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  1. This is part 1 of a 3 portion update, the next portion will include whitelisting capabilities and new weaponry to be assigned to some factions Spawn Protection New clauses have been added! Entering vehicles - will remove your spawn protection ALT + E sitting - will remove your protection Leaving your base - will begin an 8 second timer to remove your protection Classes Taliban Army Taliban Army : LMG Playermodel has been changed Inter-Services Intelligence & Badri 313 Swapped positions, making it so Badri is the rentable donator faction, while ISI is the highest tier of the Afghan side. Notable changes: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) were given their old playermodels from 2018 (suit models) Badri were given Pirate playermodels Loadouts have been entirely revamped - and are to further be revised shortly Elites Afghan Elite : Anarchist Granted additional model to choose from Command Categories Afghanistan : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change United States : Command Category implemented, as an umbrella category for all commanding classes. Every battalion had been given an officer class to accommodate this change
  2. Defusable Bomb Thank you @Theos for bringing light to an old freaking entity that's been forgotten about by GMs after MANY hours of work Defusable bombs now have a 5 minute timer, as opposed to the previous 10 minutes. The radius of defusable bombs has been significantly nerfed from encompassing nearly the entire map, to encompassing an area akin to MHB on Anaxes Non-EOD ceritifed players will have a 10% chance to successfully defuse the bomb, with a 1 minute cooldown between defusal attempts Non-EOD ceritifed players will have a 75% chance to successfully defuse the bomb, with a 1 minute cooldown between defusal attempts Lastly, added an effect for when the bomb detonates. @Theos wants it bigger, i say no. EOD Certification As stated above, going on duty will allow you to defuse bombs at a higher success rate, and other than that, the model has been updated to the latest pack we are using - thank you @Hoal for the reminder. Added distinguishment for Officers, receiving the Captain EOD model - this change may be reverted if we are to ever implement the EOD Specialist role, which may EOD certify other players Other shit Whitelisting 212th Commanding Officer & Executive Officer Permission added to whitelist for 212th Battalion : Pilot Permission added to whitelist for 212th Battalion : ARF Trooper 41st Commanding Officer & Executive Officer Permission added to whitelist for 41st Elite Corps : Pilot Gamemasters Permission to spawn in Gonk Droids was granted Flash Grenades Actually flashing
  3. Following the author behind the Anaxes V2.5 edit axing his map with a broken update, I've decided to start editing Anaxes myself. At first this looked like a very fun venture, HOWEVER, I very clearly learned I will be spending the next 6 hours fixing the map to be able to be compiled and used properly (without issues) in the first place . So there you go peeps, this is a total of roughly 13 hours of work in one single day, half of which was dedicated to fixing the map, and the other half to actually making some edits to the map! RP Anaxes Garnet V1 No estimated release date, this is literally day #1 of the work Miniaturized Debrief - will accommodate 30-60 players MUCH better
  4. War System Spawn Protection Feature added back - grace period to be elongated from 4.5 to 6 seconds due to the map size increase Backrooms Corrected lua error that'd spam the client when attempting to enter the backrooms while war is active Friendly Fire Warning Upon shooting at a teammate, a message will now print to your chat! and if you really hate yourself... Gamemaster Fixed Light & Button tool Corrected issue when GMs physgunning vehicles would result in vehicles with no collision bounds Donation Portal Added a handful of animation SWEPs due to popular request Cross Arm [infront] Cross Arm [Back] and a few others, such as... Peek Watch/What have I done/this is my gf High Five Directional Point Duels Duel NPCs have been spawned in each faction's respective base Two arenas have been added onto the Duel NPC Bunker & Killhouse are the 2 available duel arenas - if there's a need for more in a future map, please let me know! Weapon Changes Courtesy of @Ozzy Added Foregrip to the Honeybadger Added PEQ-15 to the AS Val Increased Hip Spread on P90 (40% > 60%) Buffed Veresk reload times to match its' G36C counterpart Nerfed Scar-L. Recoil 39% > 42%. Damage 41 > 39. Increased Battle Rifle mag size to 25. Affects FN FAL, G3A3, Scar-H, SKS-D. Edited Toz to match other pump shotguns as it's now in use. Class Changes Afghan Elite : RPG Removed 50 additional health on spawn (150> 100) Eased up on speed nerf (20% slower to 10% slower) US Ranger Commander Removed M4-M203 and replaced with M4 SOPMOD Afghan Elite : Anarchist Swapped out playermodel to one that actually exists on the server Red Unit : Combatant Remove G3A3, replaced with SVT-40 Red Unit : Militant Removed M620, replaced with a frag grenade and TOZ-194 Red Unit : Frontier Removed MP401 & M620, replaced with SVT-40, TOZ-194 and frag grenade (I know the requested weapon was a slam, but i'm not interested in crashing the server) Red Unit : Infiltrator Removed SVT-40, G3A3, and Frag Grenade. Replaced with Famas and MP-401
