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  1. Massive thank you to @Proggy because he ended up figuring out what was causing the issue last night. Added back this update
  2. The server was acting up after adding in the event system (even without an event running) and the night before - so I preemptively removed it to take another look through the code - or better yet, have another developer skim over it as well I have also decided to temporarily remove Chess to see how the server's performance is - and if it is heavily improved, I will seek out somebody to recreate the chess addon. I apologize for the let down.
  3. I'm sorry, is a weaboo attacking a guy for using the word "flippin" ????
  4. MRP hasn't gotten a big update in awhile, so I went out on this juan Customizable Killcards @Smity_'s ultimate moneysink idea Flex on that idiot you killed by spending your hard earned RP cash on a really amusing card (customizable) that'll display your glorious name on their screens whether they want it or not USAGE: /kc /killcard Once your killcard is purchased and you go out to war, your victims will see the following: Just imagine how fucking annoying. NOTE: new killcards can be added at all times with the playerbase's suggestions! Weapons Balancing Thank you @Ozzy and @Smity_ for these changes Rifles VSS Vintorez Class changed from SMG to Rifle Renamed to AS VAL Damage raised from 25 to 36 Fire rate lowered from 1090RPM to 700 Muzzle effect changed from SMG to Suppressed Max spread lowered from 4% to 1.5% Spread per shot lowered from 8% to 5% Recoil raised by 40% Honey Badger Mirrored stats from AS VAL G3A3 Firerate lowered from 475RPM to 450RPM Damage raised from 46ps to 48ps Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzy) FN FAL Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzy x2) Scar Heavy Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzyx3) Damage increased from 47 to 48 - honestly fuck you @Ozzy or whoever requested this change SKS-D Mobility increased by 18% (experimental??? we'll see @Ozzyx4) Damage increased from 46 to 47 (actually kill yourself @Ozzy) SMGs MP5A5 Magazine size reduced from 40 to 30 Firerate lowered from 1080RPM to 950 Firerate to 950 (SWEP.FireDelay = 60/950) Mac-11 Firerate lowered from 1000RPM to 950RPM Recoil has been increased by 27% MP5A4 & L2A3 Damage lowered from 27 to 25 Firerate lowered from 1000RPM to 900RPM FMG-9 Damage lowered from 30 to 28 Firerate lowered from 900RPM to 800RPM PP Bizon Aim spread lowered from 7% to 0.9% MP-40 Damage increased from 26 to 30 Firerate increased from 720RPM to 900RPM Hip spread reduced by 17% PPSH-41 Aim spread decreased by 82% Hip spread decrased by 75% Spread per shot lowered from 30% to 10% Max spread increase lowered from 30% to 5% Recoil increased by 25% HK MP5 Damage incrased from 27 to 30 Firerate increased from 800 to 900 Recoil increased by 50% Removed firerate modifications from handguard attachments SD Handguard Aimspread nerf lowered from 30% to 15% UMP 45 Firerate raised from 850RPM to 900RPM Maximal spread increase lowered from 35% to 30% Recoil lowered by 17% Veresk Firerate raised from 820RPM to 900RPM G36C Recoil increased by 25% Firerate increased from 750 to 900 Snipers Mosin Nagant Removed stat effects from body styles SKS Removed dumb code portion that woudn't let you reload your weapon - thanks @Ozzy as I don't think I would've caught it easily if I tried LOL Dragoon Added velocity sensitivity, meaning you will not be as mobile with the Sniper while maintaining 100% accuracy M1 Carbine Damage increased from 39 to 55 Magazine size decreased from 15 to 10 Default clip now includes 3 magazines Firerate reduced from 500RPM to 320RPM Spread per shot nerfed from 0.4% to 2% Max spread raised from 30% to 40% Recoil increased by 50% Attempted to double the velocity sensitivity ( @Ozzyx73123812 experimental lol) LMG RPK74 Firerate lowered from 700RPM to 650RPM Max spread increase lowered down from 70% to 40% Recoil increased by 95% (previously value was 1) Ares Shrike & M60 & M249 & PKM Recoil increased to the same value (moderate) Spread per shot has been lowered to the same value of 10% Max spread has effectively turned this thing to a near laser with @Ozzy's provided values, probably akin to the Negev in CSGO Shotguns Neostead 2000 Clump spread increased by 53% - you can call it a Neospread now MP-153 Fire type changed from semi automatic to dick pump No way somebody will catch that. Specialty EX-41 Default rocket count reduced from 6 to 3 Health-Based Damage Overlay A really nice piece of content I found in workshop, mostly an experimental feature written for singleplayer that I'd like to use while our server's population is low, but I am slowly reading through the code and hashing out multiplayer-related issues in order to finalize it on our server, with better performance. The premise is simple, the more damage your character takes, the more blood that will appear on your playermodel. This allows players in combat to receive visual indicators of when an opponent or teammate is damaged, either to engage to kill them off, or heal. 100 HP 80HP 60HP 40HP 20HP 1HP Scoreboard Updated to the latest revision, featuring country of origin flags, easier to read/bolder font, and other performance improvements Otherssss.. New animated notification icons
  5. More coming to this update Pointshop Support has been added for skinned items I will be adding those over the course of the next few days, but here's a starter! This is really cool because it allows me to set non-premium point (free) variants to some more expensive skins.
