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  1. -1 I do agree with the others on this. I like to scout the place out a bit, then advert when I think nobody is looking (and this may be because they left the front door unlocked and so I'd be standing in the 'lobby' area just inside of the base but before the fading doors). They already have to advert before cracking keypads, picking locks or killing anyone - so it's not as though they will get inside without adverting. I'm not sure I see much reason to enforce this rule, and enforcing it would be tricky as it would need clips to prove every case. If you're worried about people 'insiding' then just make sure they are in your party.
  2. @Jaz- Was the one who trained me during my previous time staffing. Sad to see you go mate, pop back from time to time and hopefully it would be cool to catch up and have a laugh All the best in the meantime
  3. Congratulations everyone! A big congratulations to @Merk and @Derpza on becoming manager, well deserved for both of you! And a shutout to the staff of the month @Enzo @Danny_The_Dog @1998Corolla those are some crazy sit counts! It's been awesome catching up with a lot of people recently and I'm glad to be back. We have some superb managers and a really positive team, even those who've just started are doing a brilliant job - it's great to see!
  4. +1 I think this is a great idea! It will add a lot to the beach / water areas of the map, plus it adds something new for players to experiment with. I'd like to see the designs people come up with. I think Vortex brought up some really good points though, and I have a couple of suggestions which may help: The size limit could be the same as a hobo hut (6x6x6 plate) as that would be in-keeping with the current rules for other classes making it easy to remember I think it's tricky to define what is considered a boat / raft ant this will undoubtedly be a bit of grey area, so while it's a good rule on face-value, I think leaving this rule out may be easier to staff to manage With nerve gas (or similar) what if the rules read "A sailors boat / raft cannot be raided using area-effect weapons (explosives, nerve gas, etc)" as a catch-all? If the size was limited to a 6x6x6 plate then nerve gas would also be a bit OP I think with the water physics, the same rules should apply as per the cave base - "do not require people to swim while cracking keypads and do not make the enemy raiders have to defend themselves while swimming"
  5. +1 I think this makes a lot of sense, especially regarding switching between player models as that would be really useful. I also have a crap joke that I put in my class description that people should check out hehe Good idea!
  6. It's only an idea, my thinking was that like in a lot of games, as you progress to higher levels you become better at a skill, while also adding a new dynamic. I'm open to ideas on that though Just wanted to take into account both sides, and I do see your argument for wanting a stealth style of play. What's your thoughts on the other couple of ideas, a minigame would be fair to all levels if that works better? It would have the bonus of actually having an element of skill to it too
  7. This sounds awesome, it's such an amazing world to dive into with electronics and low-level programming! There's some bits I might be able to help out with and chat about: If you want a great place to start out, I'd highly recommend taking a look at more simple chips like the ATMega328P (used in the Arduino Uno), or ATTiny85 (an 8-pin microcontroller with a surprising amount of features built-in. The great thing about these is that you can program them using the Arduino IDE which is free, using C as the language, and the chips are super cheap + very well documented with a ton of videos and tutorials online. Alternatively you could look into using the PIC range of microcontrollers if you prefer. Either way, it will be a very good and easy introduction and a great place to start - I still dable with these chips even to this day! Yes! Get Linux mate, you wont regret it. There are some really cool pieces of software for Linux which allow you to essentially take the raw data of any 'program' and convert it into assembly (a disassembler), the idea being to aid in reverse-engineering, but of course it's not easy but it will teach you a ton about assembly. Here's a good video on it if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh2RXE9BIN8&t=252s Absolutely, I love tinkering with electronics and I think a few others do here too. There's a ton of resources out there, it depends what kind of thing you're after. For truly old-school electronics, there's archives online of old electronics magazines - and they are still just as useful and relevant today as they were in the 70's, for component-level circuits at least; I'd highly recommend them as they are free and really useful. Of course there's also Reddit groups, Facebook groups, etc. I find Reddit is a great place to ask questions when you get stuck during a project, one of the best resources honestly, as long as you show all of your working and have tried your best then people are generally keen to help you out. I'd also highly recommend EasyEDA for circuit design, it's free and you can use it in your browser, plus you can then convert your circuit into a PCB and order them from China for like $5. Here's one I made recently for a quick project: Youtubers, yes! Here's just a few of my favourites but you'll find loads more: - EEV Blog - Great Scott - Big Clive - ElectroBOOM - Look Mum No Computer Give me a shout if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to try and help you out mate, there's so much out there it's hard to know where to start sometimes
  8. +1 I think it makes sense for cops to be able to drop weapons, given that the individual cop weapons and SWEPs can be configured to be undropable.
