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  1. +1 I’m not entirely sure if I’ve had any experiences with you in game but from what I’ve seen from the responses from this app you seem chill and a good fit
  2. From what I’ve seen from you in-game it’s hard to be unbiased but I will say I like your application alot your hours are a bit lackluster but overall +1
  3. + referals +hours +age Overall good app seen in game a handfull of times never had a problem
  4. -1 I Love your application but due to the fact you did not read staff rules and your hours as much as I would love to give a +1 no matter how much experince you have as staff the minimum requirment for a staff application is 72 hour's I look forward too seeing you in-game and hope when you reach 72 hours you make another staff application
  5. +1 I hate this guy he’s so mean to me +experience +paragraphs +stinky bozo
  6. i banned that guy selling latina pics
  7. Description: [I Have keys for crates i cannot buy i would much rather trade/sell them then use them such as the explosive's key which i have 2 of but there useless becuase im not gonna grind 25 million just to buy something which could be lost to an rdm i feel many other players would agree to this because with out money the keys are useless and it would be hard to code idk i dont do coding but still a trading system would be cool ] Reasoning: [how would this benefit our server? as i stated above it would allow player to trade/sell keys to other player's and other items more easily] Additional Information: [Photos/Videos][/CODE]
  8. -1 I feel you have a good chance at getting staff in the future if you get more hours better paragraphs and maybe even some referrals but it’s not necessary
  9. +1 idk who this is but a lot of people do and I feel stupid for not
  10. +1 good guy good paragraph’s good referrals
  11. I have clips of him asking why he hasn’t been banned yet also have clips of him rdming I will send them as soon as I get home
  12. Chinese Man

    New Jobs

    +1 combat medic would be very helpful in a raid to heal other officer/of members
  13. +1 I’m in love with Merk but this is unbiased
  14. +1 we would also need a demotion aydtem for mayor and rda’era but the rda is also beingn handled with reports but still
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