  6. an extra goodie Yeah, they do not - they're built into GMod itself, the emoticon is reserved for the near future where I add a collection of custom emotes. When it comes to silkicons you will unfortunately need to memorize those similarly to memorizing default HL2 voiceline commands.
  7. I hope it does help with low-pop. I can't believe this is the 5th recode the event system has gotten. Hopefully it works this time
  8. Chatbox Prefixes Users of different ranks will carry a pre-fix to their name displaying their rank This is particularly useful for staff members trying to notify players of incidents or delivering any necessary information Emoticons A list of emoticons can be found over at: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/previews/index_abc.png Automated Event System BIG THANK YOU TO @Proggy FOR HELPING ME TEST THIS. Twice hourly players will receive a notification to join a team-based OOC event The current modes include: Melee (Crowbar) Melee (Knives) Sniper (Dragonlore) Rifle (AK47 CSGO variants) There are two arenas available for the time being Metal Star Power's Used for all rifle-based events Plank [Large] Used for Melee-based events Features for the future: Parkour event Free-For-All events (non-team based) Pointshop rewards to winners of events Divider wall allowing players a grace period prior to the event starting Prop Limit INCREASED?? With the abysmal amount of attention to optimization put into our server over the last few months, @Proggy brought it to my attention we could increase the prop limit slightly in trade for some FPS. I have finally increased our prop limit the server has had for the last 7 years The range increased by 5 starting at 40 players Up to 30 players Remains at 70 Up to 55 players Prop limit 50 > 55 Up to 80 players Prop limit 40 > 45 Up to 100 players Prop limit 35> 40 Up to full server Prop limit 30 > 35 Pointshop Support has been added for skinned items I will be adding those over the course of the next few days, but here's a starter!
  9. The winter map is going to go up in 2 weeks we have used it in previous years though! Just so everyone is aware, this update was published a day early (today) seeing as our server was exploited last night and I had to fix some new exploits this has been the stupid new norm. Adding onto this update, spawned money will despawn after 3 minutes - no reason for hoards of cash to just be sitting around dropped guns will be removed after 5 minutes of sitting idle - similar reasoning dropped shipments will be removed after 15 minutes of sitting idle - similar reasoning Shipment models and various guns' models have been whitelisted to allow for Gundealers to decorate their bases better
  10. If it's not me still working on this update lmao Add garnet.gg to your steam name and you'll earn an extra 20% standard pointshop points passively!
