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  1. Damn this update looks sick af. Might have to take some DarkRP players over and try these in person
  2. Those compressed ranks look so much better. 10/10 still with the delay
  3. Blown away on the amount of quality updates you dish out to us garnet. Bravo without a doubt major DUB
  4. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also are we getting a sneak peak on the winter map?!!?!?
  5. Finally, the UPS StarWars edition I've been waiting for.
  6. The most annoying thing. Ty Less pog
  7. Bounty hunter getting the love it deserves.
  8. Country of origin hype! I use to love to guess peoples accents
  9. Thank you for being honest about those issues. but damn garnet this update is huge. I thought this was on purpose lmao Color coating the F4 menu. Man out here thinking of everything. 10/10
  10. LETTTTTTTSSSSSSS GGGGGOOOOOOOOOO. hope y’all ready to be taxed like a mother
  11. Amazing update. I love that the SL8 is finally getting the love it deserves definitely is the GOAT. Also that new totem is incredible such a good idea. I’m curious to hear these audio cues that go off when accepting a report
  12. Wow this is absolutely amazing. Those healing grenades are going to be clutch! A win for police AND medics?? My dream come true.
  13. The beginning of something amazing
  14. Police warden hype. Thank you my lord.
  15. This is fucking incredible!!! @Bizzy can we switch the mayors intercom to the upstairs tho?
  16. RP AS POLICE IS BACK BABY LETS GOOOOOOO! Y'all are in for a treat tonight when I get on as mayor.
  17. Ffffffffffffffffffuck yeah. who’s down to open a restaurant
  18. Who’s down to get they ass BEAT in chess? future chess tournaments!?!?!
  19. BLIND GUY HAHAHAHAH spectating is now fixed
  20. I couldn't think of anything that I would love more.
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