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  1. Ill take over if I need to
  2. BoDean


    -1 i got very confused looking at this
  3. bye bye cubes hmu if you ever wanna play I'll miss you
  4. -1 You cant leave BoBean For Manager
  5. ^ 2 bans back to back doesn't make you look to good. I do like the application though. Neutral -
  6. BoBean For Super Admin 

    ^ make it happen

  7. -1 this isn't a job no need for an email BoBean For Super Admin
  8. Ikr just some clarification would help instead of deleting comments. It doesn't help the community :0 BoBean For Super Admin
  9. ^ Real My comments were not toxic (i forgot what there were) I am being suppressed BoBean For Super Admin
  10. finally BoBean for Super Admin
  11. Some ones on tip....
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