy) SMGs MP5A5 Magazine size reduced from 40 to 30 Firerate lowered from 1080RPM to 950 Firerate to 950 (SWEP.FireDelay = 60/950) Mac-11 Firerate lowered from 1000RPM to 950RPM Recoil has been increased by 27% MP5A4 & L2A3 Damage lowered from 27 to 25 Firerate lowered from 1000RPM to 900RPM FMG-9 Damage lowered from 30 to 28 Firerate lowered from 900RPM to 800RPM PP Bizon Aim spread lowered from 7% to 0.9% MP-40 Damage increased from 26 to 30 Firerate increased from 720RPM to 900RPM Hip spread reduced by 17% PPSH-41 Aim spread decreased by 82% Hip spread decrased by 75% Spread per shot lowered from 30% to 10% Max spread increase lowered from 30% to 5% Recoil increased by 25% HK MP5 Damage incrased from 27 to 30 Firerate increased from 800 to 900 Recoil increased by 50% Removed firerate modifications from handguard attachments SD Handguard Aimspread nerf lowered from 30% to 15% UMP 45 Firerate raised from 850RPM to 900RPM Maximal spread increase lowered from 35% to 30% Recoil lowered by 17% Veresk Firerate raised from 820RPM to 900RPM G36C Recoil increased by 25% Firerate increased from 750 to 900 Snipers Mosin Nagant Removed stat effects from body styles SKS Removed dumb code portion that woudn't let you reload your weapon - thanks @Ozzy as I don't think I would've caught it easily if I tried LOL Dragoon Added velocity sensitivity, meaning you will not be as mobile with the Sniper while maintaining 100% accuracy M1 Carbine Damage increased from 39 to 55 Magazine size decreased from 15 to 10 Default clip now includes 3 magazines Firerate reduced from 500RPM to 320RPM Spread per shot nerfed from 0.4% to 2% Max spread raised from 30% to 40% Recoil increased by 50% Attempted to double the velocity sensitivity ( @Ozzyx73123812 experimental lol) LMG RPK74 Firerate lowered from 700RPM to 650RPM Max spread increase lowered down from 70% to 40% Recoil increased by 95% (previously value was 1) Ares Shrike & M60 & M249 & PKM Recoil increased to the same value (moderate) Spread per shot has been lowered to the same value of 10% Max spread has effectively turned this thing to a near laser with @Ozzy's provided values, probably akin to the Negev in CSGO Shotguns Neostead 2000 Clump spread increased by 53% - you can call it a Neospread now MP-153 Fire type changed from semi automatic to dick pump No way somebody will catch that. Specialty EX-41 Default rocket count reduced from 6 to 3 Health-Based Damage Overlay A really nice piece of content I found in workshop, mostly an experimental feature written for singleplayer that I'd like to use while our server's population is low, but I am slowly reading through the code and hashing out multiplayer-related issues in order to finalize it on our server, with better performance. The premise is simple, the more damage your character takes, the more blood that will appear on your playermodel. This allows players in combat to receive visual indicators of when an opponent or teammate is damaged, either to engage to kill them off, or heal. 100 HP 80HP 60HP 40HP 20HP 1HP Scoreboard Updated to the latest revision, featuring country of origin flags, easier to read/bolder font, and other performance improvements Otherssss.. New animated notification icons
  13. Last week
  14. the variants are dope NEED PINK CAMO
  15. More coming to this update Pointshop Support has been added for skinned items I will be adding those over the course of the next few days, but here's a starter! This is really cool because it allows me to set non-premium point (free) variants to some more expensive skins.
  16. i’m very happy that you guys got it working as it’s been one of my long awaited wishes to come. Amazing work with everything else, including the emoticons which I am excited for seeing. Not only that, the arenas that were made by @MetalStarPower are godly, thank you kind sir.
  17. The big 18 is here 🍰 

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      Happy birthday, g.🎂🎉🎁

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      Thank you all for your kind words, much appreciated.❤️


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  18. an extra goodie Yeah, they do not - they're built into GMod itself, the emoticon is reserved for the near future where I add a collection of custom emotes. When it comes to silkicons you will unfortunately need to memorize those similarly to memorizing default HL2 voiceline commands.
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