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  1. Praying for Nathan MacKinnon injury 

    1. Ozzy


      He’s winning the Hart 😮‍💨 cry aboot it

    2. chaewon


      pasty surely not cope

    3. chaewon


      Glory glory oilers

  2. Y’all really need to take advantage of this update! The content is amazing and the limited-time gear is a nice flex.
  3. Well shit… My goals had to change due to my career but I’m a man of my word. I barely missed on squats, failing on my 3rd set after 4. Bench I missed by only doing 3 on my 2nd set. The other two goals I hit! So… there’s $200 up for grabs! Event: 8 contestants will be selected at random to receive $25 in credits! How to Enter: Post a video of yourself exercising! That’s it. You can block out your face, wear a mask, etc. As long as there’s a way to prove the video isn’t straight from the internet, your video counts. So if you aren’t going to show your face, I ask that you maybe write your forums name on a paper and put it in frame. Bonus Entries!: Here’s the fun part! Every video you post will count as an entry. However they cannot be from the same day. So if you are doing multiple entries, please include a way to verify the date. ie: show a phone or Alexa with the date. Meaning you can have up to 8 entries for the contest and potentially win all $200 Dates: Starts today 6/23 through next Friday, 6/30! Good luck everyone At the advice of my Trusted advisor @Shwade, I have been asked to bar @shax999from participation as he is currently not natty.
  4. They’re wrong whomever they are. Wasn’t a rule under me and in talking with the current heads, it’s still not a thing. So I apologize for their ignorance wasting your time.
  5. Talking over bodies is not and has never been a rule. The only warn you could get is for toxicity which only ever happens if you’re overly toxic or someone has something against you. There doesn’t need to be a rule change cause there is no rule, but I guess it can be further clarified (for the 36th time) that reporting for “talking over bodies” is not a thing. TL:DR: “Get fucked” to your buddy or someone of reasonable skill will not get you warned. “Holy shit you’re so fucking ass just uninstall, shitter” to a random person / new player would get you warned like the douche you are if you pull that.
  6. Thinking a lot about Qurush on Spellcast

  7. [MRP] Reserves System Effective Immediately: All past reserves will be wiped in 30 days. Players are still welcome to come off reserves within those 30 days. If you come off reserves you are subject to evaluations by the faction leader to make sure you meet today’s standards. This means you may not be an O-1 immediately and could be placed anywhere between E-1 & O-1. Moving Forward: Reserves will be granted for the following reasons: Player has a legitimate life event or factor that is preventing them from playing the game. The player wishes to take an extended break from the server. Rules: You may not join or progress in another faction while on reserves. It is a global rank lock. When you return from reserves, you will have the same rank as when you left. You may only request Reserves once per tenure in a faction. IE: If you request reserves once in Green Beret, you may not do it again unless you completely leave GB and return at a later date. Reserves last 90 days, at which point they will be removed. You may extend your Reserve time with valid reasoning. Burnout is not a valid reason. Things like deployment or PC issues are. Reserves are granted solely by the Faction Leader, who must notify executives so they can properly document the time and reason. Consistently playing (Circa 5hr/week) while on reserves will result in your status being changed from Reserve to Active. Faction Leaders May request reserves HOWEVER upon returning, they will be demoted 2 ranks. O-11 > O-9 and O-6 > O-4 respectively. When going on reserves they must immediately appoint a successor. The successor must approve the request in this case.
  8. Co-MVPs Jack JJ > S. Mod: Led the staff team in sits! Great work! Cheeks > Trial Admin: Led the staff team in sits! Great work! Promotions Smity > Senior Admin Shwade > Senior Admin Propane > Admin Bishop > Admin Papamid > Admin Cheeks > Trial Admin Deathwish > Lead Mod Draco > Lead Mod Carlman > Senior Mod Arma > Mod Wendy > Mod Jimmy > Mod Spencer > Mod Scratch > Mod Tage > Mod Extended Terms Huntinguy = Lead Admin Fonza = Senior Admin Mr Tootoot = Admin Joe = Admin Reynolds = Senior Mod CBRN = Mod Snakeman = Trial Mod Hog = Trial Mod Towelie = Trial Mod Demotions/Resignations Ozzy > Resigned Bowl > Resigned Benkei > Resigned Shax > Resigned Maxi > Removed NPC Spawner Guys Brian = Assistant GM Director Nelson > Senior GM Blackprince = Senior GM Dillan = GM Tuna = GM Lame > GM Binladinhoe = Trial GM Benz = Trial GM Python < Resigned
  9. It’s not my department so I wouldn’t know if you have, but have you escalated your concerns to Proggy and/or Garnet? If there are people in positions of power and trust dismissing genuine claims of harassment then that’s an issue that would be dealt with swiftly.
  10. People harassing you or anyone for that matter would fall under the communities punishment for harassment. Being targeted for a physical or mental characteristic certainly is not okay and behavior we wish to keep off our servers. If you’re a recipient of such harassment, please gather proof and report it to the appropriate management. If you’re under the impression that we can gather the proof, whether it be logs or what have you, let us know and we will do our due diligence.
  11. Ozzy

    [MRP] Gargalon

    AcceptedFaction leaders deserve a little differentiation and reward for sticking with the server and contributing to their factions. The loadouts you proposed look fine to me as well.
  12. Accepted With killstreaks being added, we will look into a Juggernaut option. As for a "care package" that is open to anyone during war... I'm hesitant. But a weapons cache or something of the sorts during peacetime can be accomplished once PES is finally back working and I can make that happen.
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