  11. HUD Lockdowns Lockdown display hud has been attached to the top of the screen to make lockdowns easier to identify Corrected overlapping UI elements Before: After: Bounty Hunters Albeit heavily less performance oriented, I had added a feature to the Bounty Hunter that'll periodically cycle through all players and display a 'Bounty' sign above bounty players, throughout a much further distance than our UI elements normally allows This will hopefully aid in Bounty Hunters locating users with a bounty, as I found it to be a huge burden to have to get within inches of other players in order to know - when playing as a bounty hunter. Civil Protection Similarly to the Bounty Hunter addition, CPs will now gain the massive advantage of knowing who is wanted from afar For the existence of the server, CPs have always struggled with having to /quickwant players when nearby and quickly arrest them, as it became hard to keep track of who is and is not wanted unless they had particularly redeeming features, IE: player materials. I've decided It'd be best to give CPs a large visibility as to who is and is not wanted This obnoxiously large sign (only seen by CPs now - regularly players will not know who is and is not wanted) will render out for the length of an entire tunnel when playing as a CP. I have done my best to optimize all the features involved, and this may lead to some choppy-ness in updating signs above other players. Medic & Doctor The last two roles addressed in this UI update Doctors and Medics will be able to see players' condition as to help them in serving their duties Q Menu Removed users' access to anything outside the spectrum of the spawnlist and tools, seeing as it was used for nothing other than abuse in the first place?? Removed unnecessary categories from the Q menu Anddd while at it I further de-cluttered the tool menu Whitelist System Various guns and shipment models have been added onto the list of whitelisted props seeing as shipments can no longer be used to decorate a base IE: Bugs & Miscellaenous Removed the ability to inventory pickup DarkRP cash - will soon remove RP cash from inventories all-together if players do not utilize their cash DarkRP cash, shipments, and dropped guns will delete themselves after being inactive for a period of time
  12. The Abusive Staff Refinement Update (scroll to the bottom) Miscellaneous & Bugs Commands Fixed the following from printing into everybody's chat /addlaw /placelaw /wanted Crack Due to an influx of children trying to crash the server, crack now stacks to create larger baggie Shipments Removed the need for a "load in" time for shipments, they will now immediately spawn and be available for use Re-coded large portions of the shipment code for optimization, they should now cause 0 performance concerns. Staff Commands MuteVoice Renamed to /Gag and /ungag Duration support added Usage: /gag [Name] [Duration in minutes] or 0 for permanent /ungag [Name] MuteChat Renamed to /Mute and /UnMute Duration support added Usage: /mute[Name] [Duration in minutes] or 0 for permanent /unmute [Name] Oopsie Ban Honestly I don't know how this has been allowed in GMod for so long, but it is. Extra big racist minges/hackers might need to restart their PC after getting banned you can call it a lua error Usage by Manager+, any abuse means your last 8 months of work will be reduced to nothing as you get put down to user. Gimping Featuring /gimp and /ungimp Shut up that annoying minge by replacing their sentences with non-sense Slap Hopefully to be used as an alternative to the !slay command, giving a user a lighter punishment, IE: 25 damage and a screen shake to get their attention when minging. Usage /slap [Name] [Damage] Whip Manager+ command When somebody's a nuisance, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do Usage /whip [Name] [Damage] [Repetitions]
  13. Alot of stuff, honestly, but I forgot most of it lol Server Performance A dozen exploits have been fixed around the server that I was able to find, leading the server to have more solid performance overall, with more stability/reliability. Advanced Dupe was slowed to paste a dupe over a period of 30-45 seconds to also improve the overall server performance, disallowing players from pasting a clump of 50+ props in seconds. Agenda A way to reinforce cooperated play for roles that were meant to be played together! Leaders of their respective gang, or in the case of the Police Department, the Chief - may utilize the command /Agenda in order to post a bulletin board to all members of their gang/faction/organization. For security reasons, the nickname of the player who posted the Agenda will be logged into my own console, and also, members of the faction will automatically be able to see who posted the Agenda via the server-sided inclusion of their name at the end of an Agenda. Credit System Added a check to the credit system to disallow opening the menu when arrested for you filthy people who liked getting a gun while imprisoned AFK Checker Added a check to verify whether or not a player is a Police Officer, and if they are, they will be set back to Citizen. AFKing as CP moving forward will be considered as strictly against the rules, and any attempts to bypass the AFK checker, IE: +left +forward will earn a player a warning, followed by a kick off the server.
