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  1. You were a great manager dude. Was a pleasure serving aside you sir. Hope your life always goes well
  2. You already know how to get ahold of me. Peace bro
  3. We're going, okay?! But seriously, enjoy your retirement! You deserve it Dat Alley was tight asf.
  4. Couldn't agree more @Merk Happy to go out knowing the staff team got some heat to it. I'd like to Thank everyone again for the kind words, I know Ya'll got this.
  5. Ya’ll I’m fr so happy I wondered upon this great fucking community. I’ve grew so much as a person in these years of interacting with you all. I joined in one of the lowest times of my life and some of you know what I’m talking about. I’m the best version I’ve ever been these days and it’s only up from here. I’m talking like I’m leaving the server but THIS IS JUST A RESIGNATION! ya’ll know I’ll be on from time to time still I really ain’t going no where. I’ll haunt this server for as long as it stays up for all I’m concerned Love all of you, thank you so much for all the kind words
  6. Ok so after much trial and thought ive decided its best for me to resign from staffing. I started Garry's Mod and GarnetGaming during Covid and eventually fell in love with the game and this glorious community. Although I may have never achieved manager, the experience here has made me so comfortable with people management that I actually achieved a manager position IRL!! So of course with my work schedule I don't really have much time to maintain my status as Admin. Ive been staffing for almost 4 years and now, I became leader of SAUCE one of the coolest clans on the server, met so many cool people that I fully intend on keeping up with. THIS IS NOT GOODBYE, GUYS!! I fully intend to get on and check in on my favorite people and maintain my clan. I truly thank you Garnet.. from the bottom of my heart!! Too all of my Sauce Clan guys, I'm still gonna be around so pls don't worry!! @hooboododoMartian@Sauce AceFUBAR@Gordita@Dan Gardner@PolarICE@sat11@Depot@X12_@Fatgood(everyone else i could'nt find on here) @NutterThanks for keeping the dream alive, couldnt thank you enough for starting such a cool thing here. Keep in touch my friend. @stretchyMy Friend, thanks for always being so cool and easy to talk to. A true person thats totally not an AI @Merk I'm sorry I couldn't hold up my duties at the end, its been such a pleasure to serve beside you all these years. I know you got this!! @KingMash Pls hit me up sometime man, never forget the "International Hours" and I hope you and your family are always well my friend. @ajbedheadone of the coolest guys ive met in gaming tbh, you know how to get ahold of me bro. stay cool @smileefaceAlways glad to have met you, ill never forget jiggleneck either xD, hmu dude. @Payphone@Vortex@CorbzzMy HG homies. thank you guys for always being cool to chill with, i'm down to game with ya'll anytime @BINLADINHOEYou better be forever grateful for that Matador bro!! lol but i'm more than sure i'll be seeing you around. @Rosie You better take care of yourself miss!! pls feel free to msg me anytime @Fetn you already know what it is bro, you'll see me in your streams randomly again lol. stay cool. @AustinWe had some chill times dude, msg me anytime. plus your music is dope. @raqiFuckin hilarious and a cool dude, Hope you're out there killin' it whatever you're doing now. @Gl1tchHow could i leave the team without thanking the person who convinced me to staff in the first place. I hope you're okay, please keep in touch. Love you homie @TheBigMikeOne of my closest friends ive met, super hilarious and fun to play with lets play something soon dude. @PlagueMy homie for life as far as i'm concerned. Probably one of my best friends ive met online. We gotta chill again soon. @KoiFishMy dude! One of the first people I met on the server, Lets get on and reek some havoc sometime. also just super chill. @AdricNot sure if you play or get on forums but i'll always cherish our talks man. My favorite Singing Shark All my banned homies, you know who you are if you can somehow see this, know that I cherished all the good times we had while they lasted anyone else I may have forgotten I deeply apologize, This aint really goodbye anyways so I'm sure ill see you guys around. THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!!!
  7. I feel like @Gildarts deserves the TS Award of most time spent. Even when the TS is gone he'll still be in it. But anywho, adios TS. I think i'll uninstall it.
  8. Such a fucking good guy. Definitely earned this retirement, fr. Much love, I got you on disc so I'll chat at ya later on. Thanks for everything
  9. ahh the mysterious one.. ive pretty much SEEN you since the jump. You seem to like Fairy Tail and thats cool. if this is a serious app i'll +1 it.
  10. +1 seen this person around quite a bit in the past. never seen any trouble with this one lets give him a shot
  11. +1 See Bossmiles app for my reasoning** bring em back
  12. +1 love these guys Made great staff before will make great staff now
  13. Thanks for your service and time @stretchy Good job guys, keep it up!
  14. +1 i didn't refer him but im referring him anyway,
  15. I was just the guy who put the ban thru. Dog should answer this appeal I'd tag him but there are too many Dog related accounts. Good luck, Gordita.
  16. LOVE YOU WUB!!! what a guy, thanks for all your help on DRP and for being a Sauce OG.
  17. -1 Tobey's Spiderman was like the worst one Everyone knows Tom Holland owns that shit now
  18. Confirming my referral Lets go buddy
  19. Now this is certainly a surprise. Trying to wrap my head around it. Thanks for everything my friend For believing in me and being a good person to talk to. I'm always a message away if you ever wish to do so.
  20. Baked what a man you are. Its been a joy to staff alongside you man You always got my upmost respect. Keep it real bro.
  21. Depot you absolutely are a pillar of this community. A cherished member of Sauce The resident Yellow guy Glad you are stepping away to manage your mental health I hope the toxic and scummy individuals you are referring to get what they deserve. Thanks for everything.
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