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  1. GarnetGaming MRP (Military Roleplay)
  2. pls unban aj or i will retire
  3. @AwesomeAidan0221 my canadian idol miss all the boys in 2016 marines and 2020 green beret (i think it's been that long ago now??)
  4. Glad GG is continuing to go strong. Very excited to see how the new MRP is going to be. @AlexConway Congrats on your little job promotion buddy! Continue to bully many people for years to come!
  5. let me massrdm or i retire

  6. Then you could've just said that. Just some advice for you because I don't want you to get in trouble in the future, do not use the 1st Amendment as an excuse to justify racism or any other sort of hate speech. People should have the freedom to say what they want until it impedes the freedom of others. If you're gonna meme and say horrid shit, make sure no one is listening around you that would take it the wrong way.
  7. The fact you are against the punishment of racism is very concerning.
  8. yes i still lurk around here from time to time. im doing alright at the moment.

  9. love you guys

  10. I'm currently in an university classroom where this boring old ass Englishman is teaching me politics of the Middle East so just wanted to quickly say hello.

    1. PraetorDon


      Hearts of Iron IV can teach you the same thing for free!

  11. The anonimity name system is actually genius. Makes a roleplay scenario with kidnapping and espionage situations significantly less awkward.
  12. I've seen all sorts of crazy and horrible shit on Garnet, but this? This is new. Glad that person is gone from this community.
  13. I peek around forms from time to time so I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore, so I have to go off of the notifications I get. When I saw this, I legitimately thought this was new and real until I saw the date of the original post. Fuck you guys.
  14. watched scarface for the first time last night, it was pretty average

  15. Just saw this post. I'm really glad everything went well with Dude. Must have been very stressful for you and your girlfriend.
  16. im glen quagmire


  17. do we go back to mrp

    1. Ozzy


      Python is around and Murray just came back 👀

    2. AwesomeAidan0221


      definitely gonna hop on the server sometime this weekend

  18. The title of this thread might sound a little corny, but hear me out: When we were all new to Garnet (and maybe this applies to the new guys as well), who was your mentor? Who was the guy you looked up to? Who was the person that showed you the ropes of SWRP, MRP, DRP, etc? What did they mean to you? How close are you or were you to that person? Just thought it would be curious to ask you guys so we can have a little conversation.
  19. hello

    1. Python


      Hello Mr Cox's  

    2. Toyto


      Hello Mr Cox

  20. Back in 2016 I was kinda bored on GMod and I was looking for a new multiplayer experience. I saw there was a MilitaryRP gamemode and I was thinking it would be like CoD. I saw that Garnet was the most populated server at the time, so I joined to check it out. The rest is history.
  21. want some sloppy?

  22. Had to deal with mono for the last 2 weeks. Absolute living hell. 

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