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  1. It’s not my department so I wouldn’t know if you have, but have you escalated your concerns to Proggy and/or Garnet? If there are people in positions of power and trust dismissing genuine claims of harassment then that’s an issue that would be dealt with swiftly.
  2. People harassing you or anyone for that matter would fall under the communities punishment for harassment. Being targeted for a physical or mental characteristic certainly is not okay and behavior we wish to keep off our servers. If you’re a recipient of such harassment, please gather proof and report it to the appropriate management. If you’re under the impression that we can gather the proof, whether it be logs or what have you, let us know and we will do our due diligence.
  3. Been awhile since there was a post here. Want to post my updated working sets. Haven’t 1RM’d in a minute because I workout solo unfortunately. Bench : 3x4-6 @ 225 Back Squat : 3x6-8 @ 245 Incline DB : 3x8 @ 75ea Military Press : 3x10 @ 95 Goals by end of May: Bench : 3x8 @ 235 Back Squat : 3x8 @ 275 Incline DB : 3x8 @ 90ea Military Press : 3x10 @ 115 ——————————— And to make this more interesting, I’ll drop $100 in giveaways per goal I miss.
  4. Waiting for the next slander vid is like staring at a microwave waiting for your food to finish. Time feels slowed down.

  5. Ozzy

    You're welcome! (for reading)

    1. eli_


      Thank you so much sir this has been the greatest honor of my life. (For reading)

  6. He’s also a frequent curator of events and operations so he’s fs also thankful for the GM tool fixes.
  7. Eat ass nerd. I will abuse until you get Orion camo.
  8. Found my 13th reason. Also so far, the 37 Experimental changes have proven to work as intended
  9. Yo this dude is mad positive. Emanating immaculate vibes.

    1. ajbedhead


      Positive aspects only from this fellow iranian. 

    2. Proggy


      special is a nice fella indeed.



      One could say he is rather Special 


      I’ll see myself out now

  10. Hello! My friends and I are big into escape rooms and I’ve recently done my 50th. It crossed my mind that something similar could be made on Garry’s Mod and could be fun to make and eventually play. So here are the details: Rewards (Obviously the most important detail): 1st Place: 60 Credits 2nd Place: 30 Credits 3rd Place: 10 Credits Rules The judges will include myself and then any executives available. Priority would be Garnet > Proggy > Executive for the server > Executive for the player’s main server (If different) > Other Executives. Your room's max occupancy can be whatever you’d like but must be at least 2. *You can prepare your room to be spawned and completed by the judges on any Garnet Gaming server.* You will have access to all* of the tools available to us via Staff Commands. ie: Giving weapons, teleporting, setting health, etc. The commands will be available and run for you within reason. You should not build a room that requires 4 GMs constantly running commands. You’re welcome to utilize all the props that aren’t blacklisted, tools like textscreens/pulleys/ropes/etc, and NPCs*. Tips Connect with the staff team for the server you are going to attempt to build on. Double check what tools and assets are available for their use and subsequently your use. The last thing you want is to build something in Single Player and it not be allowed on the server. Make it a dupe If you’re going to have different rooms (highly recommended), you should make them as different Dupes if possible. That way your prop limit and what not will be refreshed. ie: If we are meant to walk through a door into another room, you can remove your first room and spawn your second room at no penalty. Rubric - What you will be graded on: Creativity: How well did you utilize the tools available to you. Entertainment: What features made us laugh, jump, think, say wow. Story/Theme: How well did you set up the ambience and did the room capture the story. Difficulty: Was it a cakewalk? Did it require Einstein? We’re Goldilocks and we want it juuust right. This event runs through the end of the month and playthroughs will begin in October!
  11. You should make your MRP title "Admiral Sir DeathsALot" and paint your face with a giant pink skull

    1. Shin_Tsukimi


      dumb idea of the day by me, I felt stupid just writing this

    2. Ozzy


      Just for you my next Event Character will be Admiral Ser Deathsolaught. 🫡

  12. CAUSE NOSTALGIA BITCH! FUCK YOU!! Good map btw. Maybe I’ll change your role in the Staff Discord finally.
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