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  1. it had to be done i massed and banned all the feds @Chicaa21no need to react the deed has been done
  2. yep the past 3 months every time I have based I was raided by people no clipping into my base and somehow being a lvl 1 with matadors blowing everything up
  3. bored and tired of getting insided by cheaters, will come back full time once there is a anti cheat. Nothing is happening to the cheaters with CLEAR EVIDENCE! Prime Example: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/1CEAhrhMeRBpPT/d1337zgMsVer?invite=cr-MSxCUG4sMjA0ODkwNTUxLA
  4. coming back at a good time staff is needed and we r in need of good staff +1
  5. +1 been playing for a while he knows his stuff
  6. +1 chill sts member and pretty good app
  7. Torq

    Jazzo Staff App

    No way ur back staffing But hey we need staff so +1 and he was reliable back then
  8. Guy is a legend on the server will never be forgotten wish u the best please hmu to play other games
  9. +1 surprised ur applying but he is staff material
  10. Pretty ez to raid rn just raid with people who know what there doing (not trying to sound like a dick just true)
  11. Torq

    Dlore nerf

    I mean it already got nerfed u never get one shots anymore now it takes like 3 shots and if I’m paying 30$ it’s not gonna be a shit gun
  12. Torq

    Dlore nerf

    -1 fuck no im not paying 30 dollars for a gun that has already been nerfed and u want it nerfed even more. hell no
  13. vortex well said down below
  14. they have been out for a month lmao
  15. the time has come to let the old school jerry come back
  16. +1 only good interactions with this guy and seems like he really wants to help
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