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  1. I agree that you are freshly returned to the server, however based on my discussions with you in the past few days I believe that you're ready to take some of your previous responsibilities back. Pill was one of the best GMs not too long ago and I would love to see him back on the team. +1
  2. Great month! Congrats to everyone on some well deserved promotions.
  3. +1 Nothing negative to say about Johnny. Great leadership and overall positive impact. Would be happy to see him join the team.
  4. +1 for activity and application despite the silly colors
  5. Solid application, I'm in agreement with those who have commented before me. +1
  6. What an amazing month :D. Can't wait for the further progression of the best SWRP server in the galaxy. Garnet is also so handsome.
  7. I think Evil could be a good addition to the gm team, however the effort in this application is just not there. My vote is neutral.
  8. Going to have to be a -1 from me. The effort for the events especially is just really not there. The only contribution in this app as I understood it is adding more “point and shoot,” which is really not something we are lacking. Not putting anything for a most creative idea because “nobody listens to my ideas” is very mislead considering this is literally the platform where we are asking for ideas and actively reading them/ giving feedback. You also provided some negative feedback on events stating that they’re “go here, fight x, rescue x, leave,” however you didn’t use the 6 different idea questions to provide an alternative (even though I don’t believe that your formula applies to a solid chunk of events). There is no group that I discuss ideas with more than our T.GMs, as they can often offer a completely new perspective that long time GMs may have a hard time seeing. I urge you to take some time and resubmit an application that shows an appropriate amount of effort and motivation.
  9. Wow. I'm confirming my referral because I do believe Julian will make a good addition to the team, however this application would have been a tier higher if my boy used some periods. -1 for grammar but +1 to join the team
  10. Agree with Conway here. Good ideas, but missing some meat for sure. I believe in your motivation and would be happy with you joining the team. +1
  11. +1 - Impressive application, excited to see him join the team
  12. What a fantastic month, many thanks "Harus"
  13. I believe you have the right idea with these events and it seems you want to become a gm for the right reasons. I think with guidance, your events will do nicely, and you’ll end up a fine addition to the team. +1 (I’d be happy to help with refining the events)
  14. +1 Only positive encounters with Fern. The referrals speak for themselves, but Fern has been taking on more responsibility recently and as I see it, he is definitely motivated enough. Happy to see him join the team.
  15. +1 for sure, tdizz is a real one. With his return, I’d love to see him taking on more roles.
  16. Nice application, I see no issues with Xeno joining the team:) +1
  17. Yet another agreement with the previous comments. Owning up to past mistakes is commendable. I think your ideas, although a tad bit short, show that you’re not afraid to mix things up from the norm. In my experience, even just adding one twist to a generic base attack makes the overall experience more enjoyable by multiple orders of magnitude. I have absolutely no objections to the inclusion of havoc to the gm team and I’m excited to work with him in the future:) +1
  18. The rate of server improvement has been astounding. very excited for the new year
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