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  1. a Gabbox mention is crazy Stay safe little man
  2. I'm resigning from staff, love, yea I love this server and have been playing for years and have had a lot of memories, i don't like the direction the server is going. bye. @Corbzz@Vortex @snoopi @Hoal @Chinese Man @Hydra @HGEnzo123 @HGPotato @Chicaa21 @Derpza @everyone
  3. Best HG member fr You have been an amazing part of the server/community for alot of people. hope you have a great 2024 and onward!
  4. I blame enzo and dog for my demotion XD all jokes, congratulations
  5. 11 months from today @Korn found him lol @Vortex nice to see some diversity in the police force @Wubb lil white boy @Corbzz thanks for the contribution to this shit ass base @Bluey @Payphone @Vortex @Korn @snoopi ( @Depot thanks for the cool ass pic ) @crimes lol
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