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  1. Not needed -1 (Ion even think nutter will give us new content anymore)
  2. Neutral Beef those paragraphs up and i'll +1.
  3. I like the application, but it's clear there's some fluff in there to get the word count up. Also there's a few typos but Overall it's a good application. Plus from my experience you're a pretty chill guy who's very active and friendly so +1
  4. This was very unexpected ngl. Thank you Cyber for the work you've put into the server, l personally enjoyed the creative new events you would host like the race car event that would give the server something fresh for players to enjoy. It's clear that you care a lot about the server and have been an active supporting member for a long time. I appreciate the effort and time you spent and although it sucks to see you go, you'll always be a great role model for staff and players alike to look up to.
  5. Bluey

    Dlore nerf

    -1 take this to shit post
  6. +1 pretty chill and mature dude.
  7. Who are you reporting? [Staff/Player]: Chevy Sonic Typical leader Your in-game name: HG Mo Your SteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:1:474669005 In-game name of reportee: Chevy Sonic Typical Leader SteamID of reportee: STEAM_0:1:183278938 Date & Time of incident: several scenarios over the course of the last 4 days. Timezone: PST What happened? (include any proof): Chevy shouldn't be staff because he shows lack of a basic understanding of the server rules and has zero control of his emotions and actions. He ignores players request and does what he wants. Part 1 For some context. Me, Jbh, Sureak, and Vortex were all mega basing and Chevy was upset because the group had successfully raided him. In return, he decides to propblock our entrance and stop us from getting inside of our base by placing down a bunch of props over our quick doors as well as main fading doors. Here are a few screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fWEO0jp https://imgur.com/YwNSo03 Here is a clip from my Sureak's point of view of Chevy propblocking our base and having Danny the dog need to explain to a Chevy (Who is a staff member) that he's not allowed to do this. and it is clearly shown that he's doing this to spite us. I think that this is inappropriate behavior for a staff member who's supposed to know the rules. Clip: https://streamable.com/w5u1mz Part 2 After being told that the mega base was allowed, Chevy figured it was a good idea to put one up for himself but neglected the rules that he was just informed on. ignore staff requests to delete his fail mega base. We also see him show disrespect to players and have a rude attitude towards me and the admin. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1y5rVvt8ZM9QaQ/d1337k5QTxEw?invite=cr-MSxNWGssMTU3OTExOTI3LA In this next clip I'm explaining to him that he needs to delete his base because he's not using it and I wanted him to delete it because my friend wanted to base there. I even tell Chevy that he can save the dupe and paste it later. When Robert takes the sit, he tells Chevy to delete the base but Chevy says that he's taking sits and that "It's not bothering anybody" and decides to fly away in the middle of our sit. This is very unprofessional and a staff acting like this isn't a good look on the staff teams behalf. He is making it clear he doesn't care about the players and staff. https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1y5woiNJB38mU0/d1337qQaB0Fh?invite=cr-MSxGdHQsMTU3OTExOTI3LA The above situation continues in this next clip, my mic doesn't pick up my audio but i'm basically explaining to him that all he has to do is save his base and delete it and to which he responds to me with a very rude and aggressive tone. A little later in the clip he then says "I'm leaving this fucking phone call" and then after that he calls me a "Prick" and then leaves the voice channel (This was in the official garnet gaming darkrp discord server) This display in the middle of the official server is extremely unprofessional, it shows that Chevy does not have what it takes to maintain a calm demeanor when dealing with situations, This is bad enough in individual sits as shown above but when it transgresses to a public discord call where he is supposed to be a representative member of the community it is even worse. Part 3 In this third part it is proven that Chevy lacks a basic understanding of the rules and D3a. In this screen shot we see him WARN a player for AMRDM (Attempted Mass RDM) which requires a 2 week BAN not a warn. As staff he literally let a player free and cause more havoc instead of banning him which is what the staff in the situation was supposed to do. This shows how Chevy doesn't understand the rules. Additionally Chevy was warned today for RDM- an example of Chevy not knowing the rules is this screenshot of him rdming and breaking the most simple rule on the server. As a staff member you should be following the rules and establishing them rather than breaking them and contributing to a bad environment for other players on the server. Part 4 Chevy continually misuses muting the chat of players, any time there is any disagreement in OOC the person is muted. There are a few examples of this occurring just today. In this first image- Chevy can be seen muting Jitt for 5 minutes for saying Chevy was staff abusing. Whether or not the claim Jitt was making is true or not a mute in OOC is not the response. Never did Chevy sit down with Jitt and let him know if there are issues you should report to the forums, instead he figured that chat muting him was the solution. Conclusion I believe the most important thing for staff members on Garnet is to portray a sense of professionalism and being a role model for other players to aspire towards. Chevy has failed at both of these goals. While one of these interactions might not be that bad, the continual disregard for rules is unbecoming of a staff member. There is never a situation where a Staff member should be prop blocking someone's base, warning someone for ARDM, or blatant disregard of rules such as mega basing and rdm.
  8. +1 bro this looks so sick and I think most players would love this maybe prestige 5 would be the best one
  9. Imma miss you on the server brodie we had some great moments over the years n shit ur a real one. keep in touch with me tho we can play cs n shit lmfao. (Slide me that matador heehe)
  10. Bluey

