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  1. These are some well deserved promos, glad to see you guys continue the hard work and growing Congrats!
  2. Nice, hope you guys continue to improve, i got to see most of these before my leave and well maybe in the future i'll be able to see what's new but whatever it is, i'm sure it'll be amazing and fun, i know personally how much effort, time and work Garnet put in these updates so hope the community keeps supporting the server and continue to grow even more. P.S: I'm honored to be put in that wall, you guys are amazing ♥
  3. Loved the application, your drop in activity is alright, we know life will always be the main priority and everyone has their reasons specially for an adult, we will always respect that. Your application looks good, very easy to read and follow, can tell you put a lot of effort and thought into it. The bans on previous servers i personally don't mind becaue you have caused zero issues in this one and i believe you're mature enough to not cause any specially with your age Your events ideas are neat, there's a few i would like to see how they play in the server, seems like there's a bit for majority of people so yeah. +1
  4. The applications seems fine, regarding the ban on the DarkRP server hopefully it wont happen again, at least during your time in the SWRP server you've conducted yourself well enough and haven't caused any issue. The events are short but the main idea/objective is there, personally i would've added more details and more variety instead of just CIS but that's just me being me don't mind it or perhaps could take it as an advise, but nothing bad. +1
  5. +1, your event ideas are good, you also have a good amount of time in the server and have caused zero issues (at least to my knowledge). hope to see your ideas put to work
  6. +1, event ideas are good, applications seems good, not much else to say
  7. Confirm ref, app looks good overall, tho i would prefer if the event ideas were spaced, other than that +1
  8. Your application looks good, events are simple but good, you've been in the server for a while now, i know you are pretty mature, i knew you were the right choice for razor lead and i'm glad i wasn't wrong. Hope to see your events in work soon enough +1
  9. Hope to see more of these and let's aim for another great month, there's more stuff to come!
  10. You were fairly active as GM before but then you just left, my vote will stay neutral as of now till i see you're fairly committed this time around, once i see you're active again i will change it. Edit: after couple weeks, your attitude has been an issue for me and others, remember that you left without a word and just coming back, i'm still willing to give you a shot in the future, but for me so far is a -1.
  11. You have improved your behaviour after couple months, it seems like you found your place in 212th, hope you continue in this path. Your application seems good, i like the event ideas even the OOC one, we don't really use the venator much and is a shame bcause is a cool map, and i think we need ideas like these. As you have been more mature lately i want to believe you can help the server more as GM and willing to give you a shot, +1
  12. mzab1xz

    Sinful GM app

    Your application seems alright if i overlook the typos, the events might need a bit of rework but the ideas are there, i like your enthusiasm, i would like to give you a shot and if accepted would like to see how you perform during your trial period. +1
  13. You application looks nice, the events ideas are pretty neat, i like the idea of leaving the last choice to the troops see how they deal with the situation in the heat of the moment. +1
  14. Congrats everyone that got promoted and let's have another amazing month!
  15. We've seen these automatic events couple times and they are pretty cool to keep people entertained if there's no GM around
  16. Glad to see your application for GM, very well written and i can tell you put effort on it, the event ideas are good, with few tweaks as Daph said will be great. +1
  17. Cool update, overall, still Work in progress as it says specially for Jedi, some changes might still be in the works so those in Jedi life be patient, bare with it but as you see there's some buffs and such to balance things out.
  18. You are pretty active, your application seems good and i like the event ideas +1 Make sure to put your steam ID when possible
  19. I like the application in general, events could use other type of enemies but they're pretty good overall, you're fairly active and i think you would be good addition to the GM team, +1
  20. Denied Unfortunately we aren't looking for new mods at the moment, we appreciate the time and effort you put in your application, we value you as a member of the community and everything you do within the server, if you wish to help out more, please feel free to apply for Gamemaster, we are always looking for new members and fresh ideas for the GM team. Please lock and move. @Harus @Quads @AlexConway
  21. Congrats everyone on their promos and let's hope for another great month! ♥
  22. Good update, the ENG adds cool stuff for them to do and hope to add new events for them to do
  23. I still think some events idea could use some work and couple of them i see mostly like a training/ooc thing than actual events like the sniper dual and the barc racing. But you reworked around your former application and seeked for advice, it shows you're dedicated and willing to help around not just your battalion but the server in general. +1
  24. You've been doing fine in the server, maybe a bit of some small friction with couple people here and there but nothing big and been dealt with. Your application seems good, i like the effort you put into it specially with the colors and such, the event ideas are good they seem fun and i hope we get to see them put in action soon. +1 from me.
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