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    Ban Appeal

    In-game name: DTA Akimi DevilukeSteamID (https://steamid.io/): (STEAM_0:1:90791348)Staff members in-game name: STS Orion (idk how to spell it lol)Staff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name): STEAM_0:1:198456461Date & Time of incident: 1:19 AM CSTTimezone: CSTBan Reason: Unintentional MassRDMHow long were you banned for?: 1 weekProof of Ban: https://streamable.com/pgdstn What happened? (include any proof): Simply, I was raiding a base and killed the players inside of the base. 2 players left the base and were killed in the process. I get banned for unintentional mass RDM for killing 2 people outside the raid area. 1. Chawhead says when I asked him how many people died outside the raid area, he said "I see two people killed outside the raid area" Then proceeded to say that logs show that more than two people were killed outside when in his own clip where it shows the entire raid, I kill only two people. If the logs show that I killed more than 3 people outside of the base, then why does the clip show that I only killed 2. Another argument that was made was that "The rocket was blocked by a prop". Even if that was the case, the explosion still shows that I killed only 2 people outside the raid area. The staff in their own words admit that I killed 2 people outside the base and the clip shows that as well. Clip of the raid - https://streamable.com/2n0nrz Chawhead quote - https://streamable.com/gjxgt6 Reply to the logs: Your logs show that I killed someone BEHIND ME who is INSIDE OF THE BUILDING at 00:46 in your clip. Either the logs are glitched, or the server somehow thought that shooting a rocket forward results in killing someone behind me, I shouldn't' be punished for something I had absolutely zero control over. Chawhead: "The clip only shows 2 deaths because how could a clip show where everyone died, unless you're actively looking around for them." Again, it's not my job to provide the evidence it is up to the reporter. The clip clearly shows I shot the rocket at the building and killed everyone in there. Unless I used a Davy Crocket, then where else would I have gotten all those kills. Note: this isn't me bashing Chawhead for what he's saying or anything, I'm just recounting the staff members logic throughout the sit.
  2. raqi

    Remove PM logs

    u can see the messages on console
  3. raqi

    Remove PM logs

    Description: I recently found out that staff can view PM logs. Meaning, if a player were to send another play a PM, staff can view the PM without the knowledge of the player who sent the PM. This log should not be in the game and should be removed.Reasoning: The reason why PM logs should be removed is because of players' expectation of privacy being breached when sending a PM. PMs are there so players can communicate with each other privately amongst themselves and are expected to be private hence the name "Private Message". Players use PMs often to hand over their discord tags or private information that they do not want other players to be knowledgeable of. Having logs for PMs defeats the whole purpose of having the feature as a whole. This is very scummy and sprouts distrust between the players and staff members of the server. I should not be worried about telling a friend that I'm going AFK, only for a staff member to see the PM and know that I'm AFK and raid me. Players are expected privacy when sending out a PM and having a log for that is fucked up and disappointing. Additional Information: If there is a hidden meaning behind this log, please let the community know. There was no such thing as a PM log when I was staff so an explanation as to why staff have this power would be great.
  4. most brain dead messages I have ever read on the forums.
  5. +1 it’s a QOL thing, stop acting like it’s the end of the world. Over complicating the fact that all it does is 1. decrease the need of staff needing to be called because of a single door 2. Makes buying/selling doors 10x easier 3. false reports of a person buying doors and another player buying a door from the same building and claiming it was their building.
  6. +1 in a rp scenario there is no reason for a homeless person to get hits on them lol.
  7. Preciate it bro! good luck on what comes next for u
  8. Like the idea don't get me wrong, but doesn't this pose the issue of players crashing the server? Even if it's accidental, that's still a hit on the live player count and a player has to get perma'd for it. If you can think of a solution, I'll plus 1 but for rn neutral since I really do think a system like this would be nice to have.
  9. A good way to incentivize the use of 911 is respawn timers. Around 30 seconds or something along those lines but it can be made where if someone were to call 911, they would gain the ability to be revived by medic or a new job can be implemented called "EMT" which can use the defib from MRP in DRP.
  10. Proud of the grind you put up to keep what you have built alive. great to see you have some freedom to pursue endeavors. great announcement and hope to see greater things in the future
  11. I feel like the community has the right to see the reports against staff members since we (players) have to rely on them to keep the server running smoothly. Transparency between staff and players is a must to keep a community stable imo.
  12. nah it aint workin i think its on my end
  13. (not sure if its on my end or not) every time I get on the forums it disables dark mode and puts it in light mode even when I refresh. idk if this is cause of the update but it never happened before lol
  14. why point this out at all if ur not gonna go band for band on it. good bye lol
  15. maybe take 3 minutes of your time and actually read the context of what I'm saying, then you'll understand what I mean. "It's because you've oriented the entire rest of the server economy towards printing and permaweapons." I'm saying this is a dumb argument because there is no reason to complain about something that we cannot control and that is part of keeping the server up. So saying that the server is oriented towards permaweapons is edit: I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying nor am I agreeing. I feel like that's a whole other subject
  16. It's mind-boggling to me that people complain about perma weapons when the most profitable way to make a server run is microtransactions (perma-weapons). You can't complain about perma weapons AND play on the server because the server is funded by said weapons. Stupid argument don't cry about something that is necessary for the server to survive lol.
  17. hella words so gotta be smart ong +1
  18. Imagine trynna make the situation about yourself "damage control"? shit happens and shit changes stop acting like an actual child. People gotta move on no matter when and how. Ain't trynna meat ride (you've done enough already) but Garnet is just saying it the way it is imo. who tf are you bro you don't know shit about running a server. Shit happens like I said, stop trynna rub the whole situation on everyones faces. Hopeless fuck k thats all bye
  19. it's your responsibility to report. even if he was minging, you gotta report it plus you admitted to it.
  20. confirming referal, not gonna +1 or -1 so neutral
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