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  1. Yah, baffling that vaew is not banned. In my last week on the server I was raided by 3 cheaters, its unplayable.
  2. Or just message Nutter the incriminating evidence.
  3. Figured was just saying he should make you aware if it’s really as bad as described! 1000% agree though alluding to something as bad as this and not outing them to administration is super shitty.
  4. Players have been banned for such in the past not going to link to the post or anything but seriously send all that shit to @Nutterand relative authorities if credible.
  5. Another one has fallen. Totally understand your issues. Hope you have a good one off server!
  6. bobean for the vacant manager spot
  7. Legends never die. HMU on disc we gotta run some other games
  8. No ideas just disagree with yours.
  9. It’s not my suggestion
  10. -1 again raiding is hard now and probably needs some rework but these are not the changes needed. 100% agree with everything said.
  11. -1. While raiding is hard right now these arent the changes to make it easier.
  12. Jbhh

    Dlore nerf

    -1. I bought the gun for what it is.
  13. -1. this is a 1 sentence suggestion as well. @AlexConwaythis man spamming so fucking hard wtf.
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