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  1. its on sight chawhead +1 reasons above
  2. b-b-b-b-bbut no more no collide thank god i quit
  3. +1 my pooks frfr i lub u enzo
  4. ikik im was like the best staff ever frfr im banning u irl
  5. half yall prob dont know me but like oh well i dont really know what to say here but like ye if u want a matador hmu ig but its been a "fun" couple years-ish but uhhh i think I'm probably quitting gmod as a whole i just don't really wanna be known to be playing gmod and it got dry but its also just that there's just some things going through my life right now i don't really wanna talk about that just aint it yk but cya ig My fault I also needed to say that I'm gonna touch grass again unlike gabbox
  6. rsdead is who banned you derpza just put it through @rsdead101
  7. +1 hes been active and hes chill
  8. that wasnt me i would neverrrrrrrr
  9. plungy


    +1 new map would go kinda hard
  10. +1 cat active and is cool like that
  11. +1 nice person (he gave me a mil cuz im like that)
  12. +1 confiming refferal (he paid me off)
  13. not the real proggy he would never
  14. you admitted to killing people because of the fact that you/your friend that your not in a party with has a lemonade stand outside of a base with a kos sign and kill people
  15. neutral ur ok idk if ur real tho
  16. neutral idk personally more playtime
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