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  1. -1 i love insiding
  2. I've played both numerous times and its hard to say whether or not to put SoE over mob considering they're 2 of the best maps and they have similar attributes however I prefer SoE because of the apothicon servant over the blundergat and the apothicon sword over the retriever which is kind of a hot take also I like the easter egg and of course the music. but still giving credit to mob I do love the brutus because of how it likes to FUCK me when it locks up perks.
  3. graygrays statement is lowkey based but still Ill give like a +1 because hes not known to be a toxic person in spite of him being eXg. I really like Lika as a person and think he could be a good staff member perchance
  4. This is a great QOL Update ngl
  5. its an allegation until you you have guaranteed proof
  6. as everyone has explained before you just resigned from staff and went to SWRP just to mass and break multiple rules without remorse like wendoly brought up and have shown no signs of maturity since your recent disputes with players in game like oyasumi and others have explained. -1 keep the streets clean
  7. more time for cs and ark woohoo
  8. Thank you for everything you've done cyber. you'll be missed and never forgotten
  9. bye cubes it was fun being a slave for you
  10. sureak

    Explosives dealer

    -1 good god that price is way to low and too achievable and lvl 45 would be low asf to become a dealer to sell cheap explosives
  11. absolutely no use for this. the amount of suggestions you made in the span of 30 minutes is wild
  12. real but -1 cuz u didnt read staff rules
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