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  1. seeeeee garnet is on top of things! Top G clearly graduated from husslers university with that A+
  2. I mean +1 I like wes personally and he has been here a long fucking time lol. Past experience and is pretty mature, not getting angry or disrespectful in sits.
  3. Titan you the man man! Goodluck moving forward!
  4. haha! In all fairness goodluck Nosh im gunna stay Neutral
  5. Aw man I really enjoyed our time in game lol. Have a good school year dude!!!! Fuck ya know im really in the mood for a milkshake rn like a good chocolate milk shake from five guys. mmmmmmmmm and then maybe Ill hit up a arbys and get a roast beef sandwich. +1 +1+1
  6. I mean you guys all summed it up pretty good. Toddd just live your life brotha and grow up a bit. In a few years I'm sure you'll open up to new things and understand how you effect people socially better. Its just a game but its a social community regardless where you go IRL or Online it's just what you make of it. I don't think anyone actually hates you, you just act like every other dickhead on the internet. No one really knows you that well so no reason to beat yourself up about it. Just reinvent yourself and be the better you, later toddd.
  7. Lol I knew Id forget to tag a few of you guys thx
  8. So I've had a lot of fun as staff also really loved getting to know some of the other staff members more personally!! Unfortunately I deal with a lot of daily drama in my real life and I just don't see the pay off of feeling stressed on a video game voluntarily. I got a offer to do small dev work online again *yeah lets goooo* so I'd rather put my free time towards that then gmod staffing. @Proggy @ChrisRid Dude your honestly one of the nicest people in the community! Always helping people and shares very logical views. Keep doing yo man! @Shin_Tsukimi Pretty damn funny lol and I'll always be honored having met you @Glorbnob you still strike fear into me but I love you @WreckEMsaints Such a funny ass dude and welcomed me into a great community @BlottoDaDon We went into staff together and ill always remember when we based in that small ass apartment building with like 40 printers @Bluey People seem to forget your name was ShitAss lol. You used to be kinda toxic ngl lmao but you have matured alot. @snoopi I like you snoopi but I would like you more if you had a custom class -1 @stretchy Even though you are just a robot AI built by Garnet I still love you. @GunShark My brutha I have seen you in awhile hope your doing good. You were always super supportive! @ImagineBaggins Even tho you "accidentally" banned me you were super chill about it and even remember months later haha ur the best dude! @ShankNinja your pretty cool o-o breh @KingMash Your to good at staffing ngl : ) @Salteeeens Always pretty helpful in game and treated me with respect @Rosie You trained me for like 5 hours but are pretty funny in game so I appreciate it I definitely missed others but I just don't feel like typing anymore.
  9. mmmm this application smells like a -1 didnt read rules - not enough playtime - paragraphs lack structure
  10. +1 I'm just glad to see you put some thought into your application and it shows the desire to be on the staff team. With others sharing positive community feedback I'll go ahead and give my plus one.
  11. right like with what gunner said above. Damage logs do not stack damage instances together into a sort of portfolio they expand everything out and it would really mess them up. I don't even know if bizzy will ever change them. Until then this cant happen along with what shank said crossfire would be a hard thing to control and people would report for even 1 damage. -1 even tho I really do want a minigun.
  12. Kay, Harder to read but there ya go.
  13. I don't know if players would enjoy this but here's an idea. So a lot of people farm printers for XP and money, and people may also farm crack/meth/weed but it does come at restrictions as you must remain there designated dealers. There can be great value in farming these although I thought about something more high risk high reward. If we were to give these 3 options a significant buff but increase the risk factor. The idea is crack/meth/weed give higher xp and money depending on specific drop-off npc/points. So spawn would be more risker then the npc by apartments. The increase in payout and xp would need to be raised to match the next part. As soon as transport of these begins outside your base while holding them a alert or ping whether it be in chat or on hud would be sent out. So maybe like how hitmen tracker shows your approximant location and a [Garnet] message in chat is sent out. If you are carrying them outside and transporting you would need to be KOS for thieves and AOS for police with kos having appropriate steal adverts made. It could start a sort of bounty hunt, I feel it would be fun trying to rush to a npc to get that payout. The idea is there but balances would need to be changed a bit and obviously would need to have protection in place of RDM/NLR and minge issues. So maybe the ideas a bit rough but could be a cool implementation? (New content)
  14. Good luck man I hope everything goes well with you!
  15. Maybe it would be better to make a suggestion related to updating the scoreboard to better accommodate for those with impaired vision and for quality of life purposes. To get a players steam id you can do /id (type out there name or part of there name) or by looking directly at them do /id and it will copy it. When it comes to muting however you are right you would have to search for there name. So I think a suggestion updating these could be worth while looking into. However removing a key feature that adds a reason to be a hobo would make a lot of players upset. And like what was stated previously if they were mic spamming and harassing a player that's a separate issue.
  16. -1 Hey block I can understand your frustration. With what everyone else has said mic spamming hobos is apart of that "DarkRP Experience" You always have the option to mute a player who is annoying you and they are not allowed to mic spam in a sit as that is out of character.
  17. Neutral You need to read the rules and really put some thought into your paragraphs. With your age I would really want to see what makes you stand out from others. I'm glad you took the feedback went back through and changed some things along with reading through all the rules! Much better formatted however I have never really had a encounter in game with you. I don't know you personally and unless my fellow staff have more positives to say about you I think a neutral will stand for now. Goodluck!
  18. +1 To my knowledge only invisible names are not allowed. I feel like names with special characters would be fine as long as the first part of name or a section was able to be typed out or searched. Invisible names are prohibited
  19. ThatGarnet

    ez base

    I completely misunderstood this... Okay he just wants to add that location to the bases you don't need a door to base at I understand Yeah um if we could maybe implement a ruling that makes sure players give you a chance to get up later first would be cool.
  20. ThatGarnet

    ez base

    Lol I am still tryna understand everything okay so as far as waterfall and cave I have dupes that fill that entrance and have doors available. If we added anything there I feel it would just get in way of my props. As far as that section of basing goes I honestly really would like to plus one it. I just don't know how it could be implemented with 0 possible issues. Chris and salt make good points.
  21. ThatGarnet

    ez base

    You are allowed to base in both the Waterfall and Cave. Adding anything additional to these locations I feel would mess up players dupes, so I'm gunna -1 However I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of new area to base in our new addition, I just wouldn't know where and what to implement there. You may only base in a building with purchasable doors. (the waterfall and cave base are the only exceptions)
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