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  1. Alright well, 50% of the work is done, trap and bait (custom model for the trap will happen soon) LOL
  2. Accepted I'll get started working on this neat addition after I handle some more things in the to-do queue
  3. Honestly, as long as there's no racism/hate speech involved, i'm cool with the mayor running a stupid funny poll every 5 minutes. I already removed the ability for the Mayor to minge, when I removed their ability to create their own laws.
  4. As ShankNinja explained, we presently have exactly this, except, you do not get to unlock new roles simply by idling, you must be active on the server making money. Our RP-cash-to-VIP exchanger NPC is located at fountain, and for those who genuinely cannot afford VIP, I allowed the option to farm cash in trade for VIP. I'm already hurting financially for trying to make this server free and fair for everybody, I'm not looking to make it any easier, but thank you for the suggestion. Denied
  5. Nutter

    Ban Appeal

    Hello Postal, As of right now, a ban appeal will not AT ALL be considered. You currently have almost $1,000 worth of fraudulent chargebacks open against Garnet Gaming. This situation has caused significant financial stress and concern about my ability to cover bills, barely a week into the month. In addition to your literal commitment of federal crime (credit card fraud), your behavior on the server was reported to have been pretty poor by our staff. You evidently broke server rules MANY times, including reported incidents of racism/toxicity/mass rule-breaking, and ban evasion. Again, COMPOUNDING this incredibly lengthy list of violations, you initiated the fraudulent chargebacks, and i'm unsure if you thought nobody knew of this happening - leading to your appeal, but it was noted the day of. You are presently the second person ever in the almost 10 years I've ran Garnet, that has led to me spending my time and money to consult my lawyer regarding our next form of action against you. As I am writing this message to you, I spoke to my lawyer a literal 25 minutes ago in regards to which option would be most appropriate; involving PayPal's fraud department, your bank regarding confirmed credit card fraud, or your local municipality's police department. At this point, I STRONGLY advise you to retract your ban appeal and reach out to both your bank and myself with an apology. Until these issues are resolved, there will be no consideration of lifting your permanent ban. Hopefully you handle this situation responsibly from here on out.
  6. The majority of this month was spent on a feature to come in the near future (extraction mode and new weapon base, being balanced by our upper administration and @AlexConway). This upcoming month will be nuts content-wise. Commendations System A system to track players' commendations have been added - currently featuring medals and ribbons. On the top left of your screen, there will be a display of your own commendations: And through the /commendations, /ribbons, or /medals menu, you can toggle those to display to the world; as well as entirely remove this element off of your screen if you wish. When inspecting other players, you will be able to read their equipped medals Jobs Jedi Classes Ahsoka Tano was scaled down to be more representative of her lore size Yoda was further scaled down to be a little green rodent. *NEW* Adi Gallia *NEW* A certifiable lore role for members of jedi *NEW* Luminara Unduli *NEW* A certifiable lore role for members of jedi Astro-mechanicals Turned R2-D2 and C3PO classes into event classes. Added an additional slots to all other mechanical droids (Astromech, Mouse Droid, Medical Droid, and Defense Droid) as compensation. Administration Voting System Imported from DarkRP, allows admins+ to poll the general playerbase! GiveWeapon The command has been corrected and will print to all active administrator on our server Gravity Generator This feature has been added onto our Venator map. The gravity generator may be destroyed by CIS forces in order to greatly affected gravity while on the Venator map, until it is corrected by Engineers. LVS Changed the LVS Maintenance station and Balloon models to fit our Starwars server better Quiz A pop up message will now notify nearby recruiters when a player has failed the quiz, letting them know what portions were failed, and therefore, allowing recruiters to better train new players on material they are not brushed up on. Feedback Box This entity has been added to the server in order for you to provide our upper administration insight on anything that's going on, whether it be a recent event, a desired new feature, or just to get one last word out before we ban you for your recent mass RDM spree. New Event Maps Shira Mygeeto Felucia Mygeeto Mining Outpost Zeffo - Rebel Base Mustafar Naboo City Trandoshan Slave Camp Voice Amp Entirely re-coded and added a