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  1. Confirming my Referral
  2. -1 super toxic player...
  3. Accepted There was no proof of the MassRDM so you will be unbanned soon. @THEHUNTINGUY @Python @Fonza Please Lock & Move
  4. Tage is the definition of overdoing it. At times, it's very apparent that he's overwhelmed with the server, but who wouldn't feel this way when you put in as much time and commitment as he does on a daily basis? I see no issue with wanting to try different things; although he made an unexpected and sudden commitment to another server for a while, it was short-lived. I see no issue with him wanting to join back, especially knowing what the output of his work ethic is. Confirming my Referral.
  5. -1 To the gun changes they’re both in a good spot right now. +1 To model changes definitely a needed change
  6. Denied You're probably a lil kid so ill give you this one chance if you can stay within the garnet community and build a good reputation on another garnet server. We can entertain an unban in a year. @THEHUNTINGUY @Python Please Lock & Move!
  7. You probably meant to post this in shitpost central
  8. Accepted Reduced Ban to Two Days | This definitely wasn't intentional so I have changed your ban from MassRDM to NonMalMass @THEHUNTINGUY Please Lock & Move
  9. Accepted Sorta Accepted, NITRP isn't a two-week ban so your ban will be reduced to 4 days since you already have done some time. Please Lock & Move @THEHUNTINGUY
  10. +1 Confirming My Referral
  11. -1 Copy Paste of Old App
  12. Many of us are trying to figure out a solution right now to combat the use of the base faction WL for players on SOC and Vets. We primarily want these whitelist to be used by the newer players not to be hogged up by players with mosin or orsis.
  13. I suggested two for ghost because it takes out one less 10 Mag Sniper on the server plus all of the DMR and Sniper classes are limited to 2 outside of donors. Little to no coverage on this map for objectives such as TC and Comms and by giving supports the smokes to give players with guns coverage to push up onto the OBJ. This change can repurpose this role and finally have some purpose outside of people using it for meds with donors.
  14. Suggestion: Mission System & GLua Implementation Description: https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/missions-challenge-your-players Reasons: Implementing a mission system can add a layer of depth and engagement for players. Create a list of objectives: Brainstorm a list of objectives that players can undertake. These objectives should be challenging but achievable, and they should require players to work together. Objectives could include rescuing hostages, destroying enemy assets, capturing strategic locations, or providing support to friendly troops. Integrate rewards: Integrate rewards for completing missions, such as in-game money, XP, or special items. This will encourage players to work together and complete missions. Overall, implementing a mission system on the server will require planning and testing. However, when done right, it can create an engaging and immersive gameplay experience for players. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/gluapack When a player joins a server, the game must load all of the required resources, such as maps, models, and textures. This process can be slow, especially if the server has a lot of custom content. By using GLua to optimize the loading of resources, you can reduce the time it takes to load the game and make the player's experience smoother. GLua heavily reduces the amount of Lua files needed to download to load into the server. This will drastically help players who don't have the best PCs, and it also won't hurt to take off a few seconds from just about everybody else, even if they have NASA machines.
  15. Suggestion: QOL Changes Description: Faction Classes Reworks Taliban Changes : Cap Sniper to 4 through 5; Increase Damage to 125 (Balance); Make it First Shot Accurate (Balanced Edit; Sniper Heavy Map + An Easy Accessible Class for Newer Players) Taliban Army: Support Gets Three CW 2.0 Smoke Grenades (Alleviates Some of the Sniping LOS + Make The Smokes Refillable) Add an RPK Magazine Attachment to Add 15 Bullets (Ty Smity) US Changes : Cap Sniper to 4 through 5 (Sniper Heavy Map + An Easy Accessible Class for Newer Players) Give Support Three CW Smoke Grenades (Alleviates Some of the Sniping LOS + Make The Smokes Refillable) Pistol Damage 26 to 30 (Argument is for new players, make it slightly easier for them to do damage as support.) Rangers Changes : Rangers Ghost Whitelist 3 -> 2 (Country Side of things) Push @Joe1 and @BrianTheilliterate to make Sniper requirements nothing, every single player can access Sniper through tryouts. Make tryouts slightly more difficult but make sure to focus on tryouts that practice head glitching and cover)
  16. Yes, it was due to burnout that made me question if I wanted to resign but realistically I was peer pressured into doing it by two staff members which I regret but I'm not here asking for my previous rank. I'm just reapplying and trying to help the server out like I once did. What wrong can I do if all I'm trying to do is help the server out? To clarify as well it's been shy of a month since I resigned.
  17. n-game name: 75R SGT shax Age [minimum 15 y/o]: 20 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:182503217 Warns: 4 Timezone: EST Playtime? [minimum 100 hours, use /playtime in-game]: | 75R SGT shax has played for 4412:44:53. Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: Yes Referral(s): Smity, Spencer, Ziggy Past experiences as staff: | GarnetGaming MilitaryRP Admin 2022-23 | How do you plan on benefiting our server? [minimum 2 paragraphs]: Having been an experienced staff member, It will be smooth sailing going through the training process as I am very familiar with the commands and the objective of being a staff member. I'm acquainted well with the majority of the staff team and in good standing with most as well. I have always been polite to even the people I don't like to be around. I recently resigned because things came up IRL and the game was becoming very unenjoyable due to some unfortunate circumstances. I'm ready for commitment again and ready to approach every issue genuinely. If I were to get accepted, I will give it my all to fulfill my duties as a staff member as I once did previously. My purpose is to help the newer players as much as possible with the tools available. With the tools available, I'll go out of my way to help others with teleports and job sets. I will do my best to uphold fair judgment throughout any report or issue that arises throughout my term. My main objective is to give the best experience to all players on the server and go forward improving the server with the opportunities given to me. I'll provide as much as possible within server discussions and assist in any way as much as possible. Have you ever been banned or punished on GG MRP?: Yes, for spawn killing during a raid with grenades. Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: 6-10 PM Central or longer for 4-5 days every week.
  18. +1 But use other models in the pack for merc or add the option for us to choose what model we want for recon and merc
  19. +1 Nailgunner too goated especially on silo
  20. I disagree with the change because this will single handily get rid of the explosive advantage Afghan has. Removing arguably one of the most powerful explosives is one thing but to remove it and give it to the opposing nation and by also replacing ours with a shit prox mine is horrendous change to be made. Nailgunner is already better than RPG and to give them the Grenadier kit will put us at equal or lesser arms with explosives
  21. I find my self often switching sides to help you guys kill the basecampers and there is times where we win and lose but should win only if the US side had little to any communication within the radio. When i switch i’m not constantly getting basecamped but at times i will die on my way to the OBJ but many of you confuse that with basecamping just because you can’t arrive to the objective means you can cry and cope about it being basecamping it’s unfortunate but learn the common areas that people sit in to avoid dying on the way there
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