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  1. Man I really love this idea but I also agree with Gunner on this one. Keep it vanilla, keep it simple... MAYBE IF WE HAD ANOTHER DARK RP ON A BIGGER MAP WITH MORE HOUSES WE COULD DO THIS. MAYBE WE CALL IT CITYRP But im gonna have to -1 this. Great idea tho.
  2. Ghostie you’re a LEGEND. Sauce was probably one of if not the greatest clan on the server. (Sorry fubar) it was fun being staff with you for so many years man we had a blast. I’ll definitely hit you up, I appreciate you my friend congrats on getting your new promotion. You didn’t get manager here but at least you got it irl
  3. What level would you need to be if it were to be added? Would it be VIP? I like the idea I think it would be nice to replace deadshot with this skin.
  4. Don't play SWRP a lot but this looks really inviting. Classic nut man W
  5. /911 has the potential to be one of the best commands if this gets added +1 make CP strong again.
  6. I never said yes to the referral I don’t even really remember you lol. -1 I guess
  7. Love you forever and ever.
  8. Dang Rosie I remember when I first got staff you were one of the first people to show me around. Very much appreciate you sad to see ya go but I respect getting your shit in order. Goodluck to you
  9. There use to be a certain time at night when all the alts would log out and you'd have like 50 players online but everyone was there and roleplaying. It was peak RP tbh. @Ghostieee and I called those hours the International hours since we'd have people from all over the world on.
  10. Thank goodness. Now people actually have to use the keypads they have.
  11. +1 Explained himself in a nice mature way. Not a bad app, low hours but that's fine in this case imo. Goodluck.
  12. Adding some type of boat/dock would open up so much more RP. Even if someone where to minge with the boat it would only be contained to the water so it wouldn't really affect 90% of the rest of the RP going on. I like this idea I think it would be great especially with a perma dock. Why not. +1
  13. This is actually crazy.. A true friend and mentor for me. Thanks for all you did cyber
  14. Actually sad at this. I wish you best of luck in the future. Really enjoyed talking and hanging out with you, thanks for putting up with my annoying ass.
  15. -1 to voting -1 to raising levels +1 mayor being able to fire Ive been sayin this for a minute.
  16. Harry hey how are you. I’ve got a few questions for you, why don’t you have access to teamspeak? Also you’ll need to have the ability to record gameplay for responding to reports and sharing evidence with other staff members. What are your warns for? Also why don’t you take another good look at the staff rules.
  17. Facts bro. Not sure why you got hate you weren't 'hated' when you were a normal player so I'm not sure why the staff rank suddenly changes that. I enjoyed playing with you and most of your clan/gang members. Sorry to see the pressure got to you but this might be the better. Now you can move on to bigger and better things in life. Goodluck man we'll be here.
  18. -1 will be cool and unique for about 2 hours. Like Nutter said you’ll be forced into AFK to wait the 10 minute timer or however long it would be and then reconnect or call an admin turning it into a 30 minute ordeal and a giant waste of time.
  19. +1 Payphone is legit. Let’s get him back on.
  20. Thanks for you all you did. Enjoy life man
  21. KingMash

    Totems NPC

    Is there a database setup that keeps track of how many totems we’ve collected? I have to be in the hundreds Overall idea is a big +1
  22. KingMash


    Denied You were given more then enough time to change the format of this appeal.
  23. New class hype. Gotta keep those streets clean now
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