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  1. +1 People rarely prestige for points as prestiging past 3 is seen as poinless and a waste of money by a good portion of the community, most just buy points with ingame cash and having to walk around for 3+ weeks for 1 hat isnt grinding as much as it is just a burnout. id love to see this added.
  2. We aleady had the ability to do this in single player then bring the dupes over, garnet patched our ability to do this not to long ago and probably with good reason -1
  3. Ill miss you, I hope you have a good and happy life! come back to say hi one day man. take care buddy
  4. -1 Have never seen you ingame not even once
  5. Ill miss you buddy, stay safe and come back soon!
  6. +1 Was hoping you would make one some day, Wend is probably the nicest player on the server and has been around for a good while i know youll make an amazing staff member buddy
  7. Description: [shoe hat/accessories] It'll simply be a shoe. Specifically a shoe of the head kind. shoe on head. Reasoning: Id just like myself and others feel the power of simply having a shoe on your head. a hobo boot will work fine. Additional Information: Shoes have been shown to be extremely beneficial to ones health just by setting it on their head's.
  8. Party system is honestly a big part of the server so there should be some sort of workaround while it is down or glitched. +1
  9. Come back one day and see us again old friend!
  10. Come see us again someday skill! even if its only for a bit
  11. Funny and nice dude. Could be great for the staff team. +1
  12. Take care skill, Gonna miss ya lots bud
  13. Iv had great interactions with him ingame. All around chill and very nice player. +1
  14. Me and ten were staff together back in those days and honestly he was one of the best at that time. He knows the rules VERY well and has always had great interactions with the community. Id love to have him on the team again. +1
  15. Gates

    Ban Appeal 2

    l0l Just stop trying. You fucked up and arent gonna get unbanned. just wait it out like a big boy.
  16. +1 Dann knows the community and rules very well. Extremely mature and respectable ingame and all around a chill dude. add me as a ref
  17. People that are banned should stay banned. This would allow minges to come back easily. -1
  18. No rules broken here -1
  19. You easily could have fixed it when told to. You didn't. so you received punishment.
  20. You had every chance to fix it when staff told you too. all you wanted to do was argue.
  21. Been here a while. Very old staff. Knows the community. All around nice guy. +1
  22. Gates

    Bye Bye Minges

    I have nothing to do with any of this dumb shit
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