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  1. Yes, looks good. I'm happy that the beta testers are doing a some what of a decent job find all these bugs, only if they knew how to give locations ;(. I've mentioned this on the other map updates, however I'm not sure you responded to it. Assuming that the train station is the spawn, I wondering if it would make blocking spawn for people much easier as they could possible place a prop in the entrance. Ruining the whole map with one prop. (I love that Shiloh Dynasty music in the video haha.) (Edit 2: Ah man, now it's making me think about X, FECK)
  2. If the train station's the spawn, is it not an issue if a propblocker blocks the exit?
  3. Happy birthday to you, I went to the zoo, I saw a fat monkey and I thought it was you.

  4. Thanks for the video, can really grasp the map now. However, the spawn area (train station), seems very small and feels iffy. I feel like body blocking could be an issue if there were no admins on and you were spawn protected. Also, as soon as you left the station, my eyes were immediately targeted at the trees to the right. In my opinion, they seem massive and I feel like it could interfere with buildings and hobo bases people make. When you went through the left tunnel, I was suprised to see that you removed the house at the end instead of the house of the middle. I've never seen the middle house ever be used as it's so empty and impractical! Would post more, but my eye are heavier than sand bags and I'm on phone. Good night!
  5. I've mastered the skill of chess. I've played chess for 7 years now. Time for easy cash.
  6. Sad I can't use the new event feature because half the time I have like 200k worth of meth on me at all times x-x
  7. That's good to know ? OOOO can you make it like a tiny parking lot so hobos can build there? ?
  8. Not sure how I feel about this Garnet. Like I don't always want to say, "GoOd jUB gArNEt." and want to be honest about this. It doesn't look that pleasant and seems out of place. It just looks so grimy and odd from the rest of the map. I can not put my finger on it and I know I'm going to get hate for this. However, I feel like it could be a little more vibrant and more spacious as the sidewalk is really small. It would be good if you can expand the width of the sidewalk and roads.
  9. Damn, why does everyone talk about having cod/battlefield and every other game in the FPS genre in the past or future? All I want is a game in the present.

    1. Eagle






      games no good anymore

    2. Tripppy


      I got into black squad because it feels real, but not. It's in the future, but the gameplay is exactly like modern war, no exo suits and shit.

  10. Wow, this new theme is so much better!

  11. within this wall of flesh, there is a soul that counts thee its creditor so much for the amazing update!
  12. I like your face. ?

    please rate my socialising skills please!

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    2. Zaroni Pepperoni

      Zaroni Pepperoni

      your welcome, you neckbearded shitlord, it was good giving feedback ;3

    3. SheepDog
    4. Tripppy


      What a very nice comment, you remind me of my Chinese friend -Ug Lee!

  13. I kind of disagree with that, since it might cause some skidoodles. Take KaBoom's Staff Application for example. He left half his paragraph by accident, so he did it as a reply, which half the people on the forums missed, but he also messed up on half the format, which made him have to make another thread all together. Also, where's the suggestion's tab for Community? Are you going to add it later on? Oops almost forgot to say, nICe JOb gArNUt!
  14. New forums, new m- PFFFF Who am I kidding, I'm always that loser in class that gets paid to do other people H/W.

    Anyways, here's a gud meme,

    (never fucking mind, google images removed the view image button because THEY DON'T WANT PEOPLE STEALING OTHER PEOPLES PRECIOUS MEY MEYS.)

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