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[Community Event] Global | Putting My Money Where My Muscle Is

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Well shit…


My goals had to change due to my career but I’m a man of my word. I barely missed on squats, failing on my 3rd set after 4. Bench I missed by only doing 3 on my 2nd set. The other two goals I hit!


So… there’s $200 up for grabs! 


Event: 8 contestants will be selected at random to receive $25 in credits! 

How to Enter: Post a video of yourself exercising! That’s it. You can block out your face, wear a mask, etc. As long as there’s a way to prove the video isn’t straight from the internet, your video counts. So if you aren’t going to show your face, I ask that you maybe write your forums name on a paper and put it in frame.


Bonus Entries!: Here’s the fun part! Every video you post will count as an entry. However they cannot be from the same day. So if you are doing multiple entries, please include a way to verify the date. ie: show a phone or Alexa with the date.

Meaning you can have up to 8 entries for the contest and potentially win all $200 💵


Dates: Starts today 6/23 through next Friday, 6/30!


Good luck everyone 💪🏻


At the advice of my Trusted advisor @Shwade, I have been asked to bar @shax999from participation as he is currently not natty.

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