  9. +1 I like this idea, it makes sense for it to work across the board for both standard and deployable keypad-crackers. However with that said, I do take on board the reasons why-not. Being sneaky is a legitimate play-style and arguably a fun and exciting way of raiding, so what if something was added to help raiders counteract the security system, in order to be sneaky and avoid setting it off in both cases? For example: Level based chance of disarming the alarm - the higher the raiders level, the greater the chance of 'disarming the alarm' (preventing it from displaying the alert in chat) A 'balaclava perk' available from vending machines which either ensures or gives a greater chance of 'disarming the alarm' A minigame that appears when keypad-craking, a bit like when you lock-pick in fallout, or when you code-break in Cyberpunk - if completed fast enough it won't sound the alarm
  10. +1 I think a list of good / bad laws would be helpful as it can be a bit of a grey area, so it can only be positive. I will add though that I don't think it should be conclusive, it's great to allow players some creativity and I'm sure there's people who could think of a ton of better ideas than I could, so I wouldn't want to take that away from them. This is just an example of the kind of list you could make, maybe if the staff team were to brain-storm a load of decent examples:
  11. Had some awesome times and good laughs with you mate Look after yourself and stay in touch, all the best in the meantime!
  12. Neutral You've made a fantastic application and I think you've given some great reasons for wanting to help the staff team, your ability to self-reflect is ideal, as is your emphasis on ensuring that the staff team works together, these things are so important. You have an enormous amount of hours on the server, and from what I have seen you're a decent guy who likes to have a laugh and put a lot of energy into everything you do. Your referrals from both Alex and Merk speak for themselves, short of asking Garnet, what more could you ask for? Great news. The reason for being neutral is because while I know you've been a great person from all I have seen in the past, I do question how you've received two non-trivial bans in the last two months? How have you been perfect for thousands of hours and suddenly get these two bans? Under normal circumstances (if I didn't know you) it would be a major cause for concern. Did you get mixed up with the wrong people maybe? It just doesn't seem like you, but without having had the chance to catch up or a full explanation here, I just can't give you a +1 just on that basis, but neither do I want to give a -1 based on my experiences with you in the past. It's a real shame because initially when I saw your application I thought to myself "Easy +1 right there". I do wish you the best of luck but I'm going to stay neutral for now.
  13. +1 I like the reasons that you've given for wanting to join the team, you seem to have a genuine care for the betterment of the server which I believe is really important. You mentioned that you were a co-owner of a server previously, I'd like to know what challenges that presented you with and how you managed to overcome them, as this could prove to really set you apart from other applicants - if you want to really stand out. You have good hours on the server and a staff referral from Dog - who's shown himself to be a very helpful and active staff member, so that's good news. You mentioned that you had a ban from a long time ago, but after a quick check it seems this ban was issued last month? I'd like to stress the importance of being upfront and honest, it's crucial that staff can communicate to each other effectively without withholding information which may appear as detrimental to their own position; transparency is key. With that said, it seems to be a one-off and you have plenty of hours in game without issue. Overall and taking on-board everything, I think you'd likely be a great addition to the staff team and so I wish you the best of luck!
