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  1. you did not read the staff rules. this is not 2 paragraph's this is a sentence. Did you ask them for their referrals ? This is a big -1 from me.
  2. +1 -good hours - good paragraph's - no bad encounters with you Good luck bud hope you get it.
  3. jewish


    Please use this format above to appeal your ban please.
  4. Why where you even talking about that to began with ? No one wants to join a server and have to read this.
  5. We just dont ban for saying ip you where banned for saying you where there to get peoples ip
  6. We take these threats very seriously though even if you did not mean it i did not know if you where joking or not and thats why i put in the ban for ddos threat even if the comment was satire.
  7. I did not cherry pick i read the chat and you where going back and forth with people saying that you where fbi or cia and saying you where there to protect and get peoples ip's
  8. Yes i banned him for ddos threat here is the proof https://streamable.com/q2bcfa
  9. 1+ -good hours -good referrals - All good encounters with you -good app in all Good Luck
  10. -1 1. never seen you in game before 2. Low playtime minimum playtime to apply is is 75 hours 3. DID NOT READ THE STAFF RULES
  11. In-game name:508 Jewish FUBARAge:16SteamID (https://steamid.io/):STEAM_0:1:155730260Warns:0Timezone:ESTPlaytime?:| 508 Jewish FUBAR has played for 680:22:22.Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO]YesDo you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO]Yes Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] @KingDamon Past experiences as staff: [Optional]No Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] Well you should choose me because I am on everyday, I am engaged in the community and I know the rules. When I'm on Garnet I am always respecting people and being as friendly as I can be to. Whenever I am in a sit and I always make sure to respect the person that reported me or whoever I reported to and I always respect the staff member that took my sit. I also record every sit that I am in just in case there is a problem in the future. I also enjoy the community that Garnet has created and if I was staff I feel like I could make a bigger impact on the community. Also usually I am on garnet everyday and notice there isn't that much staff on during weekdays specially during late nights and early mornings so I could help out if I got staff. When it comes to following the rules I make sure I am following them myself and everyone else on the server is following them too. For example if I see someone that has more than 4 fading doors when they are basing I make sure to tell them that there are only 4 allowed on the server. Another example is say a Hobo is building in a tunnel. I would tell them to remove their props because Hobos are not allowed to have props in tunnels. I also have 1,080 hours on GMOD so most of my hours have gone to Garnet. If I do get accepted to the team I feel like I would fit right in because some of my friends that I have made on Garnet are on the team. I also love helping new players on the server and showing them the basics like how keypads and fading doors work and how to start building a base. So that is why I think I would be a good staff member and contribute to dark rp and make garnet have the best one. Thank you in advance to whoever reads this. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details Yes I was Banned From Garnet Because of MRDM for two weeks Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: Yes it was Created October 22,2020 and was Denied on November 2,2020 How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:6+ Hours a day If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod? I Like to listen to music, I like to watch and play Football ,and also I like to hang out with my friends.Did you read the staff rules?:508 Jewish FUBAR
  12. In-Game Name: Jewish PuffBar Age: 16 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155730260 Warns: None Timezone: EST Playtime?: | 301:38:38. Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes Referral(s): @ajbedhead @Lotus @Noxii Past experiences as staff: No Why should we choose you over other applicants? You should choose me over all the staff applicants because I feel as I'm very mature for my age. When i'm on in the morning I notice a lot of people breaking rules, not very many staff are online in the morning I'm also up late too so I can staff all day, I have lots of time to play and help with anything that is needed. I will be also recording everything, all my sits. all my encounters and when I run into someone who is breaking rules. I'm looking forward to this moment because I have always wanted to apply as a staff member on this server, I play so much every morning and night. I want to show you guys how my staffing ability is on garnet and how well I know all the rules. But when I do see someone I always report any sorts of prop blocks, rdm and etc. I always record these moments too just in case they need any sorts of proof, so my appeals will always go in my favor, if anyone try's to appeal on the forums. I think I have gotten along with all the staff very, I feel as they all know who I am. I want to build these relationships even more on the staff team, get to know you all even more and more. I feel confident in my self knowing I will be a very good staff member, with my confidence knowing being on the staff team and knowing all the rules I should never have any problems with sits but of course for my first time I may ask for help sometime but that's okay ill be in training. I want to know also picking me will not be a mistake, everyday, every month. I really enjoy the Garnet server Garnet has done a great job on this server. The team he has does a really good job at managing this server very well, I'm hoping to joining along with everyone on the team to help and show what I can do. With this being said I really I hope you guys see what I'm capable of doing for this staff team and how well I can do for this team. I'm Very easy to get along with which is why I've made a good amount of friends on this server. I love to have fun but to also follow the rules at the same time. I have a good reputation on the server when it comes to following the rules. If I did get accepted i would do my best on accepting reports and keeping the rule breaks off the server. I know that there will always be choose people trying to ruin the fun and that makes want to be staff even more. I'm never shy about helping people out with problems they have if they have any. I'm always ready to help the server out if anything were to happen to it. I've always been around to help others out with any troubles especially if it were serious. I've helped staff before with people breaking rules such as RDA'rs by unarresting the people who were arrested. I love to help out in any way I can with people having some troubles with the server. All I wanted at the time was to see the server grow. Time passed, and thats still all I want. Even with the ups and downs of people coming and going I still see the potential of this server and the players on it. I am truly committed to Garnet Gaming as a whole, and will spend hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of my time in the pursuit of making Garnet Dark RP great again. Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? No Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: No How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: 12+ hours If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod? Play football and hang with friends Did you read the staff rules?: Jewish PuffBar
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