  5. Classes 41st Elite Corps *NEW* 41st Elite Corps : Pilot *NEW* 212th Attack Battalion PLAYERMODELS OVERHAUL (new pack) I know this change seems VERY random, but scrolling through workshop I had come across a new pack of models that we did not utilize seeing as they've been removed from workshop. It looks as though the author reposted them, so I decided to take on the opportunity and make a complete switch ALSO: this pack allows for the inclusion of a pilot class, as there is a pilot & ARF models available for it! so, *NEW* 212th Battalion : Pilot *NEW* *NEW* 212th Battalion : ARF *NEW* Loadout: TBD Inventory System Ration Bar This item will continually replenish your health to full, even throughout firefights at 3x its previous rate. It can effectively be popped like a drug before running into combat HOWEVER, its replenishment capacity has been restricted to 150 HP from 200 HP Namana Juice Coorrected Namana Juice being unconsumable Burger This food item is now SIGNIFICANTLY faster. Replenishing 40 health is now going to take half the amount of time it did in the past Porg This food item will now replenish 60 health in 20 seconds as opposed to 60 health in 1 minute Hot Dog This food item will now replenish 20 health instead of 25, however, the rate of replenishment is now 5 seconds instead of 13 Macaron This food item still offers an instantaneous 10 HP on usage, however, the additional 5 HP it healed in 15 seconds has been bumped up to an extra 10 HP in 5 seconds Calamari Pizza This food item will replenish 30 HP in 30 seconds (previously 1 minute) Gamemaster Buttons & Lights tools have been fixed Menu Added a scrollbar as requested by @Theos ..? F4 Menu Added CIS droid classes under the Event category
  6. Gunner, while adding a command to remove the actual hitmarker would be SUPER easy, with all due respect, you don't play the server i'm speaking for everyone when I say this is not needed. But I appreciate the input.
  7. Hey buddy, I figured I would follow up to your post. Having all 18+ staff would definitely be a smart move, however, with age comes IRL commitments, and our older staff unfortunately do not have nearly as much time to dedicate to our servers. I would argue somebody who is older than 15 is perfectly capable of 99.9% of the staffing duties, whereas this situation is an EXTREME rarity. Our management team is currently composed of ALL adults thankfully, so we are all able to work together effectively in dealing with tough situations. I appreciate you for making this comment
  8. Huge thank you to @Theos for organizing a list of priority items for me to complete this update! Keycards Slight optimizations given to keycard readers GMs will now spawn with a Level 5 [Black] keycard Added a cooldown to spamming your keycard displayer Crosshair Added a hitmarker so players can better detect if they had hit a droid from a distance, this hitmarker will be at a 45 degree offset from your typical crosshair, and appear on your screen momentarily Additionally to this, a sound I picked to be most appropriate (impact sound) will play when hitting an enemy. In order to disable this if you wish, I have created the console command hitmarker_sound. 1 is enabled, 0 is disabled. For more ideas of things to add onto this system, feel free to let me know in the comments! Miscellaneous Fixed Lightsaber targeting system failing at random times Corrected Namana Juice not being a consumable Crafting UI updated Apparently this one wasn't clear enough as to how you can craft items: Updated playermodel display to look a little more dramatic :^) Disabled the spawning of non-Clonewars related LFS default aircrafts & created non-spawnable variants in order to be able to derived classes for compatibilities Removed HAVw A6 Juggernaut from the server, 120MB worth of downloads spared
  9. There is almost always more to every situation in life than what has been reported, as is often the case in complex situations such as the one this post is about. It is essential to every large community to consider all relevant information before coming to a conclusion - especially one with the topics of child endangerment. To me, it is common knowledge that individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty, maybe not to you, and it is important to keep this principle in mind when evaluating any situation. I recommend you maybe further your education by going to college, because your comments have made you seem INCREDIBLY ignorant and entitled. To clarify, we took the time to gather all the relevant information before taking action. Once we had a clear understanding of the situation, we were able to quickly take appropriate measures which included a permanent ban, which took @Proggy no longer than a mere minute. You've been hawking our community like a lost dog for years now, and I think it is time to call it a day and give you a forum ban. Please take a lesson home as you do not strike me as somebody who's made the best out of their high school education: It is important to approach situations being level-headed and prepared, rather than making assumptions based on limited information - which is what you did throughout this entire post, but myself and the management team at DarkRP know we did not.
