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  1. Description: We've all thought about cars at one point in Garnet. We should also understand that actual cars in garnet would be a bad idea. I am proposing an idea that could add a little more spice and transportation to garnet. I am suggesting the addition of a Cozy Coupe and/or small golf cart to garnet. The small car that most people born between the 80' and early 2000's remember. If not, maybe a small customizable golf cart, or even both! Reasoning: I believe that there are not many transportation options available in garnet. (Speed Boost is the only one I can think of.) I am proposing that we explore the idea of a small transport vehicle that is available for purchase. (It doesn't have to be the ones I am suggesting either.) I feel it would add more transportation options to our server and would maybe liven up the community a bit more. It would also perhaps invite players to base further out than in downtown. ( industrial, Residential, ETC) I also feel that adding a customizable golf cart that can seat at least two people would be great to add as it would add a bit more creativity into the community. A way players can maybe receive these is by purchasing the vehicles from a salesman NPC That can be found somewhere downtown. I do understand the risks of adding vehicles to garnet and that is why I have some ideas to counteract some issues First, Making it so that there is a speed limiter in the vehicles would make damaging another player impossible to accomplish. Or, somehow make the damage dealt by a vehicle 0. Second, I feel like they should not be allowed to be grabbed by a phys-gun. (If possible) As allowing that might cause some issues. Third, there has to be a way to make players able to walk through them to counteract Vehicle Blocking. (Vehicles blocking bases entrances/ ETC) Fourth, I feel like we should make the cost higher to limit over population of the vehicles. (1-1.5 mil) Or make it level-locked (level 40+) Fifth, Make it delete-able by admins Additional Information: Here is an example of the Cozy Coupe model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2893718679 Here is an example of a golf cart model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1626960858 Example of where to put said NPC: Example image of Cozy Coupe:
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