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Reports and Appeals Rules

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Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules, failure to do so may result in a punishment.

Reports and Appeals Rules

  • Keep it civil. Reports and Appeals is not the place to rant.
  • If you weren't involved with or have evidence regarding a situation, don't respond to the thread.
  • If you're the rank of Admin+ you are allowed to respond and help move along Reports and Appeals.
  • If you're creating a thread, make sure to follow the correct format: player report | ban appeal | warn appeal
  • If you're creating a Staff v Staff Report, make sure to follow the correct format ( staff report ) and PM a Manager+ to resolve the issue.
  • Keep post count to a minimum. If you're responding to multiple people, do it in a single post.
  • Causing drama, shitposting, and other irrelevant posts will result in punishment from forum staff.
  • Any appeal attempted on a ban that is older than 30 days will be automatically denied. This rule may be disregarded at the discretion of any Managers or Superadmins.
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