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Thunder's Game Master Application


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Thunder's Game Master Application

in-game name: R10-SF JBM 2AC 2LT 1367 Thunder
Age: 17
Steam ID (https://steamid.io/😞 76561199042073370
Warns: 0
Timezone: (GMT-6)

Playtime?: (Gmod play time) 285.5 hours (server play time) 10D 9 HRS 18M

Do you have access to a microphone?: [YES/NO]

Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?:[YES/NO]

Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?] Maxtrixz

Past experiences as a Game Master: [Optional] No

Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 2 paragraphs] 

You should choose me to be a Game Master because I can help make the Roleplay of off worlds and missions more fun and give the troopers a challenge; I can also help get vehicles to the troopers that need them in quick succession. I believe you should choose me for becoming a GM, because I am able to adapt to any situation. I would also be great at roleplaying if needed. Maxtrixz would believe I was good enough at acting to be a GM. I would also give the troops something to do during early mornings and late nights. 

You should choose me for GM  because I’ll try to make the missions more of a challenge or make the enemies pop out of nowhere even though I have no experience being a GM; I will learn the ropes quickly. I can help out with the roleplaying and try to make the story of the mission more interesting and also make the missions fun for everyone. I believe you should choose me to be the next GM because I can help out with roleplaying, deploying vehicles and enemies with quick succession. I will also try and make it fun for the troops and try and give them a challenge if it needs it. 

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details No i have never been banned

How much time do you have to contribute to the role?:

I will contribute as much time as I can. I will try my best to be one the server as much and as frequently as I can.


In your own words, what are the responsibilities of a Gamemaster?:

The responsibilities of a GM is to not make it unfair or unfun for the people who are playing. Do not abuse the power that you have; make it as fun and as enjoyable as possible. Do not harass and be respectful to your peers.


 Describe how you would contribute to RP as a part of the Gamemaster team:

How I would contribute to the RP by making the person or thing that they have to capture; make it hard to do or make it hard to negotiate. Make the enemies that make sense to the enemies that they are fighting.


Explain your single most creative idea for contributing to the RP environment of the server:
My most creative idea for the server is having some b1’s spawn every now and then on the ridges on anaxes base around the fobs to keep some of the patrol's solo fobs interesting or just to have them keep their guard up when patrolling.


Please list and explain 5 unique event ideas of any scale: [Be sure to include any additional context that may be necessary to your explanation]

1.(the battle of Umbara) The battle of Umbara is something similar to the show but without having to kill a jedi. The 34th battle group heads to Umbara and takes the airfield and as they move to the airfield they will be attacked by umbarans every now and then so they have to keep their guard up. If they wish to succeed with the mission they will have to rely on good comms and weary eyes. Once they get to the entrance of the air field they will have to fight tooth and nail to get to the base; when they do capture it they will have to defeat the umbarans reinforcements. If they fail to do so they will have to evacuate off the planet and have to try and take the planet again another time.

2. (a tragic defeat) For a mission I would have the 34th battle group be guarding a very important FOB on Florrum. They will have to defend the position until the LAAt-I can get the LZ and transport them off planet because there were too many and many more were on their way to the FOB. Once they got to the venitor they will have to defend that and after like 20 minutes of trying their best to defend the ship it would eventually be no to stay so they would have to evac off the ship and head towards anaxes and once on planet they will have to defend the base until the droids have depleted all there man power they had chasing you; so they leave and the 34th battle group is victorious at defending the base but they just lost a very important planet and a ship.

3. ( crisis in a factory) A mission where they would have to capture a high ranking officer for the CIS; on CIS controlled anaxes; when they have the officer CG would have to take him to the brig and interrogate the officer and once they manage to get the info out of  him they will have to head to Geonosis to the factory to stop the factory from manufacturing and  shipping the bioweapon that could kill a lot of people if not stopped. The bioweapon turns people into zombies and the 34th battle group will have to try and stop the production of said bioweapons. Once they have cleared out the factory they will evacuate off the planet and head back to the venitor to do some testing on the bioweapon to see if they can reverse engineer to see if they can make a cure of the virus so that they can cure it if the bio weapon ever gets released.

4. (distress on Anaxes) There would be a distress signal that's coming from CIS controlled annexes and when they look at the message it is some clone troopers and a navy member who have been captured by the CIS and are being tortured and interrogated for information about the annexes base. The hostages say nothing so they are going to be executed so the 34th battle group are having to get to the hostages fast so they will be hot dropped into the AO and they will have 20 minutes to get to the radio tower and save the hostages before they are killed. They will need the help of a jedi because there is a DFU there helping the CIS so that they can get the info. Once they will get the hostages they will have to make a mad dash to the LZ and get out of the AO.

5. (an alert on Genenois) A mission to genenois would have the troopers take laat-I’s and try to hot drop into the arena and control it so that they can set up a FOB and control a section of the Genenois once they have to arena they will have to defend it, and hold it until reinforcements arrive while they make there way to their position they will have to hold the position from b1’s b2’s and BX’s spider droids and the whole nine yards. Once reinforcements arrive the 34th battle group has to evacuate because they lost a ton of troops so they have to head back to anaxes to regroup and rearm.


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  • Community Director


After deliberation with the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Leadership Team, we have decided to accept your GM Application. This is largely in-part to some, but not limited to, the below reasons:

Strong Event Ideas with an overall well written application
Staff References

Active and Positive Participant in the SWRP Community


Welcome to the StarWarsRP Gamemaster Team! We're looking forward to getting you trained and having you on board! 

Please do not use any commands/permissions until you have been trained

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