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  1. -You did not provide clips in game -You did not even tell me what rulebreaks you were piecemealing together until very far into the sit -Your assertion that Dan had told him to remove the sign was discussed with Dan in the sit and both Dan and BigPlug said that he didn't know (dan had just pushed him into a wall), thus I told BigPlug to remove the sign -You made it clear in the sit you were simply trying to get Plug gone because you wanted to build behind his hut -You were reporting so often I inferred that your intentions were less than benign; you said it was "because we weren't doing our job" but our job isn't to stop every possible rulebreak on the server, it's to facilitate the game. We don't go around banning people for things unless they are minging or causing issues. In this case, Plug was doing what multiple other players were doing with textscreens and (until our sit) no one had complained about. Did you want us to ban 6/39 people for technically violating the rules? Most importantly, I am not going to ban someone who is clearly RPing for NITRP as that makes no sense. Plug was interacting with multiple players, running his maze hut game, and was generally contributing positively to the server. I did jail him for RDM, but NITRP isn't intended to act like a "if you get reported for 3 rulebreaks you're banned" filter, so I used my discretion and asked him to fix some of the things that were bothering you or move. It was clear from your behavior in the sit that you did not want anything fixed and you were just trying to get someone banned. The TL;DR of this is -I used my discretion as the moderator providing over the sit to provide actionable solutions to you/told Plug to stop with the textscreen as NITRP for two textscreens was nonsensical and he'd already been punished for RDM. @Lt_Dan
  2. hell yeah also I see that boat, will update when I remember who I commissioned it from back in the day
  3. not a single requirement met man, reread the staff app requirements
  4. @raqiif the server is high pop there will be a lot of visible custom classes the idea is to make them easier to see, hence why I provided input
  5. +1 idk what these are but if the clouds are bigger that means I can more effectively use the vapes as an escape smokescreen
  6. Neutral There are a LOT of people with Custom Classes and it might clog up the menu Perhaps make a seperate f4 page or a place on forums where they can find the command easily
  7. The level-based thing should be reversed; your idea would unbalance the game further in favor of people who already have a much higher chance of success
  8. Hello! As a certified bad mayor, my tip is: if a player can avoid it and it doesn't restrict class choice, it is fine examples (good): weapons/rt aos|ld vapes/poop/boots aos lottery wins AOS Examples (bad): rooftops aos <class> aos selling weapons aos hobos must be below ground adverts aos gravgun aos if a player can avoid breaking the law without undue hardship (for instance, for my grey area lotto law, my argument was entering the lottery is nonessential and completely voluntary) it is fine. if it impedes movement or basic gameplay, it is illegal you will meet some mods who try and tell you that laws are minge when they're not, but as long as you keep the above principles in mind you can succesfully argue for a wide variety of laws the other key is they cannot be too vague for instance, you might be able to get away with "calling mayor's wife ugly AOS", but "disrespecting PD" is not allowed. it is because in the first example it is very clear what you have to avoid whereas with the second pd can use basically anything you say or do to arrest you In conclusion, here are my awful (but all confirmed legal) laws Weapons/RT AOS|LD Boots/vapes/poop AOS|LD 911 CALLS AOS|LD Lotto wins AOS Crime in/near PD=lockdown forgot to add the reason why there is not a "disallowed" list is to allow for new situations if we had a disallowed list and someone came up with a uniquely and clearly mingey law, they'd argue that it was by default it is allowed bc it isn't listed
  9. -1; i like to feel like a sneaky cool guy when raiding, and this would make raiding a race against the clock and nothing else
  10. You know how bad it is with radios now? This would multiply the problem They can always pay a dj for their radio
  11. Rules not read is an instant -1
  12. Stemming from Holiday Raffle idea 5$ monthly raffle ticket; maybe make the prize a permaweapon, VIP, cosmetic points, IG money etc. Would be cool to have a chance to win things from the store or money and would allow people who may not be able to afford permaweapons, VIP, etc to have a chance to get them for a lower price
  13. I'd agree if this was differently timed but the idea I had was a charity thing I do think monthly raffles would be a cool idea though made a seperate suggestion for normal raffle
  14. 5$ entry raffle; prize is an item or cosmetic TBD Then we donate the money to Toys for Tots or some other beneficial holiday type organization There isn't really a con, but this seems like a great way to give back for the holidays and, if it is a unique cosmetic, will definitely drive engagement
  15. Oh, so we only want kids with their parents' permission to give us money? This is news to me. That's not this industry. This industry is gmod DarkRp servers, unless you also want to start offering the ability to cancel recurring payments via the Garnet Store (like YouTube, etc) which would similarly solve the problem. Those companies also get quite heavily and publicly attacked when they make it hard to cancel their services.
  16. mossly

    It is time

    Most people just leave em and yes, we have had alts, which is why the suggestion is to not have them anymore
  17. mossly

    It is time

    It's an important change that needs to be made People don't like joining servers they think are going to be lively only to find out half or more of the pop is afk in spawn
  18. mossly

    It is time

    Wait, did you think gun dealers were supposed to sell at cost? Are you an idiot? I aim for a 10% profit margin for single weapons and gun shipments and a 25-50% profit margin on stuff mainly used to minge (like grenades). Do you think people dropping 150k on a shipment of grenades think they are getting them at cost/are hurting for money? My point is you can make a lot of cash easily by playing the game. Additionally, if you want to grind xp (once again, for a useless imaginary number; prestiging does very little aside from a few extra jobs, and most people who prestige use CC anyways) you can do many things to get it. I personally have gained around 30 levels via covid alone. The perception players have when they join our server and learn that the 40/127 population server they thought they were joining really only has 6 active players is not a pleasant one.
  19. mossly

    It is time

    I literally went from 0 recently, which I said above I regularly give away all my money and then have to make it back Maybe if you actually played the game instead of alting for printers you'd have co text for how easy it is to make cash I also work 40hr weeks and I cannot imagine spending my hours off in a box pressing e versus interacting with others here is a good money making example for you grenade shipment cost 100k sell grenade shipment for 120-150k easy money all you need is like 20 sales most of the time people will buy more than one per playtime so that breaks down to 10ish customers
  20. @AlexConwaynot sure if you are who to tag but recent updates made this suggestion redundant, pls lock and move
  21. mossly

    It is time

    I didn't bother reading this because, as I said, you're able to make millions in less than 10 hours by simply playing the game and selling things
  22. mossly

    It is time

    What's stopping them now? We can discourage without thinking that we are gonna be 100% successful
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