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  1. DarkRP players punching the air when they realize "adding sorting functionality to the F4 menu" took more time than any single item in this list: Defusable Bombs A new defusable system was introduced to the server for events and EOD gameplay This system involves learning a variety of cable configurations in order to make the correct snip Roles 104th Battalion Removed Jetpack from Dire Company : Rifleman - instead added jetpacks to the entirety of Wolfpack. (JETPACK BODYGROUP) Coruscant Guard Removed the Coruscant Guard : ARF Trapper whitelist Increased Coruscant Guard : ARF Tracker's limit to 2 slots. Event Roles General Grevious Corrected the color of the role Update the model Count Dooku Corrected the color of the role (you're a sith bitch) Replaced existing model Darth Maul Replaced existing model Naaleth HP Set to 2,500 Auto-Job Introduced a system that store's a player's last role into the server's memory, so when they reconnect, they are automatically set to their last remembered role. This should alleviate the heavy delays and occasional lag at the beginning of events when all players are scavenging for their job in the F4 menu, respawning, and running around the map. Borealis Vendors Set the cost of Bacta Autoinjectors to 750 Republic Credits Set the cost of Shield Plugs to 1250 Republic Credits Deconstruct System Added all items into the functionality of the deconstruct system - all items carry a value, with VIPs, VIP+, and MVP having a higher output for deconstructing items Dropped Items All dropped items will now be removed after a grace period of 2 minute, thanks to a mingy youtuber who pointed out that this issue can result in a server crash HUD Introduced the item class "Borealis Item" so inspecting an item now correctly reads what's within the packaging Squad/Party Introduced the command /leavesquad and /leaveparty - allowing players to leave their team Corrected issue where lua errors would spam a team when a player would crash from the server Logging System Migrating from our own custom Logging suite ( one made in 2017 ;( ) in favor of a paid script with tons of extra functionality that is necessary to run a server of our scale PVP Event Report Staff can now go back in time and view a death scene, including the position of the reporter and reportee at the time of the potential RDM event Once rendering the scene, players will be able to navigate the area in "ghostmode" to their heart's desire Staff please beware, while this logging system is as optimized as can be, it features far more features than mine did, as such, FPS loss is to be expected when utilizing this logging system (within reason). Commands Thank you to my pretty boyfriend, @AlexConway !navydiscord Whispers the link to nearby players for the Republic Navy Operations Discord !jedidiscord Whispers the link to nearby players for the Jedi Discord ‌ !recruitguide Opens the CT Recruit Training Guide ‌ !medicroster Opens the Republic Medical Corps Roster !engroster Opens the Republic Engineer Division Roster !eodroster Opens the EOD Division Roster !pilotroster Opens the Republic Starfighter Corps Roster Whitelist System Similarly to the Logging System, our whitelist system has been updated to one curated by the same developer This whitelist system offers far more functionality and flexibility for staff and officers, and the cleaner UI is a huge bonus. Miscellaneous Increased the performance of all NPCs in order to provide all players and the server alike a boost of performance Increased the IFT-X Speed by 30% Corrected issue where the AT-TE would not damage droppods Removed the necessity to be whitelist for Gamemaster On Duty Removed a portion of code that could have been causing the server to crash during map changes (took months to investigate this holy fuck) One of our players on the server, Aurora, is a developer who provided us with a further optimized version of the Jetpacks, by collaborating with him on some changes, we were able to squeeze far more performance out of our jetpacks, providing far more server stability. You fucking rock man. Corrected issue with handcuffs becoming invisible on deployment Removed Count Dookie's access to Jedi radio De-commissioned the Frosty crate - it is no longer winter Corrected issue where /staffpromote would not promote VIP Moderator to Moderator Fixed issue where all players could possess the Valkyrie and Atlantis Creature NPCs Given GMs access to /atc chat Admins will now receive a notification when GMs and Mods utilize /adminmode - figure out who's a pesky little shit Re-wrote and revamped medical auras for wounded clones Introduced commands allowing GMs and Admins to pause, initiate, abruptly end, or schedule an automated event
  2. Logging System Migrating from our own custom Logging suite ( one made in 2017 ;( ) in favor of a paid script with tons of extra functionality that is necessary to run a server of our scale PVP Event Report Staff can now go back in time and view a death scene, including the position of the reporter and reportee at the time of the potential RDM event Once rendering the scene, players will be able to navigate the area in "ghostmode" to their heart's desire Staff please beware, while this logging system is as optimized as can be, it features far more features than mine did, as such, FPS loss is to be expected when utilizing this logging system (within reason). Miscellaneous Optimized the server's performance, specifically in regards to voice chat. Returned vape to a size similar to their former, although still not capable of producing the same effect of smoke grenades, thankfully. Knives cannot be dropped (oops) would create an untouchable (invalidated) entity that is stuck in the air until the next server restart. Pointshop (F8) was given the alias commands /ps and /pointshop for members who reported crashing when hitting the F8 key. Created a table of roles that are able to rob the PD Vault (thank you @Merkfor the high quality screenshot) - only raiding roles and CCs can now rob the vault! Created issue where the vault could be raided from too far away Re-created and re-vamped the profanity filter on our server, no longer can players utilize slurs such as the n word/f word without them being replaced by heartwarming phrases, IE: I can't wait to go DJ and earhug you!!! Removed remanants of advertisements for our non-existent Teamspeak server.
