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[StarwarsRP] Server Rules

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GarnetGaming StarWarsRP Rules

Updated Sept. 14th 2023


Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to read and abide by our server rules. 

Failure to do so may result in a punishment. It is also assumed that the player is able to exercise a reasonable amount of common sense. 

It is forbidden to loophole these rules. You will still be punished accordingly. Additionally, these rules are up to interpretation by staff and are subject to change.



Community Guidelines:

Below you will find a list of all Community Guidelines, these are rules that do not vary depending on environment and must be followed regardless of setting:

  1. Members of the Community are expected to act reasonable, exude common sense/rationale, and be respectful. Breeding, allowing, or being toxic in any capacity is not allowed, you may be removed from the community in its entirety.
    1. Toxic, Unwelcomed, or Irrational behavior may include, but not limited, to the following: DDoS/DoS (or threats to do so), 3rd Party Cheats (using and distributing), Doxxing (or threats to do so), etc
  2. Racial, Homophobic, Xenophobic, or other derogatory slurs are not tolerated, you may be Muted, Kicked, or Banned.
  3. While interacting with Staff remain respectful at all times, they are there to help you/guide you. These are individuals who volunteer their time, they are not paid.
  4. Impersonation of any kind, including but not limited to: Staff, Battalion Command, Community Officials, other members, etc is not tolerated.
  5. Spamming whether by voice, action, chat, or otherwise is forbidden.
  6. "Ask Policy" - Any member who is unsure of any aspect about the server is expected to ask, we have a wonderful basis of Community Members and Staff who will be able to assist you. Not knowing about a policy, rule, or guideline is not a valid defense.
  7. No member is allowed to advertise Streams, other Communities, Discords, etc on any of our platforms without consent from the Community Management or StarWarsRP Administration Team - this includes DMing invites; also known as “poaching”.
  8. Staff Decisions are final, all members have the "right" or ability to appeal any ban. Denied appeals are final adjudications of staff actions and the result must be obeyed, any attempt to circumnavigate/bypass a ban/punishment (such as Ban Evasion, Leaving to Avoid Punishment (LTAP), etc) is not tolerated and may result in a more severe punishment or a prohibition from the ability to appeal in the future.


All members are expected to abide by the community guidelines and other rules, GarnetGaming Staff reserve the right to interpret and/or change the rules at any point in time.



General Rules:

  • Random Deathmatch: Do not shoot/damage players without proper reasoning. This also applies to vehicles and vehicle damage. You may not consensually RDM an individual.
  • New Life Rule: You may not use the info from your past lives (Soft or Formal PKs).
    • This mainly applies to events and meta-events. It will not be enforced too much in Passive/Day-to-Day RP unless it becomes an issue.
  • FailRP: FailRP is the term applied to actions which are not realistic in a well roleplayed scenario or actions done outside the normalities and capabilities of a normal individual. Doing so will result in administrative action. (Ex. Running for Shock/CG, Not Following Officers Orders, etc)
    • "Rambo-ing": Non-SOB units with disregard with "life-value" and intentionally taking on more enemies/hostiles than a normal clone/Jedi/individual could reasonably handle; or pushing to far ahead into a large enemy front to skip ahead in an event/deprive others of the event. 
    • ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is strictly prohibited. Any level of this, including minor incidents, will be punished with a FailRP warn.
  • Vigilantism: If you are not a staff member and witness a player breaking the rules, do not intervene. Breaking the rules to stop a rule breaker (such as shooting somebody committing Mass RDM) is still breaking the rules and not allowed. 
    • Exception is granted to CG, Navy, or Officers acting rationally to stop within RP, such as stunning/cuffing, etc.
  • Powergaming/Event Forcing: Falsely calling an event you have no proper authorization to do, in an effort to run an event/roleplay scenario (Ex. Calling Order 66, Falsely Pressing the Base Alarm, Granting Takeoff clearance, Opening/Closing gates/cells without authorization, etc) is not allowed.
  • Meta-Gaming: Using information from Out-of-Character sources, or information your standard clone/jedi/character would not reasonably have, in effort to give yourself or others an advantage (skipping event stages to complete it faster, using OOC chat/information to forward RP).
  • Misuse the Report System: Do not use the /report system unless you have a legitimate issue with another player.
  • Misuse of chat: All /Comms, /Advert, and Radio chat is IN CHARACTER forms of communication. Abusing, or misusing these chat’s may result in IC or OOC punishment.