certification to all members of Navy in order to obtain this SWEP It works by simply equipping the voice amp and speaking while it's your active weapon Droid Ambushes Recoded the system to utilize invisible bounding boxes, instead of an invisible platform which you were not able to shoot through/drive over prior. The system is more robust and includes more trigger points for ambushes than prior, thank you @AlexConway for mapping it out! Miscellaneous Fixed a billion random errors that would spam due to invalid calls Added the Flesh eating pack to the server Optimized the map rp_geonosis_v2_d to sustain significantly higher populations entirely re-wrote our mail delivery module to avoid empty tables and lack of initialization (solved all issues with mail disappearing)
  7. I forgot a very important portion "by physgun" LOL
  8. As promised the previous month, now that we got the crashing situation sorted, we are getting alllllll new content Law System A complete re-write to the law system has been made, this time, giving a total of 3 default laws, and 6 additional (toggleable laws) which the mayor may choose between. This approach disallows mayors from utilizing minge laws, which despite what "vEtErAn PLaYeRs" claim, will very frequently lead to a mass disconnect wave from the server, as players are arrested for very dumb things, IE: not addressing the Mayor as "daddy" or j-walking. This new approach will only allow useful and commonly-used laws from being enacted. Paper System This one was a PAIN IN TEH FCUKING ASS Players can now utilize the command /paper or /note in order to write a note on a piece of paper (hehehe) Once you're done writing your note/letter/paper, you can sign it, or simply leave it for other players to discover. This can be a legally-abiding document for RP purposes Other players may interact with this note by pressing E on it This took way more hours than any of you will believe it was worth, and I hadn't seen it used more than a handful of times so rip me Mayor Utilize the Mayor PC in order to reach the laws panels, through which you will be able to determine which laws you'd like to be enacted/repealed You now posses the power to toggle the Bail NPC in order to allow or disallow jail bonds as you wish! Lastly, you may utilize your Mayor desk computer in order to pay out your officers, given that you've kept an eye on the PD vault, and the tax rate is high, in order to gather up enough money to pay out your trusty officers! Hireable Role System There is now a table stored of hireable roles, IE: Security Guard, Mercenary, Medic, Doctor, and Prostitute (but only by a Pimp) Such roles can be interacted with through the general public by pressing 'E' on them This will raise the hiring menu, on which you can see the current going rate of hiring the individual If accepted, the player will display an extra piece of information on their hud, stating who they are hired by: Professionals may use the command /rate or /hirerate in order to define the pricepoint at which they wish to be hired: There is a limit of 100k for a hiring, as a hire only lasts until the player dies NEW Priest NEW Provide players with spiritual guidance and support to other players on our server. Down in the future you will carry unique toggleable abilities such as healing players' wounds and offering blessings that give temporary buffs for raiding. Priests can create temporary safe havens and conduct meetings for their affiliated church within a base. NEW Sailor NEW This is the only role on our server that can base above the beach's waters. Cleverly avoiding the sharks infesting right underneath. Bring your sea shawties above, or do as you wish, but just make sure you're not stuck outside your base with too many shark players, just incase your printer is overheating. NEW Shark NEW ^ Enjoy the amazing screenshot ^ You're a fucking menace that is probably new to our server, as this class is approachable at level 9. Your single purpose as this role is to fucking lure people into the water and disect their bodies. You must remain submerged at all times, as you will otherwise be beached and die of dehydration or whatever the fuck it is that kills sharks outside of water Prop Ban A new staff tool to deal with moronic prop spammers, but removing the necessity to ban them Hitman System Automated hits are now entirely dependnet on the number of active hitmen, the more active hitmen, the more automated hits volume that'll come through Prostitute This job has been entirely recoded with no more inconsistencies in cooldowns/territorial Disputes You may be hired solely by a pimp in order to be they faithful hoe Medic/Doctor These role are now hireable by all other players, you can serve as a personal medic! Logging System MODULE ADDED: Mug Logs MODULE ADDED: Hiring Logs Duel System Added proximity cancellations due to players abusing the weapons given through a duel Drug System Corrected some drugs