  3. These circles were removed for crash issues, and not anything else, as such they will not be re-whitelisted. Whitelisting larger props is fully possible if you make a separate post @IAreGunner
  4. what do you mean lmao. We're almost LITEARLLY barebones DarkRP
  5. I'm the one who will ultimately have to work on these features/implement them, but I genuinely think the whole "vanilla/nostalgic" feel reasoning is a bit redundant/silly. For god's sake, it's an automated timer to type in the /lockdown command, what here would break your immersion or bring the server to non-vanilla standards ;(
  6. In all honesty, the majority of this post seems redundant. What would be useful is to add ABC categorization or Level based categorization to the F4 menu, in my opinion.
  7. Yeah we made a lot of changes for a good reason, ie: literal racist jokes with the n word in our UIs, provided by an old developer who was black and thought it was hilarious. Times have changed. The hobo swep I think is a bit of a stretch, and if it’s pushing your buttons/making you uncomfortable, respectfully, Garry’s mod is just not the game for you. I’d suggest you go play Roblox.
  8. Interactive NPCs The Mac NPC base has been added to our server, and huge portions of it have been rewritten (the majority of it TBH) with optimization in mind. Allowing new players accessibility to useful information, while not affecting veteran players to any measurable degree You'll be able to easily recognize non-player NPCs because of their slightly more realistic posture And lots not forget amazing resilience to fire (thank you Phil) CIS Standalone ranking structure created by @AlexConway All Droid classes have been given a loadout and proper spawnpoints in the event that players are to be RPing as CIS droids in the near future/parttake in events. AFK Rewards By simply staying connected to our server during late-night and early morning (The window of 11PM and 2PM EST) - whether roleplaying and dodging blaster fire, gambling in our lounge, or idling within your battalion's bunks, you will accumulate activity crates full of scraps, credits, or even a large sum of XP points on an hourly basis! This feature is in place to incentivizes some of you to remain on our server during the off-peak hours, in hopes of kickstarting our peak activity times. Starting our days off with 10-20 pop has unfortunately been daunting on us as of late, so help us keep the community growing and we will reward you for it Quest System Imported tens of quests onto the latest revision on the map, as well as created a few new ones In the future months, staff will hopefully part-take in quest creation in order to bring a ton of fun content Inventory Items Selling Removed the ability to sell items to certain vendors, and created buy-only vendors. In order to received materials for your items, you would simply use the "Decon[onstruct]" button from within your inventory! VIPs, followed by VIP+, and MVPs will receive a 10, 15, and 20% bonus deconstruct value for their item (VIP+ and MVP still pending release) BUY & SELL NPC BUY ONLY NPC Missions The missions system from DarkRP has been added onto StarwarsRP, allowing for passive credit gain by completing random tasks, such as finishing up 2 quests, or killing 30 droids in citadel! Model Packs Added Senate Guard and Pirate Models Miscellaneous Removed traces of Christmas Content Compressed downloads to lower downloads by an additional 1GB, we're down a total of 28% of downloads from where we started (11GB down to roughly 8GB) 501st fix for blue pauldron!! Added a 3 second cooldown for dropping items from your inventory 327th K Company : Leader has been given access to the 'Deviss' playermodel Added general optimizations for players, including not drawing auras on dropped items until looked at within a close distance Binocular items were turned undroppable due to being exploited
  9. As Conway has mentioned, I had my own version of the downtown map with huge FPS optimizations, long before this map was even out. Players don't favor playing on maps they're not 10000% familiar with, and are not as likely to download new maps.
