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  1. -1, Doesn't know the forum rules, posts where he isn't supposed to like on darkrp ban appeals.
  2. Introduction Due to popular demand and the interest in a guide for making bases that are actually defensible and very difficult to raid, I am here to proudly present Jbh's Sweaty Base starter guide. The goal of this guide is to be a guide that can be given to any new player on Garnet and give them a full overview as to what the basing system is like and what they need to do to be successful on Garnet. I have played for over 5 years on Garnet taking breaks ofc but I can proudly say my bases are sick, I very very very rarely get raided since I have been playing I am still yet to be successfully raided. If you utilize my guide you will be able to create a base to your liking that is difficult to raid. ~Jbh(formely known as Hama) Tool introduction Most of the tools in default Garry's mod are disabled on Garnet for good reason. I will not go into why they are, but this section is going to be an overview on how to effectively use the tools at your disposal to make some dope ass bases. You find the toolbar on the right side of the prop menu 1. Stacker The Stacker tool is used to duplicate props in an organized fashion. If you need to make a long wall of a prop you can use the Stacker tool to do this. Stacker is a very intuitive tool and only has a few but useful modifiers you can mess with. 2. Precision tool The Precision tool is used to precisely move props to close gaps and really just prefect a base and remove any unwanted gaps that players can shoot through. To use it, visually determine the precision distance and then press left click to push the object and press reload(R) to pull the object. 3. Fading doors The Fading door tool is used to create the doors/entrance into your base; it allows a prop to become invisible for a short period of time enabling anyone or anything to pass through it. All you have to do to use Fading doors is set the keybind you would like to use in the prop menu, and then left click the prop that you want to be made a fading door. From there you are able to press the key assigned on your keyboard and go through the prop. When building your base, this is utilized with the Button and Keypad tool which will be discussed below. 4. Keypad Keypads are used to allow raiders to enter your base and are a required and essential part of DarkRP. To use a keypad you set the bind associated with a Fading door to the keypad bind and place it near to the Fading Door. 5. Button Similar to a Keypad, Buttons can be linked to fading doors by simply assigning the Access Granted key, to the same as the bind for the Fading door tool. Buttons are primarily used to create peaks for yourself as you can quickly materialize and unmaterialize a prop which allows you to shoot and decrease your chances to not get shot. 6. Material The Material tool is used to change the texture of your props and make your base look different, and can be used to hide what exact prop you’re using to further confuse raiders., I would suggest that you go through and just test them all out and you will find the ones you like. -Reminder: CSS props cannot be seen by non CSS users allowing the player to see whatever prop is underneath and sometimes through the prop. Important rules It is very important that you follow the rules of the server when building your bases and there are a few important ones to know and always consider when building your bases. 1. You can only have 4 Fading doors that act as entrances per base, this means at most the raider needs to crack 4 keypads to get into the base. 2. You may only have 3 buttons in a base, this means you are limited to 3 peaks per base that are controlled by a button which are the best peaks 3. Keypad duration must be 6 seconds or more 4. You may not have materialized fences 5. If you are building a base you must put a Building sign up if you want to avoid being raided and killed 6. When you are building you may not have printers or illegal entities in your base 7. All peeks must be fair meaning if you can shoot them they can shoot you, no peaks that prevent the raider from seeing you. These are just a few of the basing rules, we highly suggest that you check out all of them but these are the main important ones that you need to keep in mind when building a base. Finding your base spot When you are setting up a base it is important to think about the location. If you are going to be farming a ton of printers you may want to choose an area that is more isolated if you are looking to set up a shop you want to be in the heart of the town. A big mistake that newer players make is setting up in areas that are not populated for shops. Really though any base spot that has a door will be pretty good there are going to be some that are much harder to build in for various reasons usually size. When you are making your first Base start in a larger base. Here are some pictures and relative locations for each of these bases. There are a ton more base spots but these are just our personal favorites. Spot 1- Beach warehouse Located to the left of spawn. Spot 2- Every single warehouse located in the industrial district, take the tunnel that is right near the chess tables and fountain. Spot 3- Small warehouse across PD. Spot 4- Sewer warehouse located under the map, there are multiple access points to the sewers and if you make your way to the center of the sewer, you will find it. Creating your base 1. Vision It is really important to have a vision of the base you are creating if you just starting through props together what you will get is a pile of shit. It is important to think of these 2 things, first where is my entrance going to be and do I need to block off other entrances, second is where are your peaks going to be, it’s important to think about where you want your peaks because the way your entrance is shaped will rely on this. If your base is in a smaller space you will be forced to have just one or two peaks and you have to plan around those peaks. 2. Creating the Entrance The entrance to your base is the spot that raiders and you will go into the base and placing this in a good spot when you have multiple options is super helpful. For the purpose of this guide we'll be building a very basic base down in the sewer warehouse. There are three different entrances and we have to choose which one to use. We will be using the Garage door for our entrance. Step 1- Block off other entrances this is key to make sure you have the props due to prop limit and can fit your base around the needed props to block other entrances. To block off the entrances choose a prop that you can see through one way if it is materialized such as a prison gate shown below. Here you can see the use of the stacker tool to very quickly be able to fill up the entire space. Step 2- Setup your main entrance- for this you will want to create props that funnel the attackers into a very small space. A very nice prop of choice we recommend for newer players is using prison gates with a combination of plastic pieces to create your peaks along the way. You have to plan for your peaks with your entrance as it is a lot harder to add this aspect of them after the fact. Step 3- Create Fading doors and keypads- Now that you have your funnel you need to populate it with doors, you have two options for doors. The first is prison gates you can materialize these as mentioned above so that you can see the entire entryway but the attacker cannot see past the door they are cracking. Option 2 and my suggested option is fences, Fences while they can be seen through you can easily add a few prison gates at the back of your entryway to block off vision. This allows you to create a peak with the entire entryway. Keypad your fading doors- Choose a code that is unique and personal, do not give this code to anyone seriously, with the addition of party members being able to open keypads there is no reason to give your code out to anyone who is not 100% trusted. Insiding can happen very easily this way. Step 4 - Create your peaks- you should have a good idea of how your peaks operate as we have left space for them in the above section but now you need to put a prop and create somewhere to stand and toggle the peaks. Use a fading door on the peeks to make them toggleable, then place a button down with the same key as that fading door in your desired location Conclusion I hope that this guide is able to be circulated by staff members to newer members of the community and also within the community in general. There really wasn't any good guide on building a base but I think I have given a pretty good attempt at it. I hope everyone finds it useful. Additionally here is the base dupe that was created in the videos just go to your gmod main file then data/advdupe2/ Paste it there. The goal of this base is not to be aesthetic but to be a good starting place for beginners to start thinking about basing and create their own designs. And finally here are some of the bases I have built using the above techniques Also check out my guide on money printing if you are interested
  3. Jbhh

