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  1. is mrp still a thing

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheHomosexualPyro


      Would love to see it back up, never got the chance to play on it

    3. hysteria


      @TheHomosexualPyroyou aint missing much, people like me plagued it for too long

    4. IAreGunner


      not missing much unless you like the idea of roleplay

  2. Denied. You may reapply in two weeks and submitting another piece of shit application like this will result in a blacklist from staff.
  3. GG Military RP Staff Roster | July 2023 Administration: MVP Tage(STEAM_0:1:567205559) - Moderator -> Lead Moderator (Double Promotion) Shwade(STEAM_0:1:503658864) - Senior Administrator -> Lead Administrator BEATDACHEEKS(STEAM_0:0:21784717) - Senior Administrator -> Lead Administrator reynolds(STEAM_0:0:27187794) - Administrator -> Senior Administrator Draco(STEAM_0:1:99345297) - Trial Administrator -> Administrator Supra™(STEAM_0:0:525151701) - Senior Moderator -> Lead Moderator Lopock(STEAM_0:0:15434091) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator Care(STEAM_0:1:96074216) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator DerpTonic(STEAM_0:0:94809166) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator AidenRickz(STEAM_0:0:153777396) - Senior Moderator -> Lead Moderator shax(STEAM_0:0:182503217) - Lead Moderator -> Trial Administrator Memestar Chєvy(STEAM_0:1:431441696) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator drax.(STEAM_0:1:173759219) - Senior Moderator -> Lead Moderator GhostRoad(STEAM_0:1:86757943) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator Bacon(STEAM_0:1:548402447) - Trial Moderator -> Moderator someplum23124(STEAM_0:0:123857432) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator bishop(STEAM_0:1:171244538) - Manager MrTooTooT(STEAM_0:0:484572271) - Lead Administrator Towelie(STEAM_0:1:555365615) - Trial Administrator Joe(STEAM_0:1:533761794) - Senior Moderator Tail09(STEAM_0:0:117851143) - Trial Moderator Flak(STEAM_0:0:91658321) - Trial Moderator Efax(STEAM_0:0:96656822) - Trial Moderator THEHUNTINGGUY(STEAM_0:1:523995793) - Lead Administrator -> Administrator Papamid(STEAM_0:1:79410912) - Senior Administrator -> User Gamemasters: Cashx(STEAM_0:0:195240982) - Trial Gamemaster -> Gamemaster Nelson(STEAM_0:0:79086747) - Gamemaster Director Twig_(STEAM_0:0:98020010) - Senior Gamemaster York(STEAM_0:0:661270815) - Senior Gamemaster Hartmanwill0406(STEAM_0:0:562439196) - Trial Gamemaster Rivers(STEAM_0:0:659010497) - Trial Gamemaster Ribbit3214(STEAM_0:0:100985025) - Gamemaster
  4. -1 super toxic player..
  5. Just going to deny this because you're actually breaking a rule we call "loopholing". Waste of time, you knew what the rule meant.
  6. GG Military RP Staff Roster | June 2023 Administration: MVP Supra™(STEAM_0:0:525151701) - Trial Moderator -> Senior Moderator (Double Promotion) reynolds(STEAM_0:0:27187794) - Trial Administrator -> Administrator bishop(STEAM_0:1:171244538) - Administrator -> Manager Lopock(STEAM_0:0:15434091) - Trial Moderator -> Moderator DerpTonic(STEAM_0:0:94809166) - Trial Moderator -> Moderator AidenRickz(STEAM_0:0:153777396) - Moderator -> Senior Moderator shax(STEAM_0:0:182503217) - Senior Moderator -> Lead Moderator Memestar Chєvy(STEAM_0:1:431441696) - Trial Moderator -> Moderator GhostRoad(STEAM_0:1:86757943) - Trial Moderator -> Moderator Draco(STEAM_0:1:99345297) - Trial Administrator Cashx(STEAM_0:0:195240982) - Trial Moderator MrTooTooT(STEAM_0:0:484572271) - Lead Administrator Papamid(STEAM_0:1:79410912) - Senior Administrator Towelie(STEAM_0:1:555365615) - Trial Administrator THEHUNTINGGUY(STEAM_0:1:523995793) - Lead Administrator Shwade(STEAM_0:1:503658864) - Senior Administrator BEATDACHEEKS(STEAM_0:0:21784717) - Senior Administrator Scratch(STEAM_0:0:548327518) - Senior Moderator -> User Joe(STEAM_0:1:533761794) - Administrator -> Senior Moderator Jas0n(STEAM_0:1:93694598) - Trial Moderator -> User Deathwish(STEAM_0:0:44531477) - Moderator -> User Arma(STEAM_0:1:186824104) - Moderator -> User CBRN(STEAM_0:0:97329867) - Moderator -> User Gamemasters: drax.(STEAM_0:1:173759219) - Gamemaster -> Senior Gamemaster Twig_(STEAM_0:0:98020010) - Gamemaster -> Senior Gamemaster York(STEAM_0:0:661270815) - Gamemaster -> Senior Gamemaster Hartmanwill0406(STEAM_0:0:562439196) - Trial Gamemaster someplum23124(STEAM_0:0:123857432) - Trial Gamemaster Care(STEAM_0:1:96074216) - Gamemaster Ribbit3214(STEAM_0:0:100985025) - Gamemaster Dillan(STEAM_0:1:56020398) - Gamemaster -> User SlowMoPreset(STEAM_0:1:511706635) - Gamemaster -> User
  7. Ziggy

