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  1. Thanks for your service and time @stretchy Good job guys, keep it up!
  2. +1 i didn't refer him but im referring him anyway,
  3. I was just the guy who put the ban thru. Dog should answer this appeal I'd tag him but there are too many Dog related accounts. Good luck, Gordita.
  4. LOVE YOU WUB!!! what a guy, thanks for all your help on DRP and for being a Sauce OG.
  5. Hopefully you can stay drama-free this time and act with more maturity. I'm extremely observant and take notice to peoples actions and how they react to opposition. Neutral -1 After the SWRP incident had been brought up it certainly isnt a good look I hope you take things more into consideration next time.
  6. -1 Tobey's Spiderman was like the worst one Everyone knows Tom Holland owns that shit now
  7. Confirming my referral Lets go buddy
  8. Now this is certainly a surprise. Trying to wrap my head around it. Thanks for everything my friend For believing in me and being a good person to talk to. I'm always a message away if you ever wish to do so.
  9. Baked what a man you are. Its been a joy to staff alongside you man You always got my upmost respect. Keep it real bro.
  10. Depot you absolutely are a pillar of this community. A cherished member of Sauce The resident Yellow guy Glad you are stepping away to manage your mental health I hope the toxic and scummy individuals you are referring to get what they deserve. Thanks for everything.
  11. Sauce4L right? Take care sweetheart
  12. @Nutter You beautiful man Thank you for seeing our boy through. and a killer patch altogether it is.
  13. Always a message away bro. take care
  14. +1 its the coolest thing ive ever seen on the server
  15. Happy Bithday to me 🥳

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    2. hooboododoMartian


      happy b day big dawg

    3. Jbhh


      Happy B day Ghostiee

    4. Hoal


      hop on gg forums just for saying hbd to you homie

  16. I dont think thats even half a paragraph my dawg, -1
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