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  1. Peace out #LL SALT #freesalt 

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    2. IAreGunner


      hell nah dont free

    3. ajbedhead


      I want free salt, especially on my fries. 🧂

    4. Fatgood



  2. -game name: salteeeensSteamID (https://steamid.io/): idk i just got bannedStaff members in-game name: dannyStaff members SteamID (https://garnetgaming.net/darkrp/bans) (/id (name):Date & Time of incident: 2/7/24 2:00 AMTimezone: ESTBan Reason: mfkHow long were you banned for?: 2 weeksProof of Ban: its on the websiteWhat happened? (include any proof) danny had no proof i mfk, i had a base and deleted it. The people that reported me had 0 evidence shown to me
  3. +1 no brainer, if people are generous enough to donate to gmod server they should know what they’re getting 100%
  4. Was gonna neutral because of exg but I see some +1’s from respected members of the community so here’s my +1
  5. Salteeeens

    Dlore nerf

    Days without a nerf dlore post: 0
  6. Call me with the bat signal when you need me
  7. -1 low hours and awful colors making the app hard to read good luck tho
  8. +1 perfect fit for the staff team. Amazing application. Good luck
  9. Neutral don’t really know you also 8-9 hours a day is gonna burn you out fast nobody expects that from you good luck
  10. +1 footlong Italian herb and cheese coldcut, pepperjack double toasted, add pickle banana pepper and Mayo. Double choc cookie and a powerade. Also bring back the chipotle southwest sauce thanks.
  11. +1 never had an issue with this guy, reputation speaks for itself. Also +1's from trusted community members. Good luck!
  12. -1 missing a important question. -1 until then
  13. Salteeeens


    to the people disagreeing with my post please explain how this is not just bounty hunter
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