    [MRP] Modernizing

    I didn't mention it in the suggestion because this was already the plan. For example, depending on your faction, you would have some different unlockables that stray outside of the umbrella that the entire server has access to. To anyone else with similar concerns like Toyto, remember that this suggestion isn't outlining each and every detail. It's just a general blueprint of the direction I'd like us to head into and the fine details would come after we have built a team of people who want to get this done. I hope that if this is entertained and accepted by Garnet, you'd see a team of people who iron out these concerns and small details with community meetings and votes.
  8. I Description After recently talking to Garnet about the future of MRP, there were a few interesting ideas that I gathered from our conversation. I made a point of noting how easily accessible and constantly changing FPS games are hard to compete with given how old Garry's Mod is. At this point in time I think anyone can agree that RP is scarce and forced attempts to generate it is the virtual equivalent of a nursing home. Any vet will tell you that the best RP comes naturally and in the past, its not something people "focused" on creating. It was just something people did. The reality is that we are playing an old game in a sea of modern FPS games with a lot more to offer. I think we need to take some serious steps towards changing how our server works fundamentally in order to adapt and engage a population of players that have a world of other FPS options to play. What's that look like? 1.1 Weapons Remove all class loadouts from the server. Categorize all available guns in the server into "eastern" and "western" categories. Each regional gun is unlockable by anyone on their respective nation as well as the attachments for them. Similar to battlefield. Western Eastern Mixed M4A1 AK-74 FN FAL AR-15 AK-103 G3A3 MP5 CZ-858 UMP 45 M249 AEK-971 FMG-9 G36C SKS MAC-11 L82A5 SKS-D M60 M14 EBR PKM L2A3 SCAR-H Mosin-Nagant P90 SR338 SVT-40 KRISS Vector M95 T-5000 MP40 M82A3 SV-98 FAMAS M1 Carbine SR-2 Veresk SIG 552 M92FS CZ-52 Honey Badger Sig P226 CZ-75B MSBS Stevens M620 AS VAL LR300 P99 Makarov PM MR96 UTS-15 MP-153 Micro Desert Eagle M3 Super 90 MP-443 Grach Neostead 2000 M1911 SR-1M De Lisle Carbine L115 TOZ-194 JNG-90 FN Five-Seven TT-33 Serbu Shorty Desert Eagle OTs-33 Ruger P345 Western guns unlockable by US. Eastern guns unlockable by AFG. Mixed guns unlockable by both. To answer some questions: Factions would remain the same and be cut down to classes based on their rank. Tryouts would still exist. Factions would still exist. Instead of having 1 million guns on your hotbar, an idea would be: All players restricted to 1 primary and 1 secondary. VIPs such as Titan could be able to carry an extra primary. In regards to your VIP classes, I assume they would still exist in some capacity and have a selection of their own exclusive weaponry. 1.2 Peacetime Get rid of empty peacetime and implement this: The deny reason for this post is a lie and also the same trash MRP players have been eating for years. The GM events will never get better. The players will never want to RP more. Allow guns to be shot during all times of playing on the server, while keeping war, and I promise the server will see more RP naturally develop than it has in years. While IFN died and is no longer around, it did some things right. Pockle outlines it all in his suggestion and I think this suggestion is one of the healthiest proposals for change to server dynamics that we have had in a very long time. 1.3 Snipers and Balancing Adjust various weapons alongside the loadout system overhaul. There are various weapons all around the server that could definitely use some adjustment to adapt to a more streamlined loadout system. I know a few players (including myself) who would be willing to sit down and spend whatever amount of time it takes to create a state of weapon balancing that only slightly adjusts in future updates. I guess all I'm looking for to actually do this is a go-ahead that it won't be wasted effort. For example, some ideas: Remove movement and delay penalties from all snipers. All snipers no longer one shot. Spread reduction around the board. 1.4 Pilot Jobs for Entry Add a pilot job to both US Army and Taliban. Add respective NPCs for each side for spawning an aircraft. Implement togglable parachutes for all players. Before I get started here: No, we should not give a pilot job to every faction. No, we should not make it another T1 faction like it was before. Yes, we should make the pilot job most easily accessible by senior entry players. US Army : Pilot Loadout: Only given access to sidearm selection. Taliban Army : Pilot Loadout: Only given access to the sidearm selection. 1.5 Trello Cleanup Currently, the trello is extremely backed up. This is not a result of our owner neglecting to do updates, but rather the result of a single dev managing a server trello for years on end. It happens. Personally, clutter kills me and if this suggestion is accepted, I think we should pretty much wipe the entire slate and restructure it to focus on this overhaul. Aside from game breaking bugs and recently accepted suggestions, we cut our losses that are the ideas generated and stacked from forever ago, and make simple clear-cut trello cards to focus on a server revamp. 