  10. Attention all members of our gaming community, We regret to inform you that we have recently been made aware that one of our players had been reported to allegedly have a history of child sex crimes and is a convicted sex felon. As a result, after many discussions amongst the management team, we have made the difficult decision to ban this player from our community. We want to make it clear that we do not condone any form of sexual misconduct or illegal behavior, especially when it involves minors. The safety of our community members, especially our younger members, is our top priority. As such, we determined the best course of action would be that user's removal from our online services. PLEASE NOTE: We urge all members to be cautious when creating contact with this individual. @Proggy has been made aware this alleged predator is creating contact with members of our community, claiming to be opening his own community now, which raised an enormous red flag on our radar. Moving forward, I urge all members to be cautious of others on the internet exhibiting concerning behavior, and PLEASE report any suspected behavior to us immediately. We are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for all of our players. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
  11. None of you were really expecting this, but it's been worked on for awhile (in the background) MAP ROTATION Evening time Delta - Shipment has been modified slightly, but other than that, it's the same old map. More changes will come with community contribution! Here are some teaser screenshots: AFG Base Embassy US Base OOC Lounge An OOC (out of character) room! This private space is the perfect place to relax, take a break from the gameplay, and chat with your fellow players. This is where new players will spawn when initially joining the server, and the area will feature all information necessary for new players to get started within our community! Chess & Checkers You can now take a break in the OOC lounge from all the chaos and unnecessary death of the battlefield, and instead challenge your friends to a game of strategy and intellect. Whether you're a seasoned chess master or just starting out, our new chess feature is perfect for players of all skill levels. Take on your friends in a classic game of chess or checkers. Casino Similarly to the Chess & Checker boards, our server now features a LONG requested feature, a CASINO! Take a break from the usual gameplay and try your luck at our wide variety of casino games, from slots to blackjack. But that's not all - our casino also features seasonal one-of-a-kind vehicles that you won't find anywhere else - and will never be available on the donation portal. Take a spin on our slot machines and spin the wheel of fortune! Theater Moving forward, our staff members can take control of the theater and play movies and videos for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're in the mood for a classic film or the latest viral video sensation, our theater has you covered. Our staff members are free to curate a selection of the best content for you to enjoy, and you can sit back, relax, and watch in comfort with your fellow players in-between wars or during the downtime of the server! Aircrafts Following our recent hardware upgrade, it is now a possibility to add aircrafts back, without a single worry about server performance, as such, I have decided to add a brand new aircraft base to our server, titled LVS. This is a framework for aircrafts that is far more stable than WAC or LFS. The current implementation is to be used during events. In addition to this, I have made the skybox far higher to accommodate helicopters. The Backrooms Bored during the server's downtime? Welcome to the chilling part of our new update that we know you're going to love...or fear. We're excited to announce the addition of the Backrooms to our MilitaryRP server. For those unfamiliar with the Backrooms, they are a creepy and unsettling liminal space that exists outside of our reality. This area of the map is filled with empty, yellow-walled rooms that seem to go on forever, and players who enter the Backrooms are haunted by bizarre and terrifying creatures that lurk in the darkness. Our selection of creatures will continue to grow if this proves to be a fun concept to the playerbase, and a scoreboard is currently being worked on! Sit Anywhere Script Updated to the custom version utilized in StarwarsRP! Dueling Arenas Made a return to the server Play against your friends to improve your weapon control, wage your money, or just shit on your foes!