    Printer Suggestion

    goated guide i cant lie
  4. Jbhh

    Ban Appeal

    someone warn this guy for commenting somewhere he isn't supposed to be. On the staff team too lol.
  5. Jbhh

    Printer Suggestion

    I get 50 levels a day
  6. Jbhh

    Printer Suggestion

    im down for 3-5, Its a really good buff I think 5 makes sense. @tdizzyou should update the post to whatever you feel is best prestige wise, no shot it gets accepted with everyone having access.
  7. Jbhh

    Ban Appeal

    In-game name: HamaSteamID (https://steamid.io/):STEAM_0:1:61883550Staff members in-game name: LalaDate & Time of incident: 9/3Timezone: MSTBan Reason:MRDM How long were you banned for?: 2 weeksProof of Ban: I promise Im not lyingWhat happened? (include any proof): Well I was honestly minging, I lured a bunch of people into my base and then killed them and then also killed like 1-2 people in the street. It was a bad thing but It wasn't mass I didn't kill 3 people in the streets everyone was in my base but 1-2 people. Obviously this was stupid but im tryna farm now no more hama minging. If i get unbanned early you can perma/extended community ban for further issues, im actually done minging.
  8. Jbhh

    Printer Suggestion

    If you give it to everyone it actually does become and econ problem. If its a reward/incentive for players to grind for it no longer becomes an econ problem. Even if the initial intent was to be used by new players +1 for a prestige cap.
  9. Jbhh

    Printer Suggestion

    +1 Lets be real if you put it at prestige 5+ it would be amazing, no one will have alts that high and hell if you get a few alts that high its not that bad would be a great incentive to farm and be on the server. And as it stands the econ is already pretty fucked but everyone loves the big dick contest that is having more money and it seems 90% of the server has a gambling addiction so i dont think an extra 196k per hour will do much in the long run.
  10. +1 way too many credits nothing to us them on.
  11. -1 sounds like a minge heaven. along with too many other issues for me to even want to type out. With very few good suggestions getting through this is the last thing we need Garnet spending energy on.
  12. Jbhh

    Bank Vault

    Bro if i paid fucking 300 dollars for my CC I think its justified that Garnet sits down for 5 hours and adds all the CC's. Then once a month takes 20 minutes to add the new ones. This is just abhorrent.
  13. welcome to the state of GarnetGaming Development.
  14. I will gladly take the trade off of 200mil gmod darkrp for 300 dollars of csgo skins. best trade ive ever made in my life.
  15. The year is 2050 and Plungy has died. His suggestion is still in the void, neither accepted or denied.
  16. Jbhh

    [MRP] Modernizing

    I dont play MRP but I will if this gets changed, Or at least try it. +1000000
  17. -1. During my most recent time on the server 40rm has showed zero respect for the rules, zero respect for the staff team, and overall zero maturity.
  18. Yet another amazing QOL Change that will never see the server. +1 tho
  19. Jbhh

    Staff app

    -1, seems super immature from the 2 messages I have read in this thread.
  20. +1, bruh im tired of people just being so against any change. Lets be honest Garnet refuses to add anything not vanilla to the server but that doesn't mean we as a community can't push for really nice QOL changes. The weapon system is fucked as of now, CC's can not disable their weapons, swapping between all of them sucks even if you disable a lot of them, and having a fully customizable wheel like GTA V would bring value to the server 100%. Every -1 is claiming there is no need, no shit there isnt a need thats why its a QOL change. Not like there is much development going into the server right now, might as well try to get some nice QOL changes pushed.
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