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  1. Yes, looks good. I'm happy that the beta testers are doing a some what of a decent job find all these bugs, only if they knew how to give locations ;(. I've mentioned this on the other map updates, however I'm not sure you responded to it. Assuming that the train station is the spawn, I wondering if it would make blocking spawn for people much easier as they could possible place a prop in the entrance. Ruining the whole map with one prop. (I love that Shiloh Dynasty music in the video haha.) (Edit 2: Ah man, now it's making me think about X, FECK)
  2. Oh fuck, rip the hamster. My cousin once dropped chocolate on the floor and then my dog just charged for it (like he'd do for treats) and ate a good chuck of it. That got me scared shitless, however he just ended up vomiting it all out - man was I not ready to lose my precious doggo.
  3. I really dislike Angry Arab, he is so selfish for his own personal game and will do some scummy things to hold onto his money. He'll sound nice and say stuff like, "Dropped 1 mil somewhere on the map, go find it" and then when people spend a lot of time finding it. He say that someone found it, but will not specify who. When he does, it either a) doesn't exist b) is an afk player. God, he was never willing to have fun with anyone - once I trusted him to make a base with me. He ended up take money from my printer and when I called him out for it he said that, he was "trying to cool it down". I thought of it as a logical response at first because I've done that many of times - he dropped back the money. Unfortunately, my trust was damaged, so I waited until it happened again and I never mention it. I stop being afk and I would talk to him. Not once did he mention that he took money out. He did it several times as well. 3 times to be exact. I told him that I found he had took money from my printers and he said something like (paraphrasing) "yeah, I was just about to tell you." He dropped me 14k, when I knew for sure it was way more than that. It's not against the rules - yes. However it's just morally wrong and scummy, which is why I dislike him. Sorry for the rant.
  4. -1 Uses ULX , we use D3A - sorry. However if there's an alternative way than I say hell yeah!
  5. +1 I think the gas mask guy is really generic, but has enough character in it to give that admin feel.
  6. Dropping out of university = regret. Seriously, your income can skidoodle at anytime and not having anything to prove your intelligence for other jobs can be a pain in the ass. You'll have trouble finding a stable job that gives you good money. I've been through so much recently (evidence by my long inactivity) and I'm trying my best not to give up. Please don't cheers.
  7. *Gets banned* *Ban evades to ask why* .
  8. If the train station's the spawn, is it not an issue if a propblocker blocks the exit?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAeYPfrXwk4 Just watch it, it's really good.
  10. What was on his post before it got edited?
  11. U r smelly face should've bought an audio technica headphone.???
  12. Are you fucking crazy? "assuming the allegations are true?" You've touched a minor inappropriately - is that true? No, but no one has proof yet that it's false yet. You don't go saying "assuming the allegations are true, fuck him." That's pretty much the definition of guilty until proven guilty, what the actually hell? My granddad's brother-in-law was killed because there were allegations of him raping his wife. A couple years later, it turned out the wife wanted his assets and property. ?
  13. I've only played 200 hours and I got burnt out. I understand your position, you'd have a blast on something one day and be completely bored of it the other.
  14. I kind of died a little inside when I read what Holmander said, I don't understand how you can say that to a fucking 20 year old, who got his life taken away in a "robbery". He tried turning his life around starting the helping hand challenge and was about to start a charity this weekend, but you have to be edgy and talk about his past. Come on, the charges on him were still allegations - don't talk shit until he's proven guilty. She stepped forward plenty of times admitting to it being false. You're the type of people that ruin other peoples lives by listening to accusations and believing them 100% of the time, quite pathetic.
  15. Tripppy


    I mean the community has stayed the same and improvements to the server have been knuckled down on. We now have chess and checkers by the fountain ;D. I recommend you go to the updates topic page for DarkRP - if you want more information.
  16. Happy birthday to you, I went to the zoo, I saw a fat monkey and I thought it was you.

  17. Thanks for the video, can really grasp the map now. However, the spawn area (train station), seems very small and feels iffy. I feel like body blocking could be an issue if there were no admins on and you were spawn protected. Also, as soon as you left the station, my eyes were immediately targeted at the trees to the right. In my opinion, they seem massive and I feel like it could interfere with buildings and hobo bases people make. When you went through the left tunnel, I was suprised to see that you removed the house at the end instead of the house of the middle. I've never seen the middle house ever be used as it's so empty and impractical! Would post more, but my eye are heavier than sand bags and I'm on phone. Good night!
  18. Tripppy

    CJ job

    Currently I see Mass RDM'ers mostly using CJ and it's really clear to see why. First of all, you always spawn with a gun - if the gun is used right it could be used to kill several people within 10 seconds. The gun is better than Michael's semiautomatic rifles IMO. I've seen people relentlessly killing other players. It is mostly terrible when there are no admins on. They can cause a heck of alot of damage. Raiding without advert, which could be prevented if the guy didn't demolish you whilst you're cooking meth with his pistol. Rdm/Mass rdm/Att. RDM and so and so could obviously happen. Secondly, all it takes to become CJ even if you have 0 playing time is a vote, which people blindly say yes to. Same with demotions, people accidentally stard demoting me because the person breaking rules had nearly the same name as me, but after pointing it out, people blindlessly said yes. I think what should happen is: Have to have a certain amount of playtime and above (even one hour could reduce a lot of mass rdm.) Balance the weapons a little, maybe a weaker pistol or a gun with a slower fire rate. (Ignore this - not an issue if playtime restrictions are put in place) Remove one of the raiding tools (ignore this - way too restrictive) I don't think all three of these should be added, but at least one could stop the mass rdms from being excessive. What do you think? Please reply with your opinion. Thank you for spending the time to read this and check for what I have to say.
  19. Make sure she uses wet wipes or has had a shower before that first lol. Ps. Put sleeping pills in her drink, it gives great flavour to drinks.
  20. Flex on her by taking pics of you transparent pee to show off how hydrated you are!
  21. Ya memory, I remember telling you yesterday that I changed my name from Thomas the Shank engine to Trippyy. Ya remember me now?
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