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  1. To try and keep it short and simple Its my last summer with my high school friends and I dont have much time to be cooped up in my room playing video games. The last 6-7 months coming back to SWRP have been a blast and hopefully during my time back I made somewhat of an impact on the server or player base which has always been my goal. There's lots of shoutouts I could make but for the sake of my fingers I will only do a few. @Nutter good luck with everything boss man, hope all is well. @AlexConway been a huge help to the revival of swrp, also a good dude. @Quads Well deserved spot as director, you'll do great things. Have fun but remember that playing video games shouldn't control your life. Tdizz out
  2. +1 Mysterio has been a great long time member of the community, I could only see him contributing positively.
  3. Good job on pushing out these updates, really awesome content!
  4. +1 While the paragraph is lacking a little bit, your events make up for them. Good luck!
  5. DENIED After careful consideration of your ban appeal from the operator division, we have come to the conclusion that your ban will stay (and should be extended longer) we appreciate your appeal but we'd prefer you take those strange fetishes to another community. Good riddance!
  6. -1 This is the clone wars btw I would suggest trying to do the 2 paragraphs on your own It seems ChatGBT has butchered your application.
  7. +1 Honestly a decent idea, I support.
  8. +1 Well written, good events - You'd be a great addition!
  9. +1 Massive +1 - Matrixz has been a long time player of the server, recognized many times for great leadership and has solid events.
  10. +1 Token is a great member of the 501st, has displayed leadership and maturity. I have no doubt Token would be a great addition.
  11. tdizz

    Ban appeal

    DENIED After careful consideration of your ban appeal from the operator division, we've came to an agreement that your ban will stay. After sufficient evidence was shown along with the in-game staff member telling us you shifted blame on other battalions for your actions it leads us to believe this was intentional. Thank you for taking the time to appeal.
  12. -1 Honestly I see no point in changing things that dont need fixing, Gmod isn't real life and there's no reason to try and justify a change because of it. Build some "Hobo Shacks" get your tip jar out and do some dumpster diving, pretty simple.
  13. Neutral The event look pretty good, the paragraph lacks effort siding me more neutral. I'd suggest you edit it and add more.
  14. -1 From what i've seen on the forums your behavior is provocative and immature. I would suggest you lay off the status updates, toxic comments and just reform a little more before going back to staffing.
  15. +1 Pretty solid events, and good experience as GM. Good Luck!
  16. Big +1 Confirming my referral, Rayniy is extremely mature and has shown a great knowledge of RP. Along with good past experiences as staff.
  17. +1 As Johnny stated, maybe add some detail to the event. Other than that you'd be a great new addition!
  18. some really great changes here. For the Republic!
  19. +1 Really love this application along with the detail of events, I think you'd be great on our GM team.
  20. what are you doin on here 👀

  21. -1 I have nothing wrong with you or the application, I just think due to some recent events its best you wait a little bit before applying again. You have a tendency of joining then leaving pretty quickly. Other than that good luck!
  22. Big congrats to everyone, great month and happy Easter!
  23. +1 You've displayed great leadership and done admirable rp, im sure you would make a great gm.
  24. Congrats to all, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished for the server!
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