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  1. -1 I honestly think deployable keypad crackers shouldn't even have a notification. realistic measures imo should stay.
  2. wsg garnut fam 🤟🤙

  3. Wess

    Dlore nerf

    -1 You can obtain it without having to spend irl currencies. Regardless its fair all around. Save credits , or buy boxes. I'd always get a dlore when i was opening up boxes.
  4. Not against punishment lol? Just don't agree on Perma bans for this particular issue.
  5. Im about the drama 😂

  6. -1 First amendment. l o l
  7. Wess

    Megabasing Rule edit

    -1 Just don't see a need for all the sky bridges lol
  8. Give me spooky vape clouds right neow +1
  9. +1 It only makes sense for the logical pursue rule.
  10. Wess

    Staff Application

    -1 This guy was mass rdming late last night lol.... Goodluck!
  11. zzZzZzzzZzzz

  12. +1 Give us more colors mane
  13. +1 Part of the wiggles gang. 10/10 would recommend. Previously staff and did wonderful. Goodluck =D
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