    Printer Suggestion

    +1 lemme make more bank
  11. Bluey

    Totems NPC

    +1 I really fuck with this system and I think it'll be something fresh for the server to enjoy
  12. Damn they ain't even put me on the demotion list lmfao
  13. First off, that "eat shit " comment wasn't targeted toward you me and star would mess around and fight each other so we were just having a good time. Second, for the last time the reason why I said I was gonna jail you is because I wanted to hear a reason WHY you killed him. I obviously know the "innocent until proven guilty" rule considering I used to be staff but the point is that I wanted to hear a valid reason why you killed him and you never did, all you said was "I don't remember" or 'I don't know why' I wanted to understand the reasoning but you ended up saying that he was in your kos sign base and to which I asked the guy if he had a clip and he said no so I decided to end the sit. I also said nothing blatantly disrespectful towards you at all so those are false claims. Also, your main claim was that I was admin abusing yet you still haven't shown anything that proves I was staff abusing. Sure I was cracking jokes and acting dumb but I didn't staff abuse ONCE not a single time.
  14. Alright lets start this off by saying that I do apologize, I will admit I had some "unprofessional moments" But in no way shape or form was I admin abusing. Starting off with the first clip, I made it clear as day that I simply wanted gray to give me a reason why he killed him. I was trying to understand what his reason was but he never gave me a clear answer and said that "I forgot, I dont know" So I felt that this wasn't a justified reason, I asked him if the guy who reported him was in his base to which he said "I'm not sure he might of been" and like I said earlier I wanted clear answers as to why he killed this guy. gray then said that he was in his base so then I asked the other person if he had a clip to which he said no. After that I ended the sit because he had no evidence of the situation. Moving on to the next clip, gray rdm a player and I was jailing him for it but I noticed that Astofolo made a joke saying "Perm ban him" and I started to play along and say "yea buddy you're getting perm banned" obviously I was just messing around making things more fun but I did end up pming him that I was just kidding but I guess he edited that part out. For the next clip, I was raiding pd and during this raid at least 5 officers ran in and started fighting me, you can even see in the clip me fighting a bunch of officers. I started to take a lot of damage so I decided to run away, buy perks, and return. To my arrival, I noticed two officers I knew for a fact that star shot me a bunch considering he did most damage and for the second officer who was apparently gray I just assumed he was one of the officers who shot me aswell so I killed both star and him. It was a simple rdm that was an honest mistake which I faced the consequences for, I will admit that I was a little annoyed since what I did was an accident but I wouldn't say I dissed in sit. Overall, I displayed no such way of me admin abusing I feel like gray was targeting me so that I could get in trouble. Like I said earlier, I do apologize for any time that I was showing immaturity I will take responsibility but at the same tame I showed ZERO form of admin abuse.
  15. +1 confirming referral. Bro is chill
  16. +1 or maybe just bring gls back?
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