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  1. Technically, yes you broke a rule. Clickable or not is not defined in the rules, nor should it be - otherwise people would omit the "https://" and just try to void the rules on links because it's "not a clickable link", as a loophole. That said - do I personally think the ban was a bit much in this context? Yes. Locking until the DarkRP Administration Team reviews, to prevent further arguments. Both parties have responded with their evidence and/or statements.
  2. My pleasure. Would love to see how you perform in the interview - application revisions are good. +1 good luck.
  3. Hey @S1ps_T3a. Seems like you may have missed something when reading the Staff Rules, go back and double check. Also, I'd recommend added some more to your paragraphs as they aren't that long. Feel free to detail out some of the following: - Traits, Benefits, and Mistakes (Learned From) for the past management and administration experiences - Strengths/Weaknesses referring to following protocols, and mediating situations. - How you can work in a team environment (and solo) - Detail more about you, any hobbies, what kind of photography. The application is a chance for the community to learn more about you, so don't skimp on the details.
  4. Appreciate the attempt to assist, however when the Management Team reviews appeals, they don't know if it's cropped to exclude/omit key details or help share the focus. They're pretty on point with being able to view the intended parts of a screenshot on their lonesome if you just say, "as seen in the top left". As for the screenshot, the timestamp you claim of 6PM doesn't match up with the events that occurred since you were banned at 17:24 (5:24), this could be from 3 days prior or several hours prior. Could you please upload the screenshot via Steam and share a link here so we can view the timestamps that are automatically embedded with the screenshot uploaded. (Example Below)
  5. Maybe if you formulated a response that was conducive or constructive without shitty snarky comments, the DarkRP Administration Team would approve your posts. The commentary isn't needed, you're also not as funny as you think you are. Post the "evidence" (e.g. Your very cropped picture with no context, date, timestamp, or source) you have and simply say "You can see XYZ here", and move on.
  6. I would say no to props, just because staff use kick/reconnect as a method to throttle a connection and remove Prop Block/Prop Block Spam. But for entities, there may be a case there, I would think the application would be useful for raiders so someone can't rage quit and everything disappears, it gives them the chance to claim the printers at the very least.
  7. Incorrect - Cloak is not available on DarkRP. But nor should it be added, this would easily be abused. If staff want to do a random base check (I'm not sure why they would), someone can go on duty and do so; there's no reason it would need to be concealed or secretive.
  8. Hitler quote in the bio is wild. "Why should we choose you over other applicants?" reads like it was written by ChatGPT (or similar), with some unusual verbiage and vocabularic choices; notably it doesn't match up with the writing style of other questions. (As opposed to saying 10PM)
  9. +1 - Confirming Referral! You're always very respectful in game, and take care about the server. Your application is well written and the event ideas seem simple yet easily expanded upon to be a fun engaging event. Good luck!
  10. +1 - Confirming Referral, a very solid application - the events are well thought out and would play nicely with the community. Good Luck!
  11. +1 - A very solid application! Good Luck!
  12. +1 - I think your event ideas are good, they could use some refinement with a more tenured GM, but that is what the Trial GM phase is for. You have the drive and passion to be a good addition to the team. Good Luck!
  13. By level (then prestige, etc) would make more sense imo, as you rank up you progress through the rows/columns. It let's people know that their next milestone is, etc.
  14. Hey there, Sorry to hear you were banned. In some cases, Moderators have discretion to forgo a punishment. Often times in single-party or isolated incidents, the reporter “dropping a report” can be factored into this. I often times don’t warn or jail new players even if the reporter “wants them punished”. It is truly up to the staff member, not the reporter. However, it’s not some magical coverall that can pardon any punishment (which is a common misconception), on more serious offenses such as MassRDM, etc. Moderators are absolutely expected to uphold the violated rule and issue the corresponding punishment, as long as there is proof. Which is the case here. I’ll let the DarkRP Administration Team handle this one, and if this is your first ban, they may consider a reduction.
  15. The serial abusers (7-10+ alts) of alt-ing have already been banned months ago by @Merk. I know the DarkRP Management Team is actively policing serious alting (3+), but a hard coded solution would affect people who don't alt but use a VPN that may be shared by another player, etc. Alting is low impact now since it is scarce and intermittent with the way the community has grown, but that doesn't remove the fact that they already have the capital (money) and the weapons cached away.
  16. You've fixed your application - but I think you can really show yourself during the interview stage. I'll give you a +1 and give you the opportunity to show yourself then!
  17. I'm not referring to the age requirement, as you mentioned we often provide exceptions. There's 1-2 rules that are specifically applicable for someone applying for staff, that you should be aware of, they are towards the bottom.
  18. Your application is very good though, go back and read the staff rules thoroughly. It’s important to read them all as opposed to a quick glance.
  19. This is A1. 100% agree with this.
  20. Some people may fault you for a lower hour count, but the application is well written, and you were pretty helpful whilst I was training a staff member today. I think you're worthy of a shot. +1 Good Luck.
  21. Congratulations to all! @Bobert3 climbing up against once more. Special shoutout to @Sam_my @RNGLJohnny and @Kaffee on GM HR!
  22. This is 20x worse than having Merk, Executives, Admins, etc pick. It's nothing on them, just the whole pick me scenario I previously mentioned
  23. You mention one singular person, vs a competitive system of people who would actively pursue this. People are going to be upset, either because they didn’t get selected, they feel it’s unfair, or because someone they don’t like got picked for it. This is very wrong on numerous levels. It could take as little as 2 props, intentionally or unintentionally. I’m not disagreeing that there should be more things to work towards, but I also think there are way more systems geared towards veteran/long term players, and way less towards new players (who are more crucial in growing the community).
  24. Easily one of the best collects to date! I'm looking forward to seeing these used for a long while.
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