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  1. I keep meaning to drop by the SWRP server. After seeing the amount of time and work you and the rest of the team have put into the server, it sounds pretty awesome! Just need to peel myself away from DarkRP and Rust
  2. Awesome work! The server is running better than ever and I'm pushing 200+ FPS with improved latency (which is important to me, given I'm in the UK) and a higher tick rate, all combined to make for smooth gaming This is honestly great. Plus I'm so happy the cinema is back too
  3. When one chapter ends, another begins. The story goes on ❤️

    1. Wess


      Hope all is well friend! 


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      The story does seem to still continue on afterall... ❤️ 

  4. This is a truly awesome update, top work!
  5. I've only gone and got myself the Santa hat! I'm a bit late to reply, but this is an epic update and I'm collecting as much candy as I can carry
  6. This is awesome! Need to get my self a snowman hat, I’ll tell work I have a ‘head cold’ until I get it hehe For real though, this is a sweet update!
  7. Neat idea with the prefix, it's nice for new players to know who's staffing on the server and hopefully it'll show a fantastic presence from the team. I'm hyped that the events are back too! We had a great time before and it will certainly boost the activity during low-pop times! Awesome update!
  8. This is epic! Tons of great features and fixes, I love it! Bit early for the Xmas map though @Nutter , it’s still November hehe I’ll do this as soon as I get home from work, spread the word!
  9. Awesome update! Genuinely over the moon that you've added duration support for /gag and /mute, in the past when there's been a group of minges I've literally been writing down the times I've muted them at, so I can fairly and equally un-mute them individually at 3 / 5 / 10 min intervals, so this alone is great. Love the other commands and fixes though, the 'oopsie ban' especially is brilliant lmao
  10. Just bought a new motorbike! Seriously can't wait to go for a ride out 😁

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  11. Solid update which will keep things running smoothy and fairly Cheers
  12. Awesome update! It’s great that you’ve managed to rebuild a lot of the systems to be super optimised, and make things look really good too in the process. Well done to you and Proggy for finding the exploiter and good news about the Super-Duper fix. Can’t wait to see how Bizzy does with the new Party System, that would be amazing to have everything re-done for sure! Can’t wait to get back on and check it all out
  13. This update is genuinely awesome! I can't wait to get back on and check this out, the map with the backrooms system and pumpkin hat looks sweet! Also thank you Bizzy for fixing the tax system
  14. I was playing with some ideas before I headed off to work away, there’s a ton of cool things and themes to do. Brilliant idea! Hopefully I’ll be able to get back soon and set something up, but if not, I can’t wait to see what others make
  15. Awesome update I actually thought it was hilarious watching everyone panic after hearing the explosion when levelling up haha. Great idea with the premium points for prestiging, I need to get my top hat back and may as well level up in the process! Glad the duel system is fixed, and the alerts for a claimed printer are a good idea too. Plus of course the poop addon lmao. Epic work as always
  16. Golden nuggets.... they taste YeeeeHaw!
  17. Just been chatting about these updates with some others and this is awesome! I know how much the points shop was loved in City, I'm looking forward to seeing it in DarkRP and maybe spending some of my money lol! Trust you to add the poo hahaha I can just imagine you and Bizzy throwing poo at each other in a test server haha, that's hilarious! I can't wait to see the results lmao. The new totems are sweet, and a free printer totem is a fantastic idea! I'm honestly excited to see that the report system now makes a sound when one comes in, this is genuinely going to be really helpful during the quiet periods where a report only comes in every hour maybe, and I'm often tabbed out chatting in discord etc, so it's great to know I can jump right back in to help out. The other fixes are great too and glad they are all sorted. Top work as always, cheers
  18. I’ve only just seen this, I must have missed in on the first read! That’s awesome, thank you. These really help when trying to make screen art or just otherwise comedic scenes in single player. If there’s one for CityRP then I’ll do something for that too.
  19. Awesome work! Really appreciate the work put in to add these updates
  20. The vehicle retrieving system works really well, I remember you telling me about it in-game and it was an absolute god send! Especially with the number of times I lost my car haha I'm glad that this has been added! I can't see any decent reason to pick up a car and propminge with it, so it will save the staff team a lot of issues, allowing them to focus on positive things as I belive this has been quite commonplace. CityRP is such a good laugh, I've really enjoyed playing on there. Hopefully the pop is maintained especially through the summer when it should be naturally higher. Personally I need to increase my staffing on DarkRP as I've been playing on CityRP a fair amount this week but as xFish said, always trying to support this awesome server through donations and otherwise. I'll look into doing another giveaway of sorts as that was a really good laugh last time
  21. Last night was such a good laugh! I woke up this morning and couldn't wait to jump back in Great updates too!
  22. Big celebrations for the Queens Platinum Jubilee! 😃 

  23. Awesome updates, I can’t wait to try out the new dual system, and I’m excited to see everyone’s builds too! The extended sit timer is much needed, while most sits take a couple of minutes, uploading clips always takes a while and happens often, which accounts for the majority of active-expired sits, so this is reassuring. And funny enough I did wonder where the totems had gone, I assumed I was just unlucky and never spotted one haha! Glad they are back The day/night cycle will be cool to see, time for a bit of dodgy dealing on a poorly-lit street And it’s a shame if the loading screen may be casing low-pop, I personally really liked it but I understand your theory and it’s worth trying to see if it helps for sure, it would be nice to see the pop back up again! Thank you @Nutter and @Bizzy for your hard work, brilliant updates as always!
  24. I thought the same thing in fairness and did the same as you Abides, but I just re-read the original post… This would open up some other opportunities if it’s whatever assets are on the server (including blacklist but without additional downloads). I’d be up for making another submission if that’s the case and if more suggestions are welcome?
  25. Who would have thought that the Garnet Gaming logo makes a great PvP arena? This is my entry for a 1v1 - 3v3 arena! 50 props exactly. I also took a quick clip of me mowing down some combine for a laugh https://streamable.com/rdebm9
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