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  1. -1, Short paragraphs, low playtime, and without a lot of personal interaction I will never +1 someone that is 14.
  2. If i go on the next few days and get a petition with like 50+ signatures would you do it?
  3. Might as well lock this thread down since your mind is set. I understand your rationale but from my perspective and the perspective of all the players who put time and money into the server a lot of us are just not going to be playing much til then. Server hovers 35 pop 95% of the time with the exception of friday/saturday night.
  4. Not to be rude or anything, but who cares what sense it makes if you have the entire community wanting it to last longer? You don't even play on the server, and this thread is just full of upvotes and if you ask anyone who was here last year for the update they would want it on the 1st. There is also no way that its not beneficial from a financial perspective. Pop would greatly increase which would lead to more people buying credits and then forgetting to turn off monthly payments smh.
  5. What if there was an initial update on the 1st that had the past changes from last year, and then a supplemental update? Ik that its super hard to code and do everything on your own. Is there anything left from last year that could be released on the first immediately?
  6. I’ll be straight up, you are dumb.
  7. +1 again, bumping this suggestion its goated.
  8. Please +1, I want to be able to build in single player with noclip.
  9. +1 Bring it back asap.
  10. Imagine thinking you will get accepted while being banned for MRDM. you are so far lost in the sauce.
  11. -1 you are banned for MRDM right now.
  12. Jbhh

    Staff Application

    ur literally banned right now for mrdm. and he was seen MRDMing seems like a great great duo to add to the roster. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1vgFKP1Eer_W3Y/LDZQHWcD2DeK?invite=cr-MSx2UXUsMzQ4ODY1NDcs
  13. Jbhh

    Staff Application

    -1, I haven’t known wess to lie.
  14. Jbhh

    False 2 week ban

    I’m not disputing this obviously, but it was up to me in the sit and I changed my mind.
  15. Jbhh

    False 2 week ban

    Yah I wasnt offended I want him unbanned. I was the reporter
  16. Who are you reporting? [Staff/Player]: player Your in-game name: Jbh Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): idk In-game name of reportee: Habdul mchezSteamID of reportee (https://steamid.io/): in screenshotDate & Time of incident: 9/21 6:00am Timezone:mst What happened? (include any proof): f slur in ooc https://imgur.com/a/CdIboO0
  17. Description: Add a color wheel to change the color of cosmetics, It would be cool to change some colors for hats and wings/capes. I don't know if its possible but I think it would be a good benifit. Reasoning: Allows more diversity, Right now there is a lot of people using the same cosmetics and it would be nice to be able to diferentiate with color.
  18. Its unresolved, Its an issue garnet has to fix i believe.
  19. you are not in the realm of correct solutions. It is a missing custom asset it is not client side it is server side.
  20. Bro replying so i get an answer, shit pisses me off. I believe someone had figured out the issue but none of the management had fixed it. Can't find the post but I believe it had something to do with the CSS linking to a website that is absent.
  21. Jbhh

    Perk suggestion

    +1- Would be cool for sure
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