  14. - This message was sent from Kim Jong-un's iPhone 4s running iOS beta 0.38b
  15. After 5 unannounced updates with some mild amount of content, I figured a post was due seeing as we have some interesting content for a change. Crafting System Lightsabers A plethora of slightly more expensive "Common" Hilts have been added to the crafting bench Their crafting duration span from 15 to 120 minutes YES, I AM AWARE I NEED TO EDIT THE UI FOR CRAFTING NOW THAT WE'RE USING SO MANY DAMN INGREDIENTS LOL. I will likely rework this window in the future to make it easier to read by possibly having you hover your mouse over the hilt to see the ingredients necessary. Jobs Coruscant Guard : Riot Playermodel has been updated Removed medicalduty playermodel from Riot as per @MarkyMark's request Delivery System Reintroduced to the server New delivery destinations have been accompanied with this update F4 Menu Updated to the latest revision Directly from DarkRP, look down at your cool playermodel as opposed to looking at them T-pose like freaking losers I gave Spec OPs an extra little bit of flare in their display window Same thing with Jedi Scoreboard ...Also updated to the latest revision ...Also directly from DarkRP This revision features country of origin flags for players, a more fluid and easy to read design which scales perfectly with different resolutions
  16. Some QoL bug fixes Bounty Hunter System Modified DarkRP to immediately remove a player's bounty when they are arrested (experimental fix, we'll see if it works) Disallowed Bounty Hunters with a bounty from suiciding to claim their own bounty Corrected code for giving out bounty payout to Bounty Hunters (it wiped the bounty first, then gave you 0 money) oopsssssss Police System Police Officers can no longer be arrested Police Officers can no longer make other Police Officers wanted Fixed bug where Police Officers did not get a payout for confiscating printers Administration Corrected Prop and Tool logs for all staff members Removed Lead Administrators & Senior Administrators from utilizing fspectate Disabled the ability to poop while spectating as an administrator
  17. I would need somebody reliable to work on FIveM with, I've tried twice so far.
  18. GMod cars are more about being a showoff than dealing with a 5 second input delay
  19. That was the whole premise, and everybody that wanted it back was well aware "it's just DarkRP with cars on a different map" lol
  20. I think everybody had a blast the first month, I genuinely have no idea what happened besides some people didn't want to invest their time into a new server.
  21. I called it too, @Proggy was insistent it'd do better this time. I just wish I had the chatlogs saved Ultimately we decided to pop it back online because some other skid was reopening what Garnet CityRP was, and we were like "hell naw"
  22. It all started with a 20k word paper spanning over 5 pages on the return of CityRP and then.. some more updates... and then, 3 months later BYE BYE HAVE A GOOD TIME
  23. F4 Menu Loadout added back to the Job Selection menu, thank you @StraightWhiteChristianMale for the idea Bounty Hunter This class makes a return 3 years later with some needed improvements, Thank you @Proggy for helping me test everything. When players have been wanted for over 3 minutes, they will no longer be targets of the police, but rather swapped out to be targeted by Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters may kill "top wanted" players in exchange for cash, and a generous amount of XP The formula stands as $250 per level, meaning, a level 10 player's bounty will be set at $2,500. Whereas a level 50 player's bounty will be set at $12,500 Bounties will drop over time until hitting 0, meaning, the longer it takes you to kill a player, the less money you'll make. On the contrary, you'll still gain the same amount of XP, as the amount of XP will never drop! Similarly to being wanted, having a bounty placed on you will display above your playermodel for easier tracking Good luck Meth Manufacturers! Players will known when a bounty has been issued via a similar UI element to being wanted On a successful takedown, the bounty hunter will be announced to chat When no bounties are available, you will have a UI elements displaying so in order to avoid confusion HUD Changes With the latest hud update, I've taken note of the fact that the level/prestige portion of players may be cut-off due to their pointshop accessories or Shark playermodel, as such, I've offset it a bit more for clearance. Before After Prostitute Some really need QoL changes If interacting with a COVID infected player, the prostitute will not contract COVID The chance to have an anal rupture will now also shoot turds out of your playermodel's rear before killing you
  24. Hat Refunds Finally here, holy fuahk Simply utilize the command !hat to open the new menu up Instead of "equip" a hat button, you'll have a "convert" option instead, which will assign you your hat inside our new Pointshop system, for specific hats like Snowman, you will instead receive the original purchase price in Pointshop points, IE: 6 credits:6000 premium points. Example: Item will appear as unowned and will appear as owned in Pointshop Scoreboard Just like the hud, recreated from scratch just to see if I can Once again, includes a country flag and OS running for shits and giggles This hud will scale through resolutions perfectly, 1280x720p 800x600 Nobody should ever fucking run this low, but it almost works
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