  10. As explained last month, our optimizations updates are now officially done, and in the future please expect strictly content related updates with new roles that we have planned! can't wait for the average DarkRP server to start copying our unique new roles soon. Going to have a phasmophobia-like ghost husting system for bored prestiged users. Server Roles NEW Pianist New Can spawn in a donation box and playable Piano Given the Pianist the capability to physgun their own Piano DJ Added Donation Box Hobo XP has been added as a feature of Dumpster Diving High levels Hobos spawn in with fists Server Content The entirety of our server's content has been compressed down to 250MB utilizing the first Python script I had written in years Our no downloads tag stands true, as we now have literally less than a minute of download times upon initial connection for our average client! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3146590198 By doing so we did not compromise the quality of ANY of our addons, instead, we added more content Text Screen Tool Re-written with optimization in mind Added a 78 character limit per room to textscreens in order to avoid mingery Logging Suite After many months of trying to further develop our logging system to be more robust, I threw the towel and decided to re-adapt a logging system we used on MilitaryRP back in 2017. This logging system features scene recreation, allowing staff to know each and every detail that took place in a firefight, allowing them to make more educated decisions and call out those scummy liars amongst you guys Poop System Added a chance to deliver a healthy white baby when pooping Poop cooldown has been reduced from 35 seconds to an average of 17 due to popularity PM Notifications Updated to be reflective of the notifications found on our StarwarsRP server Server Restarts Added automated notifications to allow a 10 minute grace period to those unaware of a restart coming up Bugs and Miscellaneous Fixed COVID infection persisting after a player's death Removed the ability for Drug Manufacturing jobs to utilize /mug Removed a very peculiar word from the Crack purchasing NPC Corrected issues where players could unbind retry, and thus avoid being removed from the server when banned Corrected issue where prisoner model would persist after being released from Jail Removed the ability for the mayor's wife to be arrested Corrected issue where Keypad could be faded via the fading door tool in order to avoid being raided Re-wrote the command /removeprop for Admins+ The F4 Menu now reflects the correct content pack for our server For Mac users, or Windows users without F keys, the commands /ps and /pointshop have been added in order to open Pointshop
  11. As everybody has explained, this is more abusable than anything else. There’s a reason why I’m working on low level jobs, such as city utilities, delivery man, and others. If a new player loses their printers, they can always get money via other methods
  12. I don't think you can read sarcasm
  13. The prop limit was literally raised less than a few months ago, by 5 for max pop, and 10-20 across the board. As Plague mentioned, "if the server machine was truly an upgrade" or whatever. We quite literally implemented a DJ Radio which eats up 30% of our new overhead to performance, not to mention, the biggest hit by props is TO THE CLIENTS, and it reflects in lower FPS. Just last month i believe @AlexConway asked me to add a package to the donation store that allows players to spawn in 10 more props, as a way to keep our community sustained with a higher income, and I declined that too, despite the overall hit being MUCH smaller. Once our server is stable with new changes for some time, I may consider this suggestion.
  14. Going to implement this fantastic idea ASAP @Merk please move to the top of priority Hobos at prestige 2+ will now wield throwable shit!
  15. Most definitely something that we wanted coded in to make it easier on GMs a disease system. Pretty basic, but cool. The rest of your event ideas have a huge "deceit" element to them, which is one of my favorites, so you absolutely have my full support for a +1, we've needed deduction-process, slower paced events than just "go here, do that, return, done" for a LONG time, and I hope you can genuinely bridge that gap.
