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  1. Very late to the party, what bike did you buy? 😮

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    2. Jake


      Oh nice, mine has new exhaust system, gsxr cams, I believe stage 1 or 2 dyno jet

    3. ChrisRid


      That sounds awesome mate! There's a few little bits I'd like to do with mine but nothing that major lol. When are we going to start a Garnet MC?

    4. Jake


      Might need to be soon. I’m averaging 90-120 minutes of gmod playtime before pc is cooked for the day

  2. we do love garnet! PS. no need to copy paste
  3. you know, at some point in the last year or two your forum rep would have been 6969. And you didn't take a fuckin screenshot !

  4. epic embed fail thanks for more fps though
  5. Fuck doing that for 4 sets of 10 i think a pr set for me would be 8 max, u a big boy
  6. Overhead press set, hoping to be able to ohp 2 plates in a few months. If you are planning on doing overhead press do not wear shoes that lift your toes (basically any shoe designed for running) as it makes you relatively unstable, i didn't care at the time because i am generally a massive retard when i am in the gym and don't care about my safety and this was a relatively easy set but you should avoid these types of shoes generally if you are doing anything with weight on you.
  7. guess these are public now
  8. fuck it i'll unhide these
  9. Currently have my days split into 5; Deadlift/cardio day: decide if i am lifting heavy or light, then change my mind if i chose light anyway because heavy is the way to go, do 8-10 sets, if I am going for a PR it will be on the third set (2nd working set) then jump on the boring ass treadmill and do some sort of run (up to 2.4k because anything more than that is bind bendingly boring, did a sprint last time, started slow and just gradually turned it up to 20kph and held there for 30 seconds and proceeded to hit the emergency stop and almost die) cause the army needs me to not suck at running for some reason Pull day: start with lat pulldowns/pull ups for 5-8 sets pendlay/barbell rows for 5-8 sets cable row for 5-8 sets t-bar rows for 3-8 sets shrugs if i get bored, sets are random preacher curls for 5 sets of high volume low weight Push day: either bench or overhead press, I won't do both on the same day as whichever i do second won't be good as my shoulders and triceps are already tired so it alternates. 1 warmup then straight onto heavy working sets pec-fly and rear delt machine, 5-8 sets on each tricep pushdowns press ups if i have any tricep use left either light weight high volume dumbell overhead or kettlebell swings Leg day: many squats many leg press isolation machines, quads, hamstrings and calves Rest day: most peoples favourite day, apart from me because it isn't actually rest day its another fuckin cardio day, i will either do some tabbing or a run ontop of all this I have to fit in an additional 2 runs to maintain my fitness, very cringe
  10. Tabbing is an army term and basically just means a mix of running and fast walking, usually with weight to get to wherever you need to be. from to Can't see contours properly because strava maps are retarded but there should be 17 there, if you understand maps, you understand why 2.5k (1.25 up 1.25 down) took 24 mins in this area.
  11. Figured i'd kick off by showing some deadlift progress, between the two videos was about 7 months of no lifting due to lockdowns. then to 4 plates with ease progress i guess
  12. you being nocturnal is a godsend for both the server and me not being stabbed
  13. Jake

    look at discord shitass

    1. Tora1


      peep dm nerd

  14. good man nuking construction, that spot was not fair at all and very few people could counter it.
  15. posting nsfw on your forums


    1. Nutter


      this is sfw

    2. Jake


      explains a lot about your back

    3. Nutter


      unfortunately yes

  16. hostname: [NEW] ▶ GarnetGaming.net ClonewarsRP 
    version : 2021.12.15/24 8482 secure
    udp/ip  :  (public ip:
    map     : mygeeto at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
    players : 78 (128 max)

    cmon man that's 80

    1. Nutter


      Very close LOL

    2. Jake


      hostname: [NEW] ▶ GarnetGaming.net ClonewarsRP 
      version : 2021.12.15/24 8482 secure
      udp/ip  :  (public ip:
      map     : rp_anaxes_defcon_v2 at: 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
      players : 81 (128 max)




      eat shit we did it

  17. It's a new server, they should expect work and updates on it. Anyway this update is much appreciated, now i can deliver stuff irl and on here
  18. stop rushing appeals tardlet

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    2. Jake


      i know but you saying you gave him enough time when it was 5 hours is just wack

      give it at least a day before denying after asking a question which you expect a response to

    3. StraightWhiteChristianMale


      nah whenever he post I get that MRP drama

    4. Pluto_
  19. Jake

    he knows guns

  20. Round 2 huh

    1. Ziggy


      This ain't even the final boss fight

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