1.6 Removing Money Wipe the entire economy from the server. I don't really see a place for money existing on the server and instead, I think everything should just be unlockable via experience. Attachments, cars, guns, weapon skins, utility, etc would all be earned by leveling. For example, if we transition to the previously suggested loadout system, players can unlock a 'car slot' when they hit x prestige. I think this alternative would be infinitely more straightforward than grinding 800k through word scrambles or creating more uses for money. Alongside this, ways to earn XP should be expanded upon with systems such as achievements (I would love to make those). Alternative: Remove XP and have everything be money focused. (Personally I like this more) X Conclusion This suggestion is composed of random ideas that I thought of when asking myself how the server could better match other FPS games on the market. I think that RP will still exist and happen when it wants to on a server that replicates a milsim like Squad or Battlefield. However, I do not think that we can continue to treat MRP like we can revive the environment that existed 7 years ago. I think its time to full on change heavy fundamentals about the server. For more context, there has been a few ideas floating around on what can be done about the current environment of MRP. Some of those include a rogue-like inventory system and RP operations that focus on the outcomes of war. While these ideas could synergize with what I am suggesting, I think that those ideas alone will not be enough to freshen up MRP. Our main focus should be on streamlining MRP into a server with constant action and worrying about those systems when the baseline experience on the server is enjoyable. What am I looking for from this suggestion? Mainly for it to garner support and then Garnet takes a look and we start taking steps in that direction with people who are passionate about it. Again, I can name a few people who would be very interested in being super involved in something like this and I would love to spearhead it. As someone who has been around for years, I care about the server and I honestly think the best thing for it is to modernize into something a lot more stimulating.
  9. Denied No where near an acceptable amount of time to wait before appealing a ban like this. Squiddy basically sums it up best with the point that you likely wouldn't have stopped this behavior if you and your friends weren't reprimanded for it. You may reappeal in 1 month. @Proggy@Nutter
  10. im sorry dawg but this is so poorly made its almost parody
  11. arguable by a schizophrenic maybe
  12. Since you and your friends have trouble with this: We encountered a similar situation with another player, Bleach, a few years ago in which similar content was shared by him and his friends on non-garnet affiliated platforms. It got to the point where new players that involved themselves with him quickly began adopting the same “dark humor” (if you can even call it that). Now, we have an almost identical situation in which you, someone who I formerly had respect for, has involved with a group sharing absolutely disgusting content. I will not be posting the screenshots directly as anyone making a decision on this appeal has already seen them and I’m sure you don’t want that either. Back to my larger point, there becomes a time in which your group’s influence crosses a line between not being GG affiliated and being a danger to the community. When multiple people (users) are coming to me to deliver screenshots of the absolutely sad rabbit hole you all seem to live in, it is now a problem that is affecting members of this community who have no relation to your group. You and your friends seem to think because you were doing disgusting shit of this caliber on your own discord, you somehow have immunity from any consequences you might face when people get concerned. I don’t think being an ‘excellent member of the community’ excuses the extreme racist comments and involvement with people who literally own and boast about nazi paraphernalia. I think it’s clear to every soul outside of your friend group as to why these bans happened. My advice to you Awesome, is to stop associating with this group of players immediately and find new, healthier, friends.
  13. Accepted - Good officer experience and someone who is definitely a solid option for building up the agency from its current state. We will be in contact soon for your rank and training. Accepted - Another solid option for building up ISI given the experience and resume. We will be in contact soon for your rank and training. Applications Closed. Given the recent acceptances of experienced officers and my confidence in the preexisting directorate, applications are now closed. Thank you, Director Omega
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