  16. Add me as a referral, you've frankly turned into my favorite non-homosexual gay joker on the server
  17. Huh? we actively do something against those "OG" Players with alts ;( That's why the entire squad of weirdos like Torq are still screaming about missing the server, we eventually had to cut them loose because they were being too detrimental to our server. A balance is hard to reach, we don't want to fully disallow players from having a reasonable number of alts (2-3) to help them out economically if so they wish, because at the end of the day, we compete with servers who are actively botting servers, looking like they hold a higher population, when in reality they have 100 bots (Smokes/Atomic were banned off tracking websites for this)
  18. That doesn't count as a nerf, that's really just a bug fix for an exploit that got taken too far. In all reality, I do think RPGs affect the average user, and yes, they're theoretically supposed to be expensive and scarce, but as we know, many OG players have alts which give them access to insane amounts of money.
  19. That's the issue with a change like that, RPGs are mostly just affecting newbies to begin with (when I say newbies, I mean a player who's only been consistently playing for a week, not a brand new user). So making RPG viable against specifically those players would be very harsh. Agree with this right here, dude must have like 10 alts and 20 printers for you to even dare use a round A rocket shield would unfortunately still only be targeted at VIP/long term players. I think the best first course of action is nerfing the range of the RPG by 30-40%?
  20. I could be completely wrong, but if I recall, I had @Merk join me on a test server, quite literally back half a year ago when he was still a lead mod, and he helped me disable RPGs putting damage through walls. The only way they should be able to damage you is through props, but shooting through a building's walls should be a no-go. So in that instance of your image: This is quite literally an extreme scenario of a base where yes, RPGs are super OP against, but the one to the left of it, it's almost impossible to cause you splash damage? I'm open to nerfing RPGs and making it to where each prop it has to go through to reach you means 25% less damage
  21. This isn't satire?
  22. But I really don't understand man.. you now latched onto the fact that it's been 9 years, when my only mention of that timeframe was how long i've been providing free updates for. No, it doesn't matter that as a whole Garry's Mod (and the internet as a whole) made a shift from laughing at racism, to shunning at racism. 20 years could pass and the nature of people doesn't change much. I hate to make an example out of somebody, but 2 individuals in this exact post who are responding to you saying it's a bad idea, had up and left one day after years of activity within our community, and caused a pretty big division in players/overall damage to the server, whether intentionally or not. I even re-reviewed your post again, and unfortunately, the only portion of it that I could see working out in the first place is the "Rope" tool; our server has an extensive prop protection system that does not work with hydraulics and ball sockets, I can get on the server and show you how non-viable it is. If you can think of something you'd like added besides those 3, feel free to quote me and follow-up. Again, as of right now, the only viable addition would be the rope tool
  23. @Plague this guy fed you 1000000% correct information and you hit disagree on his post, which makes no sense. When these tools were open to VIPs back in 2015, they'd get raided, and abuse hydraulics, ropes, and many others to cause a crash in order to get back at the raiders, or re-obtain their printers. I understand the frustration of wanting access to these tools, and being denied, but unfortunately this isn't happening. Our server has been harmed by long-time players who decided to quit more than by any minge or hacker who we've come across. I care enough to provide you a server for free and maintain the piss out of it across almost 10 years, that is just so stupidly insulting to say I don't care based off of your one suggestion. If you are upset about hydraulics and ropes, go ahead, be my guest. Fact of the matter is, I don't think you can find a server with even half our population that allows for these tools without damn near hourly crashes? - otherwise you'd be playing there.
