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  1. 14 minutes ago, Nutter said:

    You're just as big of a scumbag if you have such evidence and hold it back, allowing abusers to continue abusing.


    edit: I have heard NOTHING of this, just a random resignation.

    Figured was just saying he should make you aware if it’s really as bad as described! 1000% agree though alluding to something as bad as this and not outing them to administration is super shitty.

  2. 1 minute ago, IAreGunner said:

    reveal the motherfuckers so new members aren’t Befriending the wrong people, be strong 💪 

    Players have been banned for such in the past not going to link to the post or anything but seriously send all that shit to @Nutterand relative authorities if credible.


  3. 2 hours ago, mossly said:

    So you're saying you have ideas for change but you're unwilling to make your own suggestion or even verbalize them?

    Ideas are just that, and I'd like to hear yours in order to better understand this issue and potential solutions.

    No ideas just disagree with yours.

  4. 21 hours ago, mossly said:

    -make shooting windows be at least the size of a 2x2 square (idk actual gmod measurements, I mean 2 blocks of plastic)

    -ban any shooting windows above or below players 


    again raiding is hard now and probably needs some rework but these are not the changes needed.

    18 hours ago, IAreGunner said:

    -1 I honestly think this removes creativity for how you can counter the raider if you’re going to remove the idea where they could shoot the person from. I’m also not really itching for change. I like the way it is right now



    I also kind of want lax building rules/whitelist props to see more different type of bases being built 

    100% agree with everything said.

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  5. Just now, Chicaa21 said:

    Just to be clear I didn’t ban him, nor was I on today so I didn’t handle this situation against Tdizz which I even told Nutter. I was told to post what I had here on forums, so here I am.  And just to clarify this is NOT allowed (the exploit) as it goes through all props and cannot be stopped as me and Merk tested it ourselves.
    You twisted my words a bit here, if you go back I said “if it becomes continuous you’ll either get banned or just demoted” which I quoted from cyber himself because I was asking for help on this sit because this was a new one for myself. 

    Your actions directly got him banned unless you are saying nutter is lying.

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Chicaa21 said:

    I’m currently doing this on my phone so I’m sorry ahead of time if this format is horrible. 


    This is the clip where juice had inside raided Recon along with a few others as you can see outside the base using the exploit. 
    At the End of the clip Tdizz assist with the raid meaning he was there when the exploit was being used. 
    I also have a screenshot of Tdizz and the rest of you in a VC together while this was going on. I cant upload so it will be sent to nutter since I’m on my phone. (( I’ll post pictures tomorrow once I am back at home)) After the video was sent to me I notified cyber and Korn and a few of the lead mods to let  everyone in that group know that the exploit was still being used.  Which I also have screenshots of and assumed since Korn was in the VC with y’all he told y’all not to use it as it was a exploit- which I also sent the VC screenshot to cyber to back self up on later in case it came back up. 

    1 hour ago, Nutter said:

    Hello @tdizz, as I mentioned, once the report is up we can discuss the information I was given.


    Being that this instance where you had "exploited" the GL ammo was directly posted in the form of a medal clip into the management group by @Chicaa21 I followed up and asked if you were banned by any staff member for exploitation - being that this was the second time you were reported in the last 4 hour period for exploitation. This was verbally confirmed by @Chicaa21 as she mentioned over Discord "Also my phone is about to die but this is the second time that he has done this".


    follow up response from me:

    "Just to confirm before I ban who was it that let him know 

    i want to make sure Tdizz got a warning, because he's a "veteran" player"


    and got back a very vague staff chat in which there's a higher up discussion of staff going over the fact that the usage of this entity to raid is infact 'exploitation' and assumed this was the 'ok' that players were made aware in-game or through Discord. (may have been my own oversight)

    The lapse  in communication shown by Lala over the past week has been one of the most detrimental things I have ever seen on this server. In my four years of playing I have never seen such uproar over constant misuse of power.
    The unbelievable fact that Lala had an appeal accepted on her after showing extreme levels of favoritism and a core misuse of power making any claim of compensation and the vague threat of ban or demotion for a long term player and supporter of the server. All of that is bad in of itself from a manager who is supposed to be not only a role model for the server but a fair arbitrator of the rules.

    I am just baffled by the fact that after being asked extremely upfront questions as to whether or not Tdizz was warned before the ban occured there was such vague answers given as well as a fucking wild lapse in communication. There is a literal screenshot of cyber saying that it is allowed in so far as the goal is not to crash the server. How does it possibly then follow that Tdizz is banned. I personally was in the call when all of this occured and was urging everyone to stop with that shit, but can confirm it was not lead by tdizz and he had no significant part in that raid. What is even more baffling is the fact that you think a ban is even necessary, I can 100% guarantee that if Tdizz was actually told not to use the exploit again or he would be banned that he would never have used the exploit in the first.

    I don't possibly comprehend how you think it is benificial to the server to ban a player like Tdizz who is not toxic in the slightest.

    once again I urge

    Lala for user

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  7. 31 minutes ago, tadtad31 said:

    As Robert pointed out the grammar was very shitty so i went trough and fix all the errors i could spot and I thank all others for there criticisms of my application 

    im not usually that guy but you went trough and fixed it?


  8. 2 minutes ago, BoDean said:

    ^ Real

    My comments were not toxic (i forgot what there are) I am being suppressed 😠


    BoBean For Super Admin

    Its unbelievable, I put effort into writing a few paragraphs wanting clarification as what Lala wrote was not clear/did not make sense in multiple areas. The fact I couldn't get a response to any of the reasonable criticism or questioning is terrible and honestly makes me lose faith in the upper management of this server. Absolutely horrendous.

    Lala for User

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  9. Deleting content that is non-toxic and provides geniune questions as a player is wild. Lala is someone who has control over the entire server and the fact I am unable to get some questions answered is insane. COMPENSATION HAS NEVER BEEN A THING ON THE SERVER, why would it be a question at all in this sit?

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