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  1. yes anti cheat would be cool but didnt they add one to milrp and it started banning people for no reason
  2. if you want to be a garnet staff member you can't take showers so -1
  3. jewish

    Printer Suggestion

    shits already fucked tbh
  4. yo nutter man whatever happened to the heal grenade would be something cool to add to unbox
  5. I'm not feeling it anymore taking a break from darkrp but i will still be playing on cityrp and help out
  6. I'm gonna have to -1 this is why your paragraph's are not the best, your playtime is ok but what concerns me is that you have 5 bans that you have on your record.
  7. In-game name: 508 Jewish FUBAR SteamID: STEAM_0:1:155730260
  8. +1 - good hours - good paragraph's - Active a lot always seeing him help out new players. Good Luck!!
  9. you did not read the staff rules. this is not 2 paragraph's this is a sentence. Did you ask them for their referrals ? This is a big -1 from me.
  10. +1 -good hours - good paragraph's - no bad encounters with you Good luck bud hope you get it.
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