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  1. All you suggested was changing fading door number from 4 to 2 or 3. I see no other suggestions made by you in this post.
  2. -1 NO Remove pixel peeks, make it required to show AT LEAST entire head or head/torso to give raiders a chance to respond to peeks. Also many servers have a minimum delay of 1 or 2 seconds for peeks to be closed/opened, so once opened your exposed for that timeframe. If you really think the number of fading doors its the issue, then you have a skill issue.
  3. KiraFUBAR

    Dlore nerf

    -1 NO It doesn't take 50 hours worth of credits to buy Dlore, anyone has access to it, and plenty of people will sell the unbox version for cheap and have a surplus of. Anyone can buy enough perks (200hp+100armor) to not get 1 shot, it isn't 40k for two health perks, and even if it was that isn't that expensive. If it WAS nerfed, then people would just use the next-best sniper (m95 Dragon) which is arguably just as good at base defense, even with a longer reload speed. People have already invested into it, (many players bought it with in-game money for credits that's ALOT of farming!) Would ultimately piss more people off then it would appease. Has been suggested before many times, and has never been seriously considered that I know of. People are afraid to raid because of it, (Ever heard of dance crouching to bait peek? Smoke grenades? Any tactic besides walking up to a keypad with a cracker?) Mad cuz bad I suppose.
  4. -Support Newer member of the community, could be a good addition to staff team once they have more hours/playtime under their belt, and get to know the server better. Also seems very low effort even after supposedly "adding more reasons." I feel that you should at minimum be able to coherently and extensively display why, and how you can provide and better the community by becoming a staff member, and the fact that I can in 2 minutes of typing have a more extensive comment than the entirety of this application, I feel like there is a lack of effort being put forth that may be a precursor to future issues if not addressed. TLDR: Play more, maybe apply later on.
  5. -Support There is already a lack of variety of RP jobs for new players, staff can handle most abuse as long as people take the time/effort to properly report with evidence, which most people don't bother with.
  6. -Support All reasons listed above, you seem like a positive member of the community when on the server from what I have seen, however I don't believe you have what it takes to be responsible and take on the position of staff member.
  7. -Support You can't be bothered to get your steamID, teamspeak, or download a simple program/use Replay HUD to record videos for evidence/etc. Application is very lacking in many areas, and while I have had nothing but positive experiences with you in-game, I don't think you are ready for the responsibilities of becoming a staff member, (also you always build in spawn tunnel as hobo read the rules thoroughly.)
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