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  1. thinking about how acers fatass is trying to make thinking about his thing. i hate that guy. i hate acer. you stink acer

  2. thinking about scrembo

  3. honestly the fl studio drum machine isnt that bad, but they do sound like asshole. The best thing to do is get a soundpack online and just make your own kit using that drum machine
  4. thinking about portal radio 10 hours

  5. neutral i think the voice comms system we have is pretty damn cool, and kind of eliminates the need for /squad. maybe adding a separate command to type to the people in that voice comm. also how many times are you going to remake this post because you get ratiod
  6. thinking about admin and garnet gaming enjoyer bopper22

  7. thinking about 3 big guys...

    1. acer


      wonder what they're gonna do

    2. Salmon


      Do any of them not know?

    3. Tuna


      @Salmonfonza dosent know dude... WHAT AN IDIOT!

  8. Description: When you see the opposing team you cannot see their name whatsoever, however what I am suggesting is a way to /rpname (or some similar command) to show your name to the opposing team but modified. Example. Me as 11A 2LT Tuna could show myself to a combatant using the command /rpname (or similar command) to appear as 11B SGT Fart Sniffer. The same team sees me as myself, however all other teams would see me as the example. This could be a one life name change, so if you die/respawn after using the command it resets to being blank. Reasoning: This could add way more depth to people posing as something they are not, or even for infiltrators who make their way into other bases. Additional Information: 9+10=21
  9. not denying i dont say that, I DO. However everybody I say it to are close friends or people who I am just shit-talking back and forth with ie. delta force.
  10. Valid points, however I took a 3 day break. I'm still here. I'd also commend you if you find one US SOC member who doesn't know of me.
  11. In-game name: 11A 2LT Tuna Age [minimum 15 y/o]: 19 SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:75461638 Warns: 5 | 2 from 2020 | 3 from 2021 | 1 from last year Timezone: EST Playtime? [minimum 100 hours, use /playtime in-game]: | 11A 2LT Tuna has played for 1818:55:06. Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: [YES/NO]Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: [YES/NO]Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] didnt feel like asking around ozzy told me to make this to rank transfer Past experiences as staff: [Optional] Current GM on MRP (looking to transfer) Admin for over a year on MRPHow do you plan on benefiting our server? [minimum 2 paragraphs] I may not play as much as most people, but I think I can be a big help when I'm on. As a GM I'm open to be used for teleports/job changes or whatever. Even how I loathe doing so. Being apart of the staff team is about being patient, sometimes lenient towards certain circumstances, but also harsh when needed. I always like to bring of the fact I banned a T.Admin for accidental mass to show non-bias. Rules are rules. But as always there is some leniency. Ex. A new player and his buddy kill each other 10 times and they didnt know it was against the rules. The proper response in my opinion is just to tell them to knock it off. While I may have not left the staff team on the greatest terms those couple years ago, I can say one thing. I never stopped trying to be helpful. Whether it was getting on at 4 am to ban some guy who is cheating, or participating in discussions that could change the server as we know it. And as a little bonus you wouldn't need to take 20 minutes training someone on something they just need a refresher on. While I alone might not be able to get 100+ people on at a time, it is always helpful to have a mod on when most might be AFK. And if there was something I could leave this application on it would be, I am willing to do everything it takes to keep the server afloat whether it's alone or with a team of 20+ staff members Have you ever been banned or punished on GG MRP? If so, Include details Yes. Colored a helicopter pink as an Admin, got demoted and worked my way back up to the Admin rank. Also have been banned for messing with the toolgun rope tool. Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: A while ago How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: A good 25-40 hours a week
  12. hi

    1. Tuna


      @eli_please stop negative reacting me

    2. Tuna


      @hysteriaplease stop negative reacting me

  14. thinking about 

    waga baga bo bo

  15. inept staff team clearly. Thank you Hellfire and Salmon for bringing this to our attention.
  16. is this automatically bound to your talk key, or do we have to press X to talk in squad?
  17. Tuna

    [MRP] M98B

    denied more tools for me to be killed with is a no go pal.
  18. how can you fix what's gone so far. +1 remembering him as a GM from last year, he has some very solid events let alone the best shitpost campagin of all time : The buchellios
  19. thinking about how there is a big magnet above earth and if you get the covid vaccine you become magnetic and that is the rapture when the vaccine attracts you to the big magnet

    1. acer


      I'm thinking about Gene = Saul, but Saul =/= Jimmy.

    2. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      They activate magnet if Joe doesn't get re elected, spread the word

  20. Oh my goodness jackjj hiii +1 very cool and awesome guy, knows his way around the server
  21. thinking about erm uhhh well its uhh about this guys grandpa and uhhhh he is a scientist and stuff uhhhh ermmmm wellll he turns himself into the uhh pickle

  22. thinking about big magnet

    1. Python



  23. thinking about how she hogging on my warts till i legacy

    1. IAreGunner
    2. Proggy


      she gar on my net till i game

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