  24. A whole month has passed into 2024, that is insane. Me and Conway experienced the usual back-and-fourth that a couple would through hardships, with almost daily fights towards the end of January This resulted in January has been one of the busiest months in terms of new content for StarwarsRP PS Our server gets more content in 1 month than some of these servers do in 1-2 years, but we're still not maxing out at 128 ?? rigged. Inventory UI Overhaul! This task almost broke me emotionally, but I managed to do it, The Inventory UI has been updated from a simple PNG image of a brush, to displaying the actual item skin which you have obtained in your inventory! This change included heavy optimizations to opening the UI, seeing as you now have to load 50-100 textures Scale change made the panels nearly 1:1 in size, taking up 80% of your screen's width to support lower resolutions Here are a few examples of the new skin display feature at work! Helmets: Kamas: 327th Talon Company The final piece of the puzzle for 327th Star Corps has been added, Talon Company, leading to a complete roster of roles: Thank you Juno, Fang, BillyBob, and Conway for helping me take a screenshot Ranking System MRS has been added onto our server, This system can be utilized to quickly and OFFICIALLY promote players within our server between ranks! The coolest portion of this feature though, is the full implementation onto the 'Inspection Menu' as you can now see players' ranks to the left of their name and certifications Naval Jedi Clone The Frosty Collection In January, I dropped my third collection (and second collection exclusively made by me) - the 2024 Winter Collection; dubbed The Frosty Collection. To obtain a Frosty Collection crate you will need to fork over roughly 9,000 RC (very affordable - like our previous crate). The recipe consists of the following materials: 2x Wiring, 2x Cooling Coils, and 5x Ball Bearings (thanks Conway -kiss) This collection has lots of cool snow/winter-themed items, including 3 knitted kamas, and 6 plaid kamas. This crate features a modified rarity; meaning your lowest tiered item from this crate will be an un-common, and your chances of getting higher rarities (Epic/Rare/Legendary) are boosted by 50%! Vehicles/LVS I have introduced a heat-seeking element to Vehicles and Aircrafts, similarly to the GTA feature where a heat seeking RPG can lock onto a target This feature took more time and math than is worth mentioning, but it works on the premises that: when shooting missiles against a locked target, the missile will track it to its last known location with near perfect precision. This update significantly improves battles between yourself and larger ships such as the munificent, and pretty much all stationary objects. Clip can be found here: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1Qd1Vgz8qo9iJK/Pg7OUoe8qL5h?invite=cr-MSwzVFYsMjA5Mjg3ODcxLA With all that being said, this change will thankfully does not affect the skill level required for dogfighting, as it is almost useless against moving objects. I have yet to see another server replicate it like they usually try to follow our footsteps, so that's good Munificent Advanced Targeting Module The ship is now capable of locking onto other player-controlled ships and entities with greater precision than it does when attacking players, leading to more challenging battles if you are manning a ship against the munificent. Charged Shots An RPG-like element was added to the munificent, where there is a small chance for the munificent to hold back on taking any shots back at players or player-controlled LVS aircrafts, in favor of charging up a shot, that carries faster speeds, greater precision, and a larger splash damage radius Optimizations Inventory item streaming has been slightly optimized (still todo is the compression of data!) Bodygrouper has been throttled lightly due to heavy use Medic auras have been severely optimized, as they only update periodically now, and don't eat up the entirety of your FPS! Mac's NPCs This addon has been partially rewritten by me in order to be utilized on our main server more commonly Hall of Fame Added Senior General Missa Added Lt Colonel Gunny Jedi Pilot Qualifications Similarly to Clones, Jedi roles now have their own qualifications when it comes to aircrafts Including the ability to spawn in and utilize a LAAT/i, LAAT/c, and a W-Wing. Droid Roles Playing as a droid will strip you of all items aside from their loadout, disallowing you from using donator weapons OR the inventory system all-together Shortly implementing the option to play as CIS during downtime and invade base Anaxes Anti Air Turrets Re-created and fixed an older addon that's been out of commission for awhile, the anti air turret! Bugs & Miscellaneous Corrected issue where players do not gain XP from killing NPCs/Droids The Jetpack fuel UI has been reimplemented! Jetpacks has been partially re-written with optimization in mind Added the ability for player ships to target larger AI ships such as the munificent Corrected issue where hilts and crystals would not spawn in the crystal caves Colt and Blitz have the ability to whitelist for all of 7th and 1st Squad Changed the models of the Kamino&Temple transport NPCs K-Company Leader, Rampant, CO and XO can now request an IFT-X through requisitions Corrected XP bar on HUD 7th and 1st Squad Leader roles have been set to a 1 slot limit Fixed all inconsistencies with Wilderness NPCs not spawning at times Removed Hilts from Jedi's waists due to an insane usage of FPS, needlessly. Particularly in smaller maps where frames are needed. Fixed issue where Padawans could not move while swinging their lightsaber Removed all outdated items out of our workshop collection to free up downloads some!
  25. Innocent until proven guilty scenario, going to unban you for the time being until Aj provides evidence to suggest otherwise Leaving it open until then. If you go on a mass and propblocking spree, that's on me
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