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  1. let me massrdm or i retire

  2. yes i still lurk around here from time to time. im doing alright at the moment.

  3. love you guys

  4. I'm currently in an university classroom where this boring old ass Englishman is teaching me politics of the Middle East so just wanted to quickly say hello.

    1. PraetorDon


      Hearts of Iron IV can teach you the same thing for free!

  5. watched scarface for the first time last night, it was pretty average

  6. im glen quagmire


  7. do we go back to mrp

    1. Ozzy


      Python is around and Murray just came back 👀

    2. AwesomeAidan0221


      definitely gonna hop on the server sometime this weekend

  8. hello

    1. Python


      Hello Mr Cox's  

    2. Toyto


      Hello Mr Cox

  9. want some sloppy?

  10. Had to deal with mono for the last 2 weeks. Absolute living hell. 

  11. took a big shit today

    1. Jake


      same bro i pushed these demons out



  12. yall remember that mf named bee movie?

    1. Salmon


      Jerry Seinfeld?

  13. premier league goated

  14. Does anybody here actually think Duolingo is a good source for learning languages? I am using Babbel to learn Spanish before I go back to college this fall to take Spanish 1 & 2, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a language learning app.

    1. tdizz


      duolingo is the best ong

    2. aidanpoppas123


      I'm pretty sure Rosetta Stone is the best but online learning things are significantly worse than in person language learning 

    3. ShankNinja


      I think DuoLingo is FANTASTIC if you know a little about the language already, at least for the Spanish Course. It took my highschool Spanish and went from there and I've already dusted my skills off and began improving. Plus it's free!

  15. I love learning Spanish!

  16. persona 4 golden was a masterpiece

  17. took another big shit. ass was satisfied. #bigshit #asswassatisfied

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    2. Python


      you ok big guy?

    3. AwesomeAidan0221


      Shitting ain’t the only thing that can satisfy your ass 😩😏

    4. Gythem


      Ate a whole bag of Hot Cheetos earlier without even realizing what I was doing. Going to have a fun time on the toilet. 

  18. took a big shit today

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    2. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Ozzy thank you for your concerns mr. oz, i will update you on my next piss

    3. Python


      Congrats its about time 


  19. Wish I would’ve become friends with you. At least you’re happy now ❤️

  20. jschlatt is a funny guy

    1. Aparh


      you remind me of jschlatt

  21. How has online school been treating you guys?

    So far, my grades this spring semester have been very good. Last semester I even managed to make deans list. Online school has been easy for me since I can use all the online sources I want without a whole lot of resistance.

    I've been thinking about also minoring in history next fall, it's something I love as much as video games, so why not expand my knowledge farther? After all, a CIA representative told me so 😉

    1. Theta2


      I'm failing half my classes and even now that im in person I'm finding it hard to catch up.

    2. Aparh


      wtf is a deans list? I've had a good year so far, unweighted GPA for the first semester was 3.7 so i ain't tripping 🚫 🧢

    3. Jared Cox

      Jared Cox

      @Aparh essentially I was the top 20% of my freshmen class by GPA, this could potentially mean I get more scholarship money for next fall

  22. hey big guy

    1. AwesomeAidan0221


      Why was the chicken not able to cross the road? 



      because I kicked him, beat the fuck outta dat bitch. I don’t care, I don’t.

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