appearing as errors on the F4 menu COMPLETE OVERHAUL AND RECODE TO MOST DRUGS Detailed list of changes, we panning to the left for this one boys: Weed: Reduced the chance of burning while smoking weed by approximately 40%. Applied slight optimizations. Doubled the effect of weed per use; tolerance remains unchanged. Added a notification when max benefits are reached. Coffee/Energy Drink: Remains the same, providing a 5% speed boost. Increased the maximum speed gainable by around 6%. Beer: No changes. Shrooms: Increased max gravity reduction per use by approximately 40%. Lowered overdose chance by around 40%. PCP: Raised speed increase per use by about 40%. Increased overdose threshold by approximately 10%. Heroin: Changed dirty needle chance by around 20%. Dirty needles no longer set run speed to sluggish; instead, they lower speed equivalent to the use of two heroin syringes. When saturated with heroin, players will say “I don’t want to keep injecting” and throw away the needle. Bath Salts: No changes. Cigarettes: Significantly lowered the chance of catching on fire, making it a more viable way to gamble for 200+ HP. Cocaine: Provides an insane speed increase per use that scales up. Doubled the ceiling for cocaine speed. Lowered overdose chance by about 20%, enhancing cocaine hyperspeed abilities. Weed Growing UI Corrections 3d display of the Pot will now actually be.. near the pot? Bugs & Miscellaneous Inventory dropped weapons can no longer be picked up Inventory/Unbox cannot be used from duel/while arrested Voice Line 10 second cooldown to avoid spam General server optimizations for more FPS Optimized DarkRP weapon shipments eating up your frames Corrected issue of staff on duty being able to deal damage to players Re-worked and cleaned up Police Ram code, should be far more responsive now Re-wrote the front-end code for the meth system for more FPS/removing redundant calculations that can be cached Fixed an issue with the cinema not initializing quickly enough, causing the server to have a hiccup on startup Added a notification for when your printer is claim, displaying who has claimed it Staff On Duty can no longer be mugged Given Merk more permissions Re-wrote huge portions of outdated code from 2014-2017 within our server and consolidated hundreds of files
  9. Dear Jack, Thank you for taking the time to submit your application for the position of Game Master at Garnet Gaming. We appreciate your interest in contributing to our community. After carefully reviewing your application, it has come to our attention that a significant portion of the content appears to have been generated by an AI language model. While we understand the potential benefits of utilizing AI tools for creativity and assistance, we value authenticity and genuine effort in applications for administrative positions within our community. We believe that the role of a Game Master requires personal insight, creativity, and a genuine passion for fostering engaging experiences for our players. While AI can certainly be a valuable tool for inspiration and assistance, relying solely on it for the entirety of your application does not demonstrate the level of personal investment and commitment we are looking for in potential candidates. We encourage you to reconsider your approach and resubmit your application with original content that reflects your own thoughts, experiences, and aspirations. We believe that your genuine input and creativity will greatly enhance your candidacy for the position. Thank you again for your interest in joining our team. We look forward to potentially working with you in the future. Best regards, Warm regards, Nutter Owner/Developer Garnet Gaming
  10. US treasury seems to be on Whiskey's side - which isn't saying much considering our failing economy
  11. I think we should further investigate. Heads or Tails?
  12. I think we made the right call Conway, should we keep sending it to independent reviewers?
  13. We should show this to a third party validator for shits and giggles, you'd have to be blind, or retarded to say he's not cheating at this point uhhh
  14. @AlexConway the disagrees from Ace are comedic not biased at all, never
  15. Based off of what I was sent, I can't believe this is even being appealed.
  16. Nutter

    astrid unban

    Dear, astrid2, It's quite the spectacle how you're able to appear under a different alias and try to play the innocent/confused game, but our very handy tools over here at Garnet™ have confirmed this to be a lie. I think it's your time to leave, because while you can continually make alts, you will eventually be caught, and unfortunately, ban evading (much less lying) is unappealable. We appreciate the creativity though and hope you have a fantastic day. (PS, the VPN trick in Sweden didn't work)
  17. This is not to come off as rude, but a genuine concern. Did you put forward any thought/research into putting through this suggestion?
