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    Totems NPC

    +1 jawn looks cool and makes it more fun
  2. +1 i think this will be a nice help to the jobs stated
  3. +1 this would make it more fun for people to make money and duel in style
  4. +1 played with him before really cool guy was good at his job.
  5. In-game name: TimothySteamID (https://steamid.io/): STEAM_0:0:4762445Staff members in-game name: NutterStaff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name): STEAM_0:1:182379093Date & Time of incident: 2022-11-27 11:03:26Timezone: est Ban Reason: Chargeback, attempting to crash server, Dox threats How long were you banned for?: 8 years Proof of Ban: https://imgur.com/a/lmPxWhjWhat happened? (include any proof): i got mad and did some bad actions and regret it Why should your ban be removed?: I think it should be removed for the fact that i really miss playing on the server and realized ive messed up and now i get to see all of my old homies play via discord screen share and its making me jealous. I would put more money back into the server to cancel out the chargeback and yes i did say dox threats and all but realistically i dont know how to do that shit. i also will like to say i did meet some good people on there and want to continue to do so if im allowed but i have high expectations that im not going to be allowed for my own actions. I really do miss playing on this server i havent tried anything after last time i got caught ban evading never once after and as you can see im still wanting to play the servers and fully understand if im not allowed to again all im saying is i really miss this server and would really play again and spend more money on the server as well
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