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  1. Oh hello man, welcome back to the community!
  2. Well yes, this is more a roleplay/social server than it is a.. sit in your base and listen to music while printing server.
  5. ChrisRid when he sees cyber is gone:
  6. Hey everyone! We've been hard at work making improvements and adding new things to the server. Feel free to look over and see what's new. Thank you to @Derpzaand @Merkfor being my test dummies to hopefully ensure EVERYTHING works on our main server once it is restarted Things you'll care about... Mob Boss Hits To keep our hitmen busy, the Mob Boss will now automatically assign hits on players on the server, currently with 10-30 minute intervals Hobo Donation Box Those can now be Physgunned/Frozen by their hobo owners. Now start collecting donations! VIP Perks VIPs now get an extra textscreen to decorate their businesses, or just put down a goofy ass KOS line like a loser. Donator Items We've added the two missing COD Ghost knives onto our server. Thank you to those who support the server monetarily! Deliveryman This role is now accessible from level 1. Start delivering! System & Gameplay Improvements Hitman System Overhaul I've recoded large parts of the hitman system for better performance on the back-end of the server Physgun Freeze Staff can now right-click freeze players while using the physgun. Admin Tools L.Admins now carry the same permissions for /removeprop as managers+ Improved Logging The hitman system logging is now more reliable; and will also display correct information in the event of a completed hit Bug Fixes & Exploit Patches NoClip Exploitation I've looked into several issues that could arise from (surprisingly) abusive staff, that'd allow players to be granted noclip permissions with a list of a few malicious steps. As a result, I've recoded a portion of our admin mod (D3A) to patch these issues! DJ Radio It has been brought to my attention that exploiters are able to access the DJ's radio and modify it, I've recoded portions of the code to add extra security for the radios as a result Hopefully this bug has been squashed. HUD Textures Those missing textures on the HUD? Fixed them - no longer will you have to stare at purple and black checkers. Advanced Duplicator 2 Duplicator can no longer spawn in nocollided props. A Big Thank You! Your feedback and reports make these updates possible. Keep them coming. I'm super happy with where our server is currently, having a larger population, with all the previous toxicity and unmotivated or malicious "staff members" being gone
  7. Tells people to kill themselves, claims we banned his buddy for no reason, when literally the server was dying largely at a fault of his “last friend”. Proceeds to throw insults at me who’s literally just trying to develop the server, but has no motivation as a direct result of some of the people he mentioned to be missing.. yup Edit. After doing some reading, you ban evaded and subject minors to pornographic material… uh not something to be too proud of.
  8. Not sure if shitpost, but Korn funneled and protected hackers on our server, fully INTENTIONALLY. He's part of the annoying group that is Hama and Torq (the edgy kids who come back on alts)
  9. You were removed from the community*. It's a shame because people who liked you weren't made aware that you were allowing people to actively destroy our community from within
  10. Nobody here is a professional, and any "true" professional was just lucky at some point, or had enough money initially (far more than 50k) to take the slow route of safe investments (IE: S&P 500) However, one thing I can tell you as a non-professional that nearly all professionals will say is.. do NOT take a blanket advice such as "wait for the housing market to crash". Time in the market will always be your best bet, and if there's a property you like now in a good area, buy it ASAP. It will ALWAYS grow past what it presently is, because there is not a surplus of land to build homes on. There shouldn't be a market crash in 2025; people having been using the argument of the housing market and interest rates starting 2019, then 2020, then 2021.. and so on. Homes continued to rise. @Vortex for the record, the REASON there's a shortage currently in homes that are owned by people and not large corporations, is they're unwilling to let go of their 4-6% interest rate in favor of a 8-13% interest, which seems to be the new norm.
  11. Yeah, running an alt is super feasible for most, with that being said, I could make a VERY short visibility secondary textscreen.
  12. Even when this was brought up as a VIP idea months ago I wasn't super in favor of it, believe it or not, textscreens tend to eat up FPS despite being such simple things. Hence their low render distance.
  13. I'm so sorry to personally shut this suggestion down, and I do thank you for going out of your way to write it, HOWEVER, I don't think things should always necessarily be readily available/attainable. I very much intended on pointshop standard points being a hard thing to obtain. Standard points are literally a free version of a paid offering on our server, as such, I want to make them have alot more weight than just.. "I robbed the bank and now I have 5k points". I think we should keep the idea of.. if you want points, be active or AFK overnight on the server. There's an ongoing holiday? be prepared for a HUGE amount of points during the event.
  14. Please everybody, stop using AI to generate content on the forums
  15. You should know by this point in time that feeding these pesky kids with attention is counter-productive. It's really sad so I try to be nice to individuals like that, but they have no social life outside of a GMod server or evidently parents/loved ones who care for them. Just let this boil over and they'll go somewhere else eventually. Right now this post and the comments are making it engaging for them.
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