  14. -1 On face value, I think it seems like a cool idea; however in practice you'll likely end up with overlapping music where every man and his dog starts playing their own tunes - hence why the DJ is currently limited to a maximum of 3 at any one time
  15. +1 I think it's genuinely a cool idea! Create a decent prize pot, in fact you could even throw in something like a Davey which is a one-off thing, to attract people to try it out. If the tickets were cheap (say $1 each) then it'll be really inclusive and should hopefully attract a large number of participants. How many times have you bought something from the store and wasn't sure what to spend your remaining few credits on? And if you allow people to buy more than one ticket (like any other raffle) then I can see people buying 5 or maybe 10 tickets at a time in the hope of winning, which should only add to the prize pool!
  16. +1 I like this idea, a "raffle ticket" in the donor store type of thing? Sounds awesome
  17. Turkey and stuffing is just Happy Thanksgiving
  18. That's sweet! I've wanted to look deeper into Docker and Kubernetes, I just don't have a decent use-case to dive in and start playing around. Arch looks cool, but yea I can imagine the time it takes to get everything set up perfectly is insane. Cool to see peoples builds though I have to say I have considered dual-booting for gaming, especially with Rust, but otherwise it hasn't been too bad. Hats-off to the guys over at Proton Pretty neat though mate
  19. I decided to swap over to Linux a few months ago, and so far it’s been great in basically every way. With that said, gaming has always been tricky with Linux, and so I thought I’d see if there are any other fellow Linux users and what you run, your configs, and how this works with playing? I run Ubuntu LTS 20.04, and in order to play on GMod, I use the x86 chromium beta with the CEF codec fix, without proton. So far it’s been working great but I’m having a little trouble with my mic which I need to look into, but I’m confident this will be a fairly simple fix. For Rust, I use the latest stable Proton release which works well. Unfortunately though, EAC isn’t compatible with Linux despite the game working perfectly, meaning joining the main servers isn’t possible, but with the Steam Deck around, I have a feeling they may look at supporting it in the future perhaps, if it becomes popular enough (fingers crossed). What do you run, and how’s it working out?
  20. Some awesome updates, top work! I had a blast catching up with everyone this evening and seeing some of the new features
  21. Sorry I hurt your feelings, I just gave my 2 pence on the situation but I have faith things will work out in the end one way or another Cheers for the feedback though!
  22. Im not sure why you feel I left immaturely, I simply exhausted all avenues of civil discussion and so without any big public “look at me” post, I just went on my merry own way and moved on. It was a shame, hundreds / thousands of hours supporting this server had come to an end, and blocking many people prevented unnecessary drama, but of course I kept in touch with many friends I met here. Naturally the story is all one sided hence my brief mention of the true end, and as much as it may pain people, it’s simply the truth. As far as antagonising goes, refer to my messages in the managers chat for plenty of examples the other way round. I’ve always given an honest account. With that said, I do miss our catch ups Garnet, and you put so much work into this community that I just want to see it go well, and hence my post. It’s not in a nasty way, but genuine feedback. I don’t know how to say this without you and others twisting it into ‘toxicity’ so I’ll just say if Proggy came back and someone else left, I’d come back.
  23. All due respect, this is a massive loss and I feel Proggy would have done all that he could to have stayed if it were feasible, knowing how direct yet level-headed he is, I’m sure you’ve had those conversations. There simply won’t be a replacement for him. I appreciate the attempt at damage control but I call a spade is a spade, and this is completely tragic. I do understand that it became non-financially feasible, but you simply won’t find anyone who’ll put 12+ hours a day into Garnet without a wage to pay their food & rent, and anything less comes with compromises which in any case aren’t good. Call me whatever you’d like, but in the place of greatness you’ll have to fill with mediocracy, I saw it coming with Cybers constant power trips which Proggy never did, hence why I got out when I could. There’s still some fantastic people here, but please for your own benefit and that of the server, pick these people wisely and try to reach a compromise with Proggy to objectively reach the best solution. I’ve opened my DM’s again if you’d like to talk one-to-one, no worries if not though.
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