  18. WARNING: PRETTY LONG, if you want to see the new content, scroll down Announcement Hello Garbanzo Gamers, When it comes to our DarkRP server, April has been a complete roller coaster, and the server was literally putting its head through a noose. The culprit we found and believe to have gotten it right, was for the first time in 6 years, relying on outsourced code I didn't personally birth, the logging system. Our new logging system was never really written for the demands of our server's continous 2-day uptime with 70 sad souls continuously connected, resulting in overflows (which did not give us any troubleshooting information) In short, we were literally victims of our own success. This entire month @Merk got front-row seats to my cerebral meltdown, while I tried to figure out why in the fuck ouf server seems to kick everybody daily at precisely the window of 3-4 AM, and I even reached out to the developer of Garry's Mod, Rubat, who went.. yeah ok this isn't my fault, your server's fucked ( he was right. ) The good news are, after 3 tortorous weeks, of literal brain trauma, I finally figured the source out. NOW FOR THE EVEN BETTER NEWS In my quest to figure out wtf is making our server so unstable, I ended up giving our entire server a literal revamp, as I re-wrote some of our code from the Mesozoic era in 2015-2017. While re-coding things didn't fix the crashes, it provided insane performance benefits collectively, resulting in our tickrate comfortably going up from 22 to a crazy 33 but also buffed our net-channels to allow the server to literally effortlessly juggle over 100 players. Needless to say, I won't need to optimize anything in the future. So moving forward, unless some new shitstorm brews, I am fully dedicated to providing the DarkRP server NEWWWW content. Until the end of May, I am mostly going to be focus on DarkRP, not SWRP or MRP. SO PLEASE stay tuned for fantastic new updates. Changes For the month of April, here's a summary of what was updated (with a few things omitted as they were not properly documented by me): Re-wrote more than half of the code of DJ Radios Re-wrote more than half of our prop protection and physics conditions for props Fixed an ancient bug that caused unlimited props Re-wrote delivery system entirely for the Deliveryman job Re-wrote portions of the animation swep Re-wrote portions of the base Garry's Mod light entity Re-wrote how corpses are handled Re-wrote portions of permatoggle, which allows players to toggle permanent weapons from being given at spawn Re-wrote how players typing or talking is networked to other players within the server Disabled the use of stunstick in spawn Allowed all Admins+ to use the witcher gates tool Added "Report Area" protection - an idea and design by Merk Raised the XP given to weed cultivators when growing weed by 45% Fixed the distance at which the PD vault can be raided CPs now get money and XP for confiscating printers Re-wrote portions of the code of the party system Re-wrote portions of the C menu suite Re-wrote portions of the vape system and how it's networked Re-wrote portions of the word unscrambler for security Reduced the DJ job limit from 3 to 2 Added the DJ role to the mugging blacklist Created a script to remember your last used job, so in the event of a crash, when you reconnect, you'll be reserved your old job.
  19. Hello Garbanzo Gamers, This is your your monthly dose of updates from our galaxy over at StarwarsRP! It has been a SUPER busy month over here at the sweatshop, fine-tuning and expanding, and optimizing the server. We hope you enjoy! Venator Map Gravity Generator We've installed a new gravity generator! While this should keep you grounded, beware—if it's damaged, gravity might get a bit quirky, making it tough to walk without floating a little, particularly if you run through a staircase. You better hope we have ENG members on with a handy fusion for the repair (whch by the way, will have a 1000 credits reward) Weather System Meteor Shower Watch the skies as meteors streak past anaxes. Just remember, it's safer inside our base. Standing outside will be a grieving mistake. Fog/Sandstorm Good luck navigating through dense fog or sandstorms that will challenge your visibility. Ideal for events designed for siths that thrive in infiltration/secrecy. Earthquake (INCOMPLETE) Your screen will annoyingly go sideways for some time, while rocks will start falling off the side of cliffs and mountains, you best go indoors while this is happening to avoid being squashed like an ant. Administration Trial Gamemasters With our thriving team of executives, T. GMs have been given greater control, our Trial Gamemasters can now host their own scaled-down events, through the use of almost all tools (albeit slightly restricted) that the rest of our team can utilize! CM Permissions Conway has been granted ultimate permissions to dispense items and crates at will. Harus next? Drugs System Every fictional world has its tweakers. Reimplementation of Drug Classes We’ve reintroduced our classic drug system from DarkRP that has been ongoing since 2017, albeit now optimized for better performance and neater effects. Support for being a mega-methhead has been added, as you can now be tripping on bantha crack, and deathsticks both at the same time. Overdosing Mechanics Added back the risk of overdosing, affecting your character's stats (run/walk speed) and health. POV: you're on fucking galactic crack Drug Detection Instrument Issued to specific