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  1. congrats to enzo. but absolute no life shit
  2. agreed, only if im playing a game or smth
  3. oh also somethin I forgot to put, make sure to clarify that KOS LAWS ARENT FUCKING ALLOWED, because that shit is mad annoying when a mayor goes on a power trip "Existing = KOS" or smth
  4. idrk if I should put a -1 or +1 but I feel like it would be cool to have this, but have a list of laws that you CANT have instead of ones you can, because then people can still be creative without the laws falling under some bullshit like "Hobos = KOS" or "Outside = AOS"
  5. +1 seems chill, idk wtf danny is sayin about "not reading the rules" you put your name in there, so you did
  6. unpopular opinion, stuffing by itself i dont give a shit what anyone says, its unbelievably fucking good, and my grandmama makes fucking amazing stuffing
  7. +good playtime +been on the server for a bit +seems like a gfood guy -1
  8. lil bro your dead built like cloudius altus
  9. suck my cock robert, you were always a bitch sharing a birthday with you makes me wanna kill myself more
  10. -1 dude, your a dick, you fuckin revealed my name, NOT fuckin cool. also if by any chance you possibly get accepted for staff, get away from drama for once also no, robert is most likely not back
  11. -1 a guy before had the name jiggly bawlz, and the name SCP Dildo is alot owrse, you would need to change it anyways
  12. +1 yea if a picture under someones name saying "fat cunt" is confusing you because its "too complex", please get help also its forums for gmod and rust servers, neither of those are professional in any fucking way unless your talking about nutters or conway who are possibly some of the only two properly professional people on the forums other than people who have been modding for years on end (and they still arent professional sometimes) so yes, please add this, it could honestly make people want to stay here so they can buy that or earn one, and it could reveal who has the shittiest sense of humor on here because they put "benadrylenthusiast" or smth on it(that was targeted at someone btw)
  13. my god torq, what is happening ingame
  14. hope to see you back soon and I completely agree, garnet is falling apart bro edit I no longer hope to see you back soon, suck my balls torq
  15. arent those the things for every server? eh whatever still useful
  16. aint no fucking wawy
  18. depends what game you lookin for (reply with the kinda game)
  19. I genuinely thought you were like 22 or smth lmao +1
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