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  1. -1 TF bro? why you leaving? You'll be missed buddy!
  2. Let's go baby!! Head Admin!! Finally!! Next up, Manager? Lmao
  3. Congrats everyone! But myself haha lmao.
  4. Congrats to the MOTD!! Crack my man, you've been killing it with these bans!! And the tickets, Damn!! You're getting faster then i was in the beginning!! Keep it up my dude!! To the one's that got demoted, Pick up your game!! You guys can do better! We need to be a well oiled machine But I know, i'm not 1 to talk, been inactive my self for personal reasons. But I'm back and better then ever
  5. Thx for extending my terms!! Means a lot!! But now I'm back and ready for action!!!
  7. Hey Guys, I'm maybe rushing things here by saying I would be a good fit as a "manager" But I do have my heart in the right spot for the server (Discord and Rust) Maybe not being a main manager, but more of a support. On the Europe side of things off course. I've been on garnet server since last year, august 30th. And I've learned a lot, on muting, staffing, training people, (managing the staff team, sort of ) trying to help out as much as I can, considering the Time Zone barrier I really wanna get to know you guys even better and get to work with you guys even more in the future. I also wanna help out with server idea's like: Hosting events or some other fun stuff Have more interaction with our players. (as admins) Idea: (Gift players items every hour/every 6hour: 1 pumpkin, 1 potato) 1 Flaw, I haven't been active lately, but that is about to change. I'm gonna dedicate some more time to the servers and the discord. Every time someone beats be to it, or it's those bloody time zones. But our team is growing, which is a good thing. Well here is were I close off my topic. Hope you guys liked my post and or ideas
  8. Thank you so much!! And I love doing this, and i wish i could more! 1 can do so little in the beginning, but i love climbing this ladder, to reach the top! @gotmylk really helped me a lot during this period! Special thx to Him! Also love putting in the hours on a game I love and a server I adore! Keep up the good work Head Staff!! Looking forward Reaching higher goals, always ailm higher! Kind Regards
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