roles within the CG battalion to help monitor and maintain order by detecting the dirty crackheads within our base. (can't wait for Officer Jo Schmo to whine about being demoted for being caught high on galactic crack - because it wasn't done in RP) Optimizations and Miscellaneous Voice Chat Optimization We’ve significantly improved voice chat clarity and increased its range by 15%, ensuring you can communicate from further distances without disturbances during events Addon Reworks The portable radio and chess addons have been rewritten for better stability and reduced errors. This should also help decrease the crash instances among users, and boost performance on both the server and the client. Crystals Fixed issue with dropped Mythic Pulsed Edialitye crystals appearing as errors Vibro Knives Recoded Vibro knives for the elimination of the occasional material discrepency LVS Seats Added extra security to LVS seats to avoid random errors. Group Chat Redesigned DarkRP group chat with optimization in mind - now that they carry more calculations (certification checks) Grenades Fixed infinite loop associated with nades (tfa) being thrown at NPCs - didn't cause immediate crashes, but they'd happen hours thereafter Music Cleaned up errors that popped up with music/theme tracks playing during events Scoreboard Attempted to fix error when loading up the tab menu before initializing DarkRP's data fully ARF ARF ARF anddd it's gone Remove all ARF Classes 3rd Person Support Fixed 3rd Person Error when entering Character Skill Station and all wOS menus in general Master Lightsaber Corrected the inability to press E+R to select forms AT-RT Added the consolidated ATRT by @Aura to our server, thank you so much!! Capture Point System Created support for members of the republic being able to capture said points, as well as the capability of CIS members (event jobs) being able to do the opposite, alongside NPC droids! This system is super similar to what you would find playing battlefront or MilitaryRP Citadel Revamp Fixed Citadel NPCs not spawning, even when the board is claimed. Rewritten portions of citadel with optimizations in mind for a large population Galactic Cuisine Food Items Introduced food items that can be used for healing in the absence of a medic. All food items currently carry the same effects of slowly regenerating your HP by 40 at a very slow pace. Bantha Bites This is the store from which food can be purcahsed until we introduced a cooking mechanic, at which point, it will become a very expensive ingredient/spice shop Entry Quiz Upon a succesful completion of our server's entry quiz, you will be met with a selection panel! Selection Panel Streamlined the process of choosing your entry battalion, making it quicker and easier to get started on our server Jedi Overhaul Path Qualifications Consolidated Jedi roles into four streamlined jobs, simplifying the path selection process. Administrators and council members can now assign members onto their respective paths, and players no longer have to switch jobs continually as they progress within a path or switch paths. Double Trouble Removed the cost for dual-wielding abilities, allowing all Jedi to wield two sabers without additional expense of your sacred points. Saber Rifle Added this new weapon to our arsenal, with limited shots but powerful effects. I'd be lying if I said I knew wtf Conway wants to do with this, but its here and it took 2 hours to complete Skill Tree Revamp Completely overhauled the Jedi skill tree, making it more intuitive and tailored to distinct roles of Consular, Sentinel, and Guardian. Additionally, reduced the cost for all Jedi forms to 1 skill points Model Swap Swep Changed how players assume lore characters' roles; now, it’s based on qualifications rather than specific jobs, with a toggleable weapon to switch your playermodel onto the appearance of your lore character. Playermodels Entirely revamped, get in game to see, i'm too lazy to screenshot them all Battalion Assigned Jedi Introduced the ability to become batalion assigned, a jedi can now become 212th attack battalion assigned, and utilize the "U" teamchat functionality to seamlessly chat with all of 212th Team Chat /jedi team chat was introduced to serve as a replacement for U team chat for jedis, as U will now be reserved for assigned jedis 91st Mobile Recon I'm super excited to introduce a new battalion with unique capabilities and playstyle to our server, 91st is a battalion that excels in scouting and quick strike missions. They're equipped with speeds and the appropriate equipment to allow for rapid deployment and extraction during off-worlds. Despite all this, people will still ask for them to get mortars and probably their own personal Jedi starfighter, because our server's population is allergic to balance between battalions and want one-man-armies. Panic Switch A new tool for emergency preparedness has been given to both Navy and Jedi Council members, useful for alerting of your last known location in emergencies, this is done by a very simple left mouse button press. Civilian Model Pack Added a misc playermodel pack for event use!
  20. IMO, a priest should be able to: - base in the church - commit predator actions against underage church-goers
  21. Video please, pictures would serve me no help ;(
  22. Oh, this was last an issue probably 2-3 weeks ago, it's since been resolved please let me know ASAP if it persists to be a problem?
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