In-Character Guidelines:

  • Never Shoot Another Brother”: Never raise a weapon at a fellow Clone, Clone Trooper, Jedi, or Naval Personnel. If someone is violating a claim or breaking rules, report them to CG/Officers/Navy and they will direct the report to an OOC (Out-of-Character) situation if needed. 
  • “Never Engage Whilst a Jedi is In-Combat”: Whilst a Jedi is in Close Quarters Battle, you should avoid engaging in targets, near and around them; for their safety.
  • Only use equipment that you are issued, when required”: You may not use another Battalion’s equipment ever, or your own without cause.
    • Example 1: “Grapple Hooks” or “Jetpacks” being used on Base Status 1 with no signs of hostiles. 
    • Example 2: Special items such as Flamethrowers, Jet Packs, Vehicles, and any explosive used outside reasonable RP situations and simulations.



Battalion Rules:

  • Permission to Speak: PTS is a form of communication control used by your officers. When PTS is active, you may not speak without being granted permission to. You may be punished In-Character, or for repeated offenses, muted, following the above guidelines regarding spamming.
  • Self Promotion: Do not appoint yourself to a rank you have not earned. All promotions are logged. Doing so will result in a ban and/or removal of whitelists.
  • Documents: The altering of the documents of your respective faction without permission/valid reasoning is strictly forbidden, and may be considered sabotage. Doing so will result in a 1-week ban and permanent blacklist from said faction
  • Simulations should be done in the simulation rooms. Proper sims are done by gathering players who wish to participate, separating into teams, and doing /advert Sim start in chat once each team is ready. Make sure to claim the Simulation room before initiating sims to avoid confusion should a battalion need it for tryouts.
  • As Non-VIP you may only be 1 Battalion a single time. If you are VIP you may have 1 battalion life and 1 VIP life (Jedi). A Staff/GM member is counted as a VIP and will follow the VIP rules.



Officer/Battalion Command Rules:

  • Promotions: All promotions should have a valid reasoning to back the decision up. Each cooldown must have a reasonable timeframe defined/posted. Officer+ promotions should generally have a minimum of at least 1 week.
  • Demotions: In order for a demotion to take place, you must have valid reasoning to demote, whether they be from in-character, or out-of-character. 3rd Party applications such as Snapchat images.
  • Denial of Tryout: Officers of a given faction that are hosting tryouts hold every right to deny you from joining their faction - their reasoning may be based on anything from your in-game statistics (kill-death) as well as your attitude in 3rd party OOC networks.
  • Second and Third In-Command appointments are up to the current Battalion CO, subject to final Admin Team/Republic Navy approval, and are only open to Officers active within that faction, off of cooldown(s).



Medic Rules:

  • You may not use the defibrillator or revive any event character under any pretense, unless the Gamemaster running the event gives permission prior.



Coruscant Guard Rules:

  • You may not use the stun or cuff any event character under any pretense, unless the Gamemaster running the event gives permission prior.
  • Abusing Cuffs/Jail System outside of proper/valid arrests is not tolerated and may result in removal from CG.
    • Example: Arresting people for fun or "as a joke".
  • You must follow the predetermined jail times and levels of tolerance set in the Republic Law and Punishment Times, overly harsh, exaggerated jail times, charge stacking, etc is not tolerated.



Miscellaneous Rules:

  • Sub-factions & Branches: You may not use /jobs in order to create your own faction, setting yourself apart from other people. The only factions you may join and be a part of are to be found on the F4 menu. In addition, you may not set your job to something that is FailRP. You may only change your job from what it originally is to a proper RP (roleplay) squad name for tryouts/events/missions
  • Advert chat is an in-character chat used for official uses only (Officers using Advert to call tryouts or simulations) and should only be used by officers unless given permission. You may be punished both in-character (Communications Misuse) and/or Out-Of Character (False Advert/FailRP) for misuse of these chats
  • Links in chat: Posting links that are not associated with the Garnet Gaming Forums and/or faction google documents in chat is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a warning for a non-GG link. [It is advised to post links in Private Messages, and avoid them in OOC chat]


Rules are subject to change, all punishments are issued in the best interest of the community and may not be explicitly listed above.

Edited by AlexConway
Finalized Rules - 9/14 with Harus
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