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  1. You can find the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2948313266
  2. I sat down with @LettuceBoi and @Python and put restrictions on the tablet tbh - they can agree I forewarned them of abuse will result in it being moved to another group or removed from the server. But as you said, I just put restrictions and have a great group of COs to actually make sure the rules are being followed and not used like a fortnite SWEP, which i could see on MRP. Also the main fact I've disallowed it in combat, it's meant for defensive not "Oh shit Im getting shot **whips out tablet**, barricade barricade, haha fuck you droid" and more so "fall back! we'll building an FOB for cover!" DAMN I CAN'T DANCE IN DB ANYMORE!? FUCK THIS CONWAY GUY!?!?1/1/!
  3. Thank you for force setting my Forums Profile Picture lolol.

    1. Nutter


      I hope it’s ok, I couldn’t find the one you use

    2. AlexConway


      Oh i made that one kekw

  4. Very nice update thank you sir, glad I was able to help with this critical update
  5. just a week away

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      I am so happy about this information

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      just 5 days away

  6. Thank you for your service Mortar Man.

    1. acer


      bro he's tank man 😠

    2. Salmon


      Yea come on get it right

  7. I would just do the scoreboard from like way back - where I think it went by category. Not Z-A. Army was always with Army, Tali with Tali etc. Didn't matter if your job was "Dumb Bitch" or a symbol or something.
  8. (I don't know if you want each idea separate, no warn pls) I really love the base layout from this current map as opposed to the ones on Omega. SOC on both sides absolutely love having their own bunks, (that are fully their own - not just a singular room in a building). Additionally, the recruit rooms as opposed to a cage is also great for training from Tali and 11Bs stand point. There's a few options for the SOC Bunks: you could just redo the base and make it similar to the current map. Copy the current bases. Or you could remove the airfield, add some helipads and add SOC bunks in it's place. I'm sure either way you do it would allow SOC to continue to have spaces of their own.
  9. I think the key thing that everyone complained about was the walls. I think the walls and arches are a great idea on your part, they provide a great, clear, inarguable boundary. Only thing I would change is add several person sized holes in said walls that can be destroyed; similar to embassy on the current map, but much smaller. This would allow people to sneak through avoiding the arches and avoid the issue of "over-archcamping". The holes don't need to be straight/level with the ground, a crouch jump up to get through; or crouch down to get through, etc. I think this small QOL change would alleviate some of the major dynamic issues of the map.
  10. You inspired me to try Taco Bell for the first time; Dayquan is on the way with my Chalupa and shit.

    1. Ziggy


      how was it? 

    2. AlexConway


      Shit slapped. Baja Blast is amazing.

    3. Ziggy


      Not even one of the better fast food joints to eat at, but when it's the only thing open it hits

  11. I'd love to help out with the forums and teamspeak or whatnot; I currently help run a large GTA mod-site; so this should be tame.
  12. Garnet to @Papiraqi: "I'm never doing the voice again, it's ruined"

    **2 weeks later**


  13. I think this is really good, sometimes people don't know how much or how long development takes; so hopefully this gives them the calming sense that there is planned additions/changes, and their server isn't "forgotten". Good work!
  14. Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎂🎉🎊!

    1. Austin
    2. Nutter


      No, just being a nice person. Thank you Conway

  15. Happy Birthday, my friend. Your legacy and memory will live on in our hearts and minds.

  16. Nice work though, happy to see the Battle Rifle fixed! The brick will be my go-to on enforcing PTS :^) Good work!
  17. EB4OpMT.png

    1. Python


      should've been me

  18. Not my best graphic design work, but I can't keep working on it.
  19. We had our fair share of differences, but in the end - you were a friend. SWRP won't be the same this time around without you bud. I always shared your enthusiasm for RP, especially when others didn't. Glad we could always shit talk people in /PMs together. 


    “Time,” the Captain said, “is not what you think.” He sat down next to Eddie. “Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on earth is only the beginning.” – Mitch Albom

    Rest in Peace, friend.

  20. Me and Gamma always had an interesting dynamic, towards the end while he was in Vega, we would often DM back and forth on the antics going on in OOC. He was someone I could consider a friend, despite our interesting start. Gamma on US: God are all US gay as fuck Conway: No but I love men and dick Gamma: **silence** **[DarkRP] Gamma has been made an Russian Forces : Support* My thoughts go out to the friends and family of Gamma. It's sad to think that we won't be able to play on SWRP this time around like I had promised.
  21. Glad to see the Armory addon back in place! One of the better ones that was on the server. Good update! I'd disagree with this as evident with the 10 old SWRP GMs still floating around with ranks, you mention Jake and he moves it within a few hours; that system is fine.
  22. Yayyy lua error spam for all 11B! Pog! But I've wanted this for so long! Anyone on the Commander/General whitelist should be able to do /kickfromsquad to remove them and disallow them from re-joining the same squad for 30 min.
  23. Updated Textscreens because tired Garnet can't spell. Ki Adi Mundi? Coming back? Dopppppe
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