  12. Short and sweet update, wasn't planning on it, but there was nothing ready on the MRP side. Although, MRP players should expect a new map with lots of fun new features soon. Scoreboard Reworked the sorting system to work by job category! This has been widely requested for quite some time, but was a bit tricky to implement, being that our scoreboard is super ancient, and I had to re-write portions of it, that I was admittedly too lazy for. Regardless, I finally figured out how to get it done! ^ Example of 501st classes all bunched together for the aesthetic appeal^ Personal Supply Drop Players may now purchase a personal supply drop for $2 and play their luck with mommy's credit card, typically getting back useless droid parts, some herbs, and namana fruit Remember, you're one gamble away from getting a golden hilt for your Jedi life Unlockable Inventory Slots Added functionality for purchasing inventory slots, in the future I may implement ways for even more slots to be unlocked through seasonal events (within reason) as well as the possibility of outright purchasing them in the donation portal (up to 50 total slots) Namana Juice New drug class, to be crafted utilizing x1 Namana Fruit and x3 Herbs Find out the effects for yourselves, but they're pretty dang good Tool Gun Sound has been removed, following a GMod update reverting this
  13. As soon as I have the time to dedicate, mrp is going to be getting a stupidly large update
  14. Quick shoutout to @Hoal's actually insane event from last night. Everybody lost their minds at how well designed it was. Sitting Script Complete recode, no longer will you be sitting on goofy asses' head OOC Lounge During the hours when there's not a whole lot to do on the server, I know we've gotten alot of requests for a "Casino" so I finally figured, why the hell not? This little area has now turned into a somewhat more lively Board Games Area Chess & Checkers Casino Area Roulette, Slot, & Blackjack
  15. I don't think that's the same noname lol, other guy has a different profile
  16. So is the fact you made this account to anonymously make this post, while also checking back periodically to see if your post was accepted
  17. Thank you to every battalion lead and officer who sat with me in Discord to collaborate on this update Battalions that did not receive an update were either inactive or did not have a battalion commander who had any ideas in mind for anything that needs to be changed. In any event, you are free to DM me on Discord of Steam and I will follow up with an update for your battalions! Inventory System Corrected an error that was affecting a small number of users, allowing them to once again utilize their inventories Added a 60 second delay on player initialization on the server to prevent a players' inventory opening too soon. This should solve ALL the problems we have currently got with inventories Battalion Overhaul/Facelift I have made a ton of undocumented changes, and also FINALLY got around to the inclusion of some sprinkled VIP roles, as we have not had any clone VIP roles since the start of the server a year ago. This is something that got brought up on many occasions. Notes for future reference: No follow up from 104th - inactivity within the faction, and recently gotten an overhaul (but I did add my own little shit to it - and now there's plenty of damn classes) No current follow up from 212th - lack of ideas currently, will wait on follow up (ALSO THE BATTALION HAS A TON OF JOBS, SO AN OVERHAUL MAY BE UNNECESSARY) 104th Battalion *NEW CLASS* 104th Battalion : Medic *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* 104th Battalion : Pilot *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 104th Wolfpack : Warthog *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 104th Wolfpack : Gunner *NEW CLASS* *VIP* 212th Attack Battalion *NEW CLASS* 212th Battalion : Medic*NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 212th Battalion : Boil *NEW CLASS* *VIP* 501st Legion *NEW CLASS* 501st Legion : Medic *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Torrent Company : Hardcase *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 501st Legion : Pilot *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 501st Legion : Hawk *NEW CLASS* *VIP* 41st Elite Corps *NEW CLASS* 41st Elite Corps : Medic *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Green Company : Combat Medic *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 41st Elite Corps : Jet Trooper *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* 41st Elite Corps : ARF Trooper *NEW CLASS* loadout presently incompleted *NEW CLASS* 41st Elite Corps : ARC Trooper *NEW CLASS* Green Company : Lead & Ward Jetpack added onto loadout Rancor Battalion Set to replace arc-y bois. Arc-y boys will be rank transferred to become a battalion arc, and battalion arc classes have been significant buffed (as well as the addition of a jetpack) *NEW CLASS* Rancor : Havoc *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* Rancor : Blitz *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* Rancor : Colt *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* Rancor : Hammer *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard PLANNED: overhaul stun weapons shortly Stun rounds will soon stun a user for 5-10 seconds (randomized) Handcuffing will also require 3 seconds of idling, as opposed to tapping left click *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : Medic *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : Pilot *NEW CLASS* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : ARF Tracker *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : ARF Trapper *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : ARC *NEW CLASS* New Division: Riot Division *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : Riot *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : Heavy Riot *NEW CLASS* *VIP* *NEW CLASS* Coruscant Guard : Warden *NEW CLASS* Special attributes new experimental "size" system, this fella is a tank that is much taller than other clones, with slightly reduced damage input Coruscant Guard : Commanding & Executive Officers New playermodels assigned The Beautiful Flesh Eating Bacteria To be used during particularly disturbing events! enjoy
  18. Oh, you just re-open the UI and the ability to purchase it is back. It is just to note what you have already bought, so you don't end up double-clicking.
