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How to counter RPG

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If you donate for a class, you have the right to use it as you please. Also, (I say this with respect) you are getting irritated and I could tell because of your reason for edit on the main thread post when you targeted Vizii. You made a suggestion and someone didn’t like it. That doesn’t mean you cringe react every post that they make and continuously make a petty argument between you two. Be the bigger man and ignore it. 

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5 minutes ago, Colvax_Chapparal said:

Okay @draggydx can you do something about him calling Vizii a faggot in the edit reason. If he changed it I took a screenshot 

No it was something Vizii said as a joke. “kill yourself faggot” was what Vizii said. Scout is just egging the argument on

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3 hours ago, ViziiVfx said:

Yes and I can agree with that to a degree, some people buy the class for their own reasons and there's nothing you, me or anyone can do about that. So as I said there's truly no point of making a post about how to ask people to get off a class

Yeah, the fair point I've changed it to just be how to counter. And sorry about being an ass. Any other ideas on what other things people should use to counter?

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