  19. Dear @Ghostieee, I hope you're able to buy a gamery mouse soon, and if not, hopefully you don't feel like you're missing out on any features that were targeted at players who have a mouse I expedited this update because the "get a mouse" comments made me die laughing. The Scrollbar Update Vending Machine Before After That one was overdue for an overhaul anyways. Made it look a little bit nicer i'd like to think Another nice thing is.. once you buy a perk, its buy button will be removed: Impromptu pricing changes: Discounted all wearable materials by roughly 25-50% across the board! Biomechanical 500k>250k Beacon 750k> 450k Smoke Trail 750k> 500k Dark Abyss 1m > 600k Red&Blue Smoke Trail 750k > 550k Dark Clouds 1.75m > 1m Artifact 3m > 1.5m Ghost 5m > 2.5m Propbuddy Before After Umm peep the search bar ^ Party Management Menu Scrollbar added, information condensed Before After I was considering just doing a search bar, but holy, the server was not happy. Neither was my brain.
  20. Pointshop Exchange NPC As an alternative to purchasing Pointshop points or farming hours on the server to prestige, myself and @Proggy came to a nice compromise, Moving forward, players may exchange their RP cash for Pointshop points, at an exchange rate of $1500:1, or in other words, $1,500,000 for 1000 Standard Points. I even doubled down on the 'close' buttons so nobody can claim they accidentally made a purchase Upon completing the trade, you will receive a confirmation of your new balances Free VIP Trials! A new NPC class has been added onto the server, Non-VIP users may utilize this NPC to exchange RP cash for a week of VIP Each time this NPC is utilized by a player, the price of VIP will climb up by a set percentage. The first time purchase is a mere $5m Store Portal INFLATION HOUSING MARKET ADJUSTMENT I guess you could say the upper staff team got together and made a little inflation adjustment to our store. In the past, our packages were a $1:25k in-game cash at worst, and $1:42k at best WELP, with the recent events of players openly venmoing cash for RP Money trades, I thought it'd be the best time, as did the management team, to make a little adjustment to pricing The new rates are you can see will no longer get you mocked for buying RP cash, and they're the only safe and condoned way to exchange USD to in-game currency New rates are $1:300k at worst, and $1:$333k at best Miscellaneous Players can no longer arrest Staff on Duty
  21. New IP & General Upgrades Similarly to DarkRP & MilitaryRP, this server has been migrated to a new datacenter, under a different host, with upgraded hardware This had to be done for all of you who were experiencing anything less than perfect performance, with prolonged downtimes and lag due to our last hosting arrangement (which we had been using for nearly a decade) The new IP is: The original server has been shut down - and will purely be used to redirect players to the next IP! The server's tickrate has been raised from 11 to 16 with the potential to go even higher in the very near future Droid Weapons Fixed an ancient bug that caused droid weapons to appear in their crotch, similarly to a penis All NPC behaviors will work correctly moving forward
  22. It was indeed a host issue, we had outdated hardware that our host refused to upgrade for 3 years, and that became accompanied by network instabilities. A big portion of hitreg involves how optimized a server is, but a large portion is also dependent on server hardware and networking to result in lower ping. take a look at mrp today and tell me how you feel
  23. New IP & General Upgrades Similarly to DarkRP, this server has been migrated to a new datacenter, under a different host, with upgraded hardware This had to be done for all of you who were experiencing anything less than perfect performance, with prolonged downtimes and lag due to our last hosting arrangement (which we had been using for nearly a decade) The new IP is: The original server will shut down tonight- and will purely be used to redirect players to the next IP! The server's tickrate has been raised from 30 to 40! This insane change will result in unmatched hit detection to other servers and movement, let alone will over 60-80 players online. I do not know if this change will be absolutely stable seeing as this change is downright stupid, but we should at the very least be able to handle 33 why not start big and see if we can handle it? NOTES: Passive Events have been temporarily removed from the server due to the fact that their author must whitelist our new server's IPs!
  24. New IP & General Upgrades This server has been migrated to a new datacenter, under a different host, with upgraded hardware This had to be done for all of you who were experiencing anything less than perfect performance, with prolonged downtimes and lag due to our last hosting arrangement (which we had been using for nearly a decade) The new IP is: The server's tickrate has been raised to 16 for better hit detection and movement Cinema As a bi-product of switching IPs, we've been unblocked from YouTube. I will add as much protection as I can to prevent users from ever abusing our Cinema system to get our IP blocked. Director Rank Fully implemented, congratulations @stretchy and thank you for your hard work! Chess Returned, server stability up, 0 crashes in Janaury (will monitor in the future) Word Unscrambler Time duration has been